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Anna Maria Island - upcoming vacation , advice appreciated

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Hey guys, 

Booked a house for the family at Anna Maria Island the last week of June.  Dragging the boat down from SC.  22 pathfinder 

Plan to fish some and any pointers would be greatly appreciated.  This will be my first trip bringing the boat down to FL.  I'd imagine we will try and chase the usual suspects... tarpon, snook, redfish , trout...

Any reefs close to the beach that I should look in to?  Any specific areas I need to scout out? 







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Run over to Terra Ceia and fish the south shore all the way north to the Skyway, and into the Bay. Plenty of Snook, Redfish, and Trout in those water, and no issues finding bait.

Bean Point and the Skyway are the go-to areas Tarpon. Just look for the pile of boats lined up during the tides.

Egmont Key, an Island off of Anna Maria is my spot for Permit. You can find them hanging around the Fort.

There are some reefs off shore, but I don't run off shore.

I wouldn't waste your time in Sarasota Bay.....Its been hot and cold for years, but never consistent.


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Thanks Davej!  This is really helpful.  I'll make sure and check out those areas you mentioned!  Looking forward to the trip. I've had friends from SC take boats down and had a blast. 



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