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Did not anticipate a very productive day, but alway am blessed anytime I have a chance to spend it on the waters of the Everglades national Park. This time, took my buddy "THE Outlaw". We launched at OR a little before 0700 and initially planned to run outside to the south, but found conditions windier than anticipated so off through the Turner River to the backcountry we went. After another beautiful sunrise and a nice run to the first bay we planned to fish and Ralph was on his first fish of the day. He's a sniper with the ultra light set up! And, I even got him up on the poling platform for a short spell (albeit, maybe the last time! That was all the encouragement he needed to have me stop so he could fix the TM plug!). Fishing was not fantastic, but we had a blast and saw some beautiful sites and were thankful for another opportunity to experience the beauty of God's creation. Here are a few pic's from the day.









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Gotta love the "on board repairs".......

Yep.......a definate must for when you are in the back-country....

One thing about my SKIFF project....I will definately know what ever wire is for, how it's connect, and where it goes (LOL).....fun stuff !!!

Looks like you at least had some fun .......and OUTLAW ON THE PLATFORM ???  I thought he only knew how to build' em ??? (LOL)



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