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Weird day on the water

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We had a little cold front the first week in Nov., so I thought I'd try to catch some Pompano. The water temps were 71 degrees and the wind was howling.  I was cruising the flats, trying to locate some, when I heard a splash, then something flopping around on the deck. I looked behind the leaning post and found a 15" Pompano doing "the chicken" on the deck. Put him in the cooler and stopped to see if any more were around. A few casts later, I hooked up on what I thought was the biggest Pompano I ever caught. A full 5 minutes later I netted a 20" Permit. I wasn't sure about the size limit, so I let him go.  I've been Pompano fishing for about 30 years and never had one jump in the boat and never caught a Permit. Was fishing inshore in about 4 feet of water. So, I thought this was an exciting and unusual morning. Well a few minutes late, I had another good hit. I thought it was another Permit because it was fast and a real drag puller. Just as that thought entered my brain, a Tarpon jumped broadside. I've guessing he was about 5 feet long. He jumped again and threw my little Pompano jig. I don't fish for Tarpon and had no idea that they would like water that cool and shallow. Anyway, three first time experiences for me, all in one morning.  

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On 11/14/2020 at 1:44 PM, fin-addict said:

we believe you but where’s the pics, 🤣

unless there are pics....it's another fish story (LOL) :)

I've had the pomps jump against the hull....but, not inside...

Definately have to get some pomps this year....

I went to a seminar two years ago on pomp fishing...Capt Holliday gave it...

He had some interesting tips...but, the most was when you find them to throw out a bobber with cans of catfood that have holes all over it...

He said he would mix up chum to hold them as well....the bobber gives you a reference....

He used the pompano jigs with tipped shrimp....



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