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  1. Seacraft06

    2500 Freshwater Location

    I am looking to add a freshwater wash down to my 2500. Where is the tank usually located at if it was rigged at the factory? If you have a picture of it that would be even better. Thank you
  2. Seacraft06

    Upgrade to 2500

    Waiting for the weather to lay down so we can make the run.
  3. Already sold. Picked up the new ride last week. Should be a much easier run up to the glades in this one.
  4. Seacraft06

    Livewell pump

    Ken is that the newer pump that I just put in? If it is I will look for the receipt and you should be able to exchange it. It is only a couple months old. The clear filter just unscrews, it’s just hard to get a good grip. Some rubber gloves and making sure it’s dry will help. Those white tabs pop open when you push on the top end of them and the red cartridge pulls out. The base of the pump (white and black piece) does not change, just the cartridge.
  5. Seacraft06

    Upgrade to 2500

    I sold my 20 Pathy and told myself I was not going to rush into buying the next one. The plan was to wait and see what the market would do. However, I was set on getting a 2500 with a tower. Well, I didn’t even last one month without a boat. I found this one in Panama City and took the plunge. Made the 700+ mile trip back with it in tow last Friday and I couldn’t be happier. I picked it up last Thursday and spent the night in Tallahassee before making the trek home on Friday. The Ameratrailer towed perfectly and gave me no issues. The only mishap was the winch handle on the bow winch fell off somewhere along the way so I will be ordering a new one. We covered almost 200 miles in the first three days with it. What a nice upgrade from the 20, even my little one approves of it! I am still getting use to how to run it but I am averaging 2.6-2.8 mpg in real conditions and 2.8-3.1 mpg in the back country, smooth waters. There are a couple things I am looking to do to it, add freshwater, power pole charging system, etc but for now I am going to use it for a little to see how I want to set everything up.
  6. Seacraft06

    WTB 2500, 2019 or 18, no tower

    No affiliation, I came across it while I am looking for a 25 with a tower. It’s posted on the Maverick Facebook group.
  7. Seacraft06

    WTB: 25 Pathfinder

    Just sold my Pathy, so I am looking to purchase a 25 Pathfinder with a tower. I am willing to travel