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2000 Bayfisher 16 - Water in Bildge

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Hey guys,

looking for some insight.  Just purchased my 2000 Bayfisher and seems like it’s taking on some water in the bildge.  I’ve only ran it a few times, so still diagnosing but any ideas what it could be for those with similar boats?  I’ve heard it could be the clamshell drains, so I’ll check that. 

One major question, and maybe a dumb one, but I have what looks like an old access hatch or something on the bottom Of the hull.  Pictures attached.  It’s pretty sealed up but wondering if that’s standard?  I don’t see why it would be but want to cross it off the list if so. 




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People refer to that plate as a cheese grater.

It is a cover for the intake to your live well, it’s kinda like a small “sea chest” type so system. Having that sitting ON one of your trailer bunks is probably not the best idea. Relocate your bunks so there’s not more risk of future damage. 

I have a 2000 model 18’ Bayfisher and I’ve stopped getting water in the bilge by removing and replacing every through hull fitting (I wimped out and had a shop do it).

I also had water getting into bilge through the overflow on the live well - water from live well would overflow into the splash well and the access plate was leaking.

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Yes. This is why you should probably consider removing all through hull fittings, replace with new ones, use a nice bead of 5200 when reinstalling, and also seal every screw hole with 5200 when reassembling.

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