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Ride characteristics 2021 18HPX V with 150 SHO and lithium ion batteries

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I took delivery of my 18 HPX V a few weeks ago and it is without a doubt the best boat I have ever fished out of in shallow water. I wanted the extra performance of the 150 SHO, knowing it will sit stern low in the water. I don’t mind that at all since I am 6’4” 250. The draft seems to be excellent with me in the bow fishing. I am having difficulty running the boat and I feel that the lithium ion battery set up is partially to blame. Instead of a heavy lead acid battery or two in the bow I have two light weight lithium ion batteries in the console(one 12V cranking and one 24V trolling motor battery). This setup is a true game changer when grouped with the a Power Pole charge system. I don’t think I’ll ever have to plug in my battery charger!!!..... Having said that, the boat porpoises like crazy at 30-40mph with 3-6 bars of tabs and there is fairly significant prop turbulence from 40mph and up with the Mercury 23 pitch prop. I think this is partially due to the absence of the weight of the battery in the forward compartment. I know these skiffs are sensitive but this is a little too extreme. I have different “plugs” on order for the prop but I’m not sure what to do. I will add some weight to the bow but I’m looking for consistent smooth performance. With the current set up I am only able to hit 54-55 mph at 5,000 RPM and if the conditions aren’t near perfect it is tough to get control of this boat. Definitely seems like a prop issue. Can someone provide me with a couple of recommendations to help take care of this issue? 

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On 5/4/2021 at 7:05 AM, Moderator said:

We do have some HPX owners who can help you.. They may take a few days to check here...

There is a prop solution, I’m sure.  Which Merc prop are you running now ?


I am running the Tempest 23 right now. I’m wondering if I moved the monitor up a notch it would help. We are running with a heavier load than most. I weigh 250 and usually have my dad with me and he weighs 215. 

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