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Found 7 results

  1. blewbyu

    2002 RF 18 prop info needed

    My rig is 2002. Boat and F115. I want recs for the best 3 blade SS prop to get me 5500-6000 RPM. What diameter, pitch will get me there?
  2. Toeknee217

    1990 Redfisher budget build

    Hi guys, not new to boating but this is my first mbg made boat. I always wanted one of these lappy hulls since I bought my first flats skiff so I jumped on this opportunity when I saw this 1990 Redfisher 18 come up for sale. It was hull only with a ton of cut wires and a trailer that was falling apart. This boat had been sitting for MANY years considering the condition of the inside of the fuel tank and the battery being from 2008. I have owned the boat for about 7 months already so I am a bit ahead on the redo. I am open and would appreciate any insight or recommendations as you guys see fit.
  3. 2019 Redfisher 18/ AmeraTrail Trailer: Noticed the portside fender carpeted area is rubbing on hull causing scuffing and wear marks on fiberglass. . Starboard side has 1-1.5" clearance and is fine. Just purchased from previous owner and wondering if anybody had this issue. Will end up taking fender off of portside and moving over 1-1.5" for safe clearance. Bunker struts are welded to frame and tried to pull boat on trailer very carefully, but end up in same place. Any suggestions besides moving fender over ?
  4. DanAdams

    Lappys and jack plates

    Hello all, I’m new to the forum but not new to Hewes boats. I have a 2000 Redfisher 18 (the last of the ole’ Lappys) with a Yamaha 130 2 stroker. I see some discussion on here about jack plates and the issues with these boats.. props blowing out, loss of performance, etc. I have a friend that has worked for Maverick Boat Co at the factory in Ft Pierce for nearly 20 years now (it’s possible he even helped build mine) and he discourages me from installing one on this hull because of the setback and possible performance issues. I do trust his knowledge and expertise as he knows these boat
  5. Hey Gang! Thought I would sign up and introduce myself after stalking your forum for a number of months! In the midst of purchasing a new Atlantic Blue Hull and Cosole Redfisher 18. Super excited to join the Maverick family. I have owned 2 different Sailfish CC in the past 12 years and sold my 2008 2660 earlier this year. It was a well used boat with nearly 2500 hours on the clock and 27000 miles on the hull! Since then I have been crawling over all sorts of bay boats, skiffs and flats boats and was continually drawn back to the Redfisher. Last week my local dealer received the boa
  6. DavisIslander

    2004 vs 2007 rf18 narrowing my search

    I haven't decided YET, but I'm happily finding myself in a good pickle. Info is hard to find, any major differences in the two hulls? Any updates that may have occurred after 2004 that would push the 2007 ahead. Both have Yamaha 115 (4) and both are in the same ballpark range of price. 04 has 275 hours and the 07 560 hours. Of the two boats, the 04 has better documentation (as of today)...that should change. Also seems babied more. 07 more "used" as in fished! (what I'm going to be doing). Any help or suggestions/comments greatly appreciated.
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