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Bottom fishing out of Ft. Myers.

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Decided to take a charter offshore on the west coast for the first time.  What started off as a 4 person trip ended up just being my son and I.  WOW what a trip!

We headed out on a 36 foot Yellowfin which I was excited about!  What a boat!  Cruising at 40mph in a 2-3 foot chop was nothing for this boat.  The Cap't made our way out 40 miles before the first bait went down.  With in 5 minutes, we had two red grouper in the boat.  After a few smaller ones, we moved to another spot and started slaying the snapper.  Vermilion, lane and nice size grovers came over the side.  By the end of the trip, I was tired and my arms were done.  We did get one more grouper that made the cut and a lifetime of memories between my son and I.  On the way in, we sat in the bean bags and had a smile from ear to ear.  Enjoy the pics.








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20 hours ago, Wanaflatsfish said:

Nice...meat-on-da-table !!!


And no video ???






The wife couldn't go, she just had cancer removed and can't take standing or pounding to long.  It *** because it would have been a great video.  I'm lucky I took pics, that's even hard for me to do. lol

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