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Sorite cushions and canvas

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Hey y’all. So I finally installed my new replacement boat cushions on my Hewes Redfisher 18 and I couldn’t be happier. I had two recessed seat cushions made, a bench cushion(that I never had before) and a rocket seat backrest made by the one and only sandy @soritecushionsandcanvasllc.  The quality of work was of factory grade if not better. She already has all the measurements for the cushions. Everything was done via phone and went extremely smooth. I’d HIGHLY recommend. There was a 6month wait but that was due to sandy having surgery(I’d gladly wait again). The pricing was excellent, there were local shops I called and were around the same price, however, sandy works directly with maverick(and referred by maverick) so I figured she was the much better option. If anyone is needing new cushions they shouldn’t hesitate and give her a call! Attached are some pictures!
Her contact info: 772-579-6273 

email: sorite@comcast.net




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nice job, i was going to go with sandy but couldnt wait that long, she is always 6+ months out because she is the best but found a great local guy in jax that had a great price and quick turnaround.

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