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Tampa Bay Gag Season 2020 Finale

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Two hard days of wind fighting, wave dodging, anchor pulling, and slow bite conditions. BUT - great friends and family trips to remember for a lifetime.

Day 1, my childhood best bud John Williams with his father and two eldest boys. Fishing out of John’s Seafox 22, it was a grind to find the fish but we did manage a couple keepers among a bunch of shorts. The experience with John and his family - three generations of Floridians - was priceless. (We took a HUGE rogue wave against our port side that came out of nowhere, probably 8 ft., rocking boat and crew. All good, but scary).

Day 2, again fishing out of John’s 22, his out-of-town buddies from Chicago had a blast catching grouper for their very first time. What a sight! Mostly shorts all day, and some super tough anchoring conditions with the wind blowing hard one way and a fast current moving the opposite way. But no matter, these guys had a blast which made it all fun and worthwhile. A couple of keepers made it to the box and these guys, chefs and foodies, immediately blackened and fried them up.










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5 hours ago, Capt. Troy said:

I chickened out the last shot we had I sat in front of the fire place. Gettin old don't like cold!

Way to tough it out!

Thanks Troy.

The conditions were not good. Rough and cold. Not worth launching. Had to buy pins AGAIN / this time at O’Neils and they were dinky. And it was a grind to find a few barely slot fish. This body too is getting old. Spent the next couple of days completely pooped.

On to sheeps fishing.

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