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engine hits dead spot

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Could be a sticky anti-siphon valve on the fuel tank.  When I took one off my tank to check it out, a while back, I may have accidentally punched out the ball and sleeve ;).  Just for the heck of it, I reinstalled it as it was.  The motor never ran better.  Installed a manual fuel cutoff ball valve 8" down on the fuel line for safety, until a new ASV could be installed.


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2 hours ago, vinnybugs said:

is the anti siphon you r talking about the pick up tube in the tank?

It's the fitting on top of the tank that the fuel hose (supply line to the motor) connects to.  It's made with dissimilar metals (aluminum, stainless ball, spring and sleeve), so it's prone to corrosion in a salt water environment.  Looks like this:




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