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  1. Seacraft06

    Back Story on a Hybrid 2500 for sale?

    When I was looking there was one that looked exactly like that but it disappeared off the market. Any chance it was re-listed buy the “new” buyer?
  2. Seacraft06

    Catch of the day (pictures)

    Grouper went back into the drink. That was her first “saltwater” fish ever!
  3. Seacraft06

    2400 vs 2500

    I was looking at the same two boats also. I have also run the Contender Bay for work. I ended up with the 25 Pathfinder because of the overall deck space and layout. I too have a baby (3yo) and the deck on the Contender is too tight. I like that on the Pathy you can walk all the way around the console without stepping up onto the casting deck. The Contender is extremely tight inside. The ride on both is comparable. I live in Key West so the Hyrbid was a good fit for us because we use it for everything from cruising, hitting the sandbar, fishing the back country and going
  4. Seacraft06

    Headed West

    I am loving the 25. Wish it had a 90 gallon, or even bigger tank! I have not run the 22, but I did have a 20 Pathy. The next door neighbor has a 22 and the size difference between it and my 25 are night and day. Running with a full fishing load headed to the west in the “ocean” I’d say I am somewhere around 2.4-2.6mpg. If it’s flat calm and I can trim it out some I can manage 2.8mpg. On a regular backcountry trip I’m touching 3mpg. I am convinced that the tower with the front shade eats into my mpg more than I like. If I am running with the wind to my back the mile
  5. Seacraft06

    Catch of the day (pictures)

    Yea it’s pretty funny!
  6. Seacraft06

    Catch of the day (pictures)

    It’s not huge, but it’s her first grouper. She has caught plenty of fish and has never been scared to touch them, but this one she wanted nothing to do with for some reason!
  7. Seacraft06

    Headed West

    The past week or so there has been some stellar winter weather down here in Key West. We made several trips down west past and around the Marquesas and also some offshore trips. The wind is now starting to pick up again. The 25 Pathy has been putting in a lot of work.
  8. Seacraft06

    25 hybrid fuel tank

    I really hope this is true! My tank now suffices but it would be nice to squeeze and extra trip or two out of the tank before refilling.
  9. Seacraft06

    Over T-Top Covers?

    I have a 2500 with second station and the boat is kept on a lift. I am looking to get a cover that goes overs the ttop/station and drops down over the console to cover the leaning post and front console seat. Attached is a pic of my boat and also a cover like I am looking for. This is the only cover like it that I have found. https://www.ebay.com/itm/All-Weather-Waterproof-T-Top-Hard-Top-Console-Portion-Cover-108-L-x-84-W-x-90-H-/153893102716?_trksid=p2385738.m4383.l4275.c10 Anyone have a link to other covers like this? I am not sure what the correct name for this type
  10. Seacraft06

    2500 Freshwater Location

    I am looking to add a freshwater wash down to my 2500. Where is the tank usually located at if it was rigged at the factory? If you have a picture of it that would be even better. Thank you
  11. Seacraft06

    Upgrade to 2500

    Waiting for the weather to lay down so we can make the run.
  12. Already sold. Picked up the new ride last week. Should be a much easier run up to the glades in this one.
  13. Seacraft06

    Livewell pump

    Ken is that the newer pump that I just put in? If it is I will look for the receipt and you should be able to exchange it. It is only a couple months old. The clear filter just unscrews, it’s just hard to get a good grip. Some rubber gloves and making sure it’s dry will help. Those white tabs pop open when you push on the top end of them and the red cartridge pulls out. The base of the pump (white and black piece) does not change, just the cartridge.
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