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KILLER TRIP.....too bad on the weather situation.....

My camping occurred from 1975 to 1978 (USMC Sgt)....a few too many nights in the field, wet boot, on the ground, and C-rats (LOL)....

I now camp in the Holiday Inn's :)

Looks like the new skiff is what you wanted....lots of room for your goodies with the side console.


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Great Report Dave, There is just nothing that compares to seeing God's night sky. Imagine how many people have never really seen what it looks like because of our light pollution.


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Did my three days as well .

It was nice to of met up with you Dave 

Nice to see there is another , who likes doing the solo , minimalist backcountry trips .

Sorry about the poachers ! 😬

Logged 105 miles .

90% uncharted .










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