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2400 TRS Lowrance total scan transducer location?


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I just installed the Lowrance Active Imaging transducer on my 2018 2200TRS. It was installed in the same position as the old Total scan transducer which is close to the position suggested above and unfortunately the lower unit partially blocks the starboard sidescan image. Active Imaging is a significant enhancement to sidescan capability( as is Hummingbird's technology). I am looking for the right solution for transducer placement and was thinking that the pocket maybe the answer. Any recommendations from the company or others who have solved this issue would be appreciated.   I have read that transducer placement is critical in maximizing the capabilities of these new units

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I’ve got a 22 TE, but the pocket looks similar.

I’ve got a new A/I 3 in 1 located in the pocket. We thought we might have had to custom make a starboard mount, screwed into gelcoat, to get the geometry correct and close enough for fine tuning. Fine tuning on my configuration with the OEM mount was enough. We had to do a couple runs to tweak the position. 

Never loses bottom, side scan works like a champ, no blockages from the motor, no spray I can detect, and no one uses it as a boarding step. It has occasionally picked up some grass, but I think all external T/D do that. My last T/D was thru hull.

Frozen in need of a good bath!


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47 minutes ago, mulligan said:

Do you guys with the traducers low in the pocket get any prop slip from it?

Great question, Mulligan.......Technically speaking, I have probably have increased my prop slip by this mount location. Prop slip is generally created by a wrong pitch/diameter prop(from a perfect position) that sees water flow over the blades that is less than optimal.E44B8A2B-C50D-4D0D-9435-9BD1A6445F43.png.6d36d275f6180919d83d934752b17e6f.png

I have a bay boat that has a jack plate, trim tabs, and motor trim/tilt. I’m constantly changing the prop position which changes the water flow at the prop. I can increase or decrease slip with a touch of a button. I probably have more disturbed water flow than I had before, but I can’t measure it, or feel it, or see a performance change that can be indicated on the instruments I have, in how I use the boat. I run lower speeds over short time spans, then accelerate again. If this were a race boat, or travel miles and miles at a constant speed, it might be a different story. 

I would change the location if it affected the transducer performance, but so far, so good!

IMO, I'm more concerned about ventilation/cavitation destroying the strength of the prop. Time(years) will tell that. I’ll bump bottom first, which will increase slip, too.

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In the pocket seems to be the best place. I run an 04 22  TE. The pocket transom is only flat in front of the motor so to get it further  out I epoxied a 1/2 inch thick piece of PVC style board to pocket bottom and screwed the bracket to it. This also allows me to get away from the bunks.

Holds bottom  at 50 mph. Down scan and side scan work at 50 but speed is a little  on the high side for detail on side scan but down scan gives an  accurate depth.

My fishing partner has 22v with same transducer mounted on the true transom and looses bottom very easy. 


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On 10/12/2019 at 6:43 AM, FROZEN said:


Forgot to tell you, I patented and copyrighted that position and the royalty fee is a bath for my boat next time you’re in Homosassa!!

Enjoy your new ride....they are beautiful boats. Wish I had one! Glad to have helped.

Have cleaning supplies, will travel! Thanks so much for your input. It was Spot-On. 

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