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Master Angler access hole

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19 hours ago, Carolinadrifter said:

Has anyone ever replaced the round access hole to the bilge with a bigger rectangular shaped hatch? 

I figured by now everyone has 😆

Lot of threads on this here over the years.  if you do a search you will come up with all the photos too I would say. Most of us used the TH hatch but here lately there's a competitor that has a good one. 

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TNT seems to be the hatch of choice.....

On mine, because of the way the hydraulic wires sit, I had to remove the hinges and place it in reverse in the splash well, meaning the clips to hold it are in the stern vs facing forward....

I placed two bolts and cut out holes so I can hold it down with wing nuts.....works fine as I don't take if off more than once a trip when I check all my valves etc.

I'll get some pics tomorrow....




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Mike - you need a Jim Black 11 x 15 service door hatch.   They are tough to find as they are often out of stock.   I believe I got mine through great lakes skipper.   They do not have hinges and fit the area perfectly.   I believe this is the size/model that most people use.   I called Great lakes skipper and they helped me track one down - it took a little while and is obnoxiously expensive, but worth it to do it right.


An image of it is on page 5 of this catalogue:  http://epmarine.com/catalogs/HMG_Catalog.pdf

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