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2008 Redfisher 16 - modernized and refined by an OCD engineer!


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Photos available in this Album link.  I can take and supply more.  I've done a LOT of work to this boat in the two years that I've owned it and have (rather suddenly) decided to upgrade to a slightly larger platform.  I had no intent to sell this boat until about a week ago (in fact, I just put $260 worth of trolling motor batteries in it 10 days ago replacing the three year old ones). It has a 2008 Yamaha FTL90 four stroke on it with about 400 hours (gauges were replaced right before I bought the boat).   Here are most of the things that I've done to improve and modernize the boat...there are more but I just can't remember them all ;-).  Asking $26k.

Contact me at: teamseacats @ gmail . com (remove spaces)

Photo Album Link: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmC7PUvN

  • Added Minn Kota Ulterra Trolling motor (no trolling motor was on the boat when I bought it but it had batteries and a poorly constructed wiring system)
  • Rearranged front deck hardware - removed and glassed over central cleat, added two side mounted popup cleats, thoroughly reinforced deck to receive those cleats with custom machined G10 inserts and interior backing to make room for Ulterra to be mounted in correct position.  Found previous owner had drilled 18 holes in the deck for various trolling motor mounts (I presume he kept ripping it off).  Holes were poorly repaired with caulk and gelcoat over them.  I drilled all of them out, properly filled, glassed, faired, and gelcoated.  Gelcoat didn't match very well and it still needs a little cosmetic cleanup but it's absolutely structurally sound well done.  Also removed a rusty seat mount between anchor and storage hatch, glassed, filled, faired and gelcoated.
  • added two low profile strap mounts for yeti 40qt cooler to double as casting platform.
  • Made new windshield to replace existing crazed and cracked one.
  • Installed new throttle and gear shift cables from binnacle to motor and rebuilt and greased binnacle.  New cables are longer and now make a loop around the cranking battery so they exit the hull without a sharp bend that caused the original ones to fail.
  • Moved the two existing trolling motor batteries from the large forward storage hatch to the center console with some custom pieces parts (I wanted that storage hatch back!)
  • Made a custom snap in triangular fabric trash container for the side of the forward storage hatch and sewed plastic strips into the top hem so it stays open.  It takes up almost no space when not used and really works out great!
  • Added a three bank battery charger on a custom mount that nestles inside center console (you may see a two bank charger in some of those photos - it got replaced).  Also installed an extension cord receptacle for easy plug-in charging.
  • added breaker for trolling motor (boat didn't have one - yikes!)
  • Corrected the battery and main switch wiring so you can use trolling motors as backup to crank engine (all this was disconnected upon purchase)
  • Rewired and fixed underwater lights
  • Replaced interior under gunnel lighting with RGB light strips and installed a selector switch inside the console to switch between red/blue or white lighting.  Extended under gunnel lighting strips into forward large storage hatch so the hatch lights up with interior lighting as well (this turned out to be so much better than I imagined).
  • replaced non-working bait well lighting with new LED lighting and added LED lighting to both the live well and battery well at stern.
  • Made a custom fiberglass swim platform with four step retractable inset ladder and custom foam top
  • Reglassed the polling platform deck insert (it was cracked in places and leaking water into the core), covered in custom cnc'd deck foam, and glassed in magnets in the corners of the platform (if you have a matching magnet in your can cozie, you can drop it like it's hot if you get a bite and it will stay put - and there's no hardware cup holders to trip over)
  • Made a custom bikini cover from top gun 2s fabric  - best stuff you can buy.  Fits like a glove.  I intended to make a full three piece cover, the middle piece covers 2/3rds of the boat and is completely done but I haven't finished the front and rear covers.
  • Added a fully removable bimini for when you want shade but don't want to commit to that being in the way.  Completely removable with 316ss quick release, deck flush, hardware.  Installs in less than a minute, comes off in less than a minute because "who wants a bimini on a hard core fishing boat, except when you take your family for a ride".  3D printed flexible deck cushions to store the bimini for road travel.  Bimini has 5'9" standing headroom clearance.
  • added four Mates SS combo rod and cup holders - two forward, two along the couch
  • New upholstery throughout with diamond pattern inset panels in grey (you'll see some photos of upholstery taking place in a tan color but I changed course and decided grey was better).
  • Made a custom storage hatch for the side of the center console which is great for sunblock, bug spray, and other personal items that are usually hard to get to in other storage areas.
  • (not sure anybody would really be interested in this one); made a custom CNC'd fold out matress platform from 3/4" PVC sheeting and stainless steel.  I camp on the boat on long weekends when the weather is nice.  air matress, bimini, and a little bivy sack for my sleeping bag and I get a lot more fishing time!
  • rebuilt power pole hydraulic pump, flushed, and put new hydraulic lines (they were getting brittle) and new fluid in one month ago.
  • Remounted front threaded fitting (for traditional casting platform but used for cover post now) and front hatch limit cable because they were both starting to crush the core material and leaking into the hatch.  Reinforced both of these with G10 fiberglass rod, redrilled, glassed, sealed up, and reinstalled hardware
  • replaced bait well fresh water pump and bought a spare to keep on the boat.  Installed with a waterproof high quality wiring coupler so it can be changed on the water with very little water draining into the bilge.  
  • Just bought and installed two brand new Interstate group 24 trolling motor batteries that are literally a week old for this weekend's trip.  
  • Installed a new fusion stereo that has integrated bluetooth to remove a sketchy external bluetooth module and have song track selection capability from the stereo itself and leave the phone tucked away.
  • Installed a NMEA2000 network in the boat so I can get engine data on the Simrad display (all engine data - fule burn rate, rpm, temp, load, etc.).  Installed NMEA fuel tank sensor adapter so fuel tank level can be displayed on simrad
  • Installed a new port trim tab plate because the hinge was showing corrosion.  Also installed anodes on trim tabs when that tab was replaced.
  • replaced port/starboard bulbs with LEDs.
  • removed and replaced the two studs that connect the motor steering arm to the hydraulic bracket.  They were badly rusted. sanded, painted, and reinstalled.
  • Fuel filter is 4 months old
  • Oil and filter was changed 4 months ago
  • new spark plugs installed 5 months ago
  • New trim tab anode installed about one year ago.
  • New motor anode installed about one year ago
  • added a remote control unit (epoxy bedded the controller to survive marine environment) to the power pole (works great!).
  • Added a shade shifter blue/green wrap (it needs some repair - I'm taking care of that this week).




