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Sebastian/Wabasso/North Vero

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That limit was for one trip. Cast net shrimp and then keep them alive in well and go out and catch trips. Trips seem to be concentrated just north of the inlet. Good redfish bite on shrimp. Pompano on the beach in Melbourne when the water clears.

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Water is just way too cold for snook to bite . Last reading was 57 degrees. Black drum are the only fish biting right now in any quantity. Beach fishing has also been poor with a few Whiting being caught. Pampano have not been around in any quantity.

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6 hours ago, DaveVero said:

Fished the last 10 days and had some goood days and bad days. Water was warm and clean on most of the days. Took the MA out to fly fish for Snook but only caught one and hook another.  Whet Trips fishing in the IRL but was late to all the best spots which already got hit. 



Nice fish! You get the trip off shore? My rewire is almost done cant wait to get back out on the water

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