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21 Cobia bay dropped?

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Hi Skip,

Sorry to hear the 21 bay was dropped. I thought it was an economical alternative to a Pathfinder but I guess it makes sense since you brought back the 2005 TRS PF.  Only problem is the 2005's livewell is too small. Guess I'll stick to my 18 RF it's just right and with the second release well it's a bait carrying machine..

I don't know why there aren't more RFs out there. I understand that my hull is a bit heavy and the RF building technique is a little aged but when I'm crossing open water in the Keys watching those light Kevlar hulls bounce around I just trip my bow down and throttle up. Thanks for keeping the Hewes 18 alive.

Thank you for your response. What other boat builder could you have access to senior leadershaip like MBG?

Warmest Regards,



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No worries, I found a neglected 2016 and I’m nursing it back to health. New wrap and lots of buffing and waxing.my poor man’s Pathfinder is coming along.



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