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left out some other details 

 It has a 2008 Yamaha FTL90 four stroke on it with about 400 hours (gauges were replaced right before I bought the boat two years ago). Comes equipped with a Simrad GO7 bottom machine with side scan and down scan as well as navigation, Fusion stereo with amplifier and two speakers mounted on front bulkhead facing rearward, polling platform, 21’ ‘stiffy’ hybrid carbon push pole, 24v Minn Kota Ulterra self deploying/retract trolling motor with full GPS capability (anchor/hold position, go to spot, record path and retrace path, etc), trim tabs, 6’ power pole anchor (with remote), bait well with both raw water and recirculate pumps, all hatches and bait well are illuminated. Live well on port side (very well insulated and holds ice for days). Dedicated anchor locker, pop up cleats, rod storage under the side gunnels, interior LED strip lighting, underwater lights, jack plate to raise outboard for extremely shallow operation, aluminum trailer with oil filled hubs (sight glass), 2 year old spare tire. Couch configuration behind helm with flip up backrest.  It's a great boat!





unnamed (1).jpg

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On 4/6/2021 at 1:07 AM, markp said:

Looks like it squats more than normal do you regret moving the batteries back to the CC? Just trying to figure out why it sits in the water like this. And yes I'm in the market!


No regrets moving the batteries to the center console.  I use every inch of that forward hatch for storage!

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