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Redfisher Backrest

Brent B

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Hello everybody, I got tired of driving my boat and not having anything to lean against. It would kill my back and my wife hated it. I looked up many different options but found some flaws in almost all of them. So I decided to build my own. I'm very proud of the design and it works amazing. Takes up no deck space when you are fishing and it's stored in the upright position and when in the down position it offers a comfortable back support. Also while in the down position you still have full access to the live well, release well and rigging compartment. The front 2 storage hatches can be opened half way with plenty of room to grab what you need and keep fishing. It screws to the back deck right in front of the rigging well and and is very secure. Everything is made out of aluminum with stainless hardware. I have the patent on this design and would like to know if anyone is interested in buying one of these back rest. You can get it in polished aluminum or have it coated with a very durable black bed liner coating that will protect the aluminum from the salt water. Mine will be coated soon (pics to follow). If you have any questions please feel free to ask. This back rest should bolt onto any older (lappy) hewes 18' with the same deck layout. Im working on adapting it to other models with different deck layouts. If you have a 16' lappy Redfisher, I will just need to shorten the arms a little. The main structure can be totally removed from the deck by removing 2 allen head screws from the hinge. The bottom part of the hinge is permanently attached.



(954) 646 0166





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9 hours ago, HewesYourDaddy said:

I wish these were available when I still had my Bonefisher! One of the primary reasons I sold it was due to back fatigue after 10-12hrs on the water with no where to sit and rest my back. Great design, Brent. 

I know how you felt... I had a18.5 MA and was 6’2” when I started....now I’m only 6’...and my 22 PF is much more comfortable on the back.

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