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Gel coat rehab


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Thought I would post a couple of pics of the gel coat rehab going on with my 2001 Hewes. The boat is a 2001. The color is dark green. I’m not a huge fan of the color but the more I polish it the darker it seems to get. Sometimes looking almost black.  Using 3m perfect and variable speed buffer 






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42 minutes ago, MuddyBottomBluz said:

Alright HoneyB, boat is registered in Jersey and the trailer in Pennsylvania, which on is it?!! Also was the blue you were gonna paint it in order to match the nice pretty boat we see in the refelection? You can tell alot about a man in his newly polished boats refelection!:D

Ok Columbo :) what you see is not always as it seems. I did rescue this little Redfisher from the frigid waters of New Jersey. Documents indicate she spent some time in sunny Florida before heading to the fresh waters around Atlanta. She then was hauled north to spend a few years. Now she resides in Savannah Ga. Georgia numbers to be applied after the polishing is complete.

The potential color change was going to be the Stars and Stripes blue only because I think that is one of the best looking colors on the MBG boats that I have seen. This little Redfisher does have a big sister Maybe a cousin since she is a pathfinder, but she is not blue she is guide green and she’s quite the looker too. 



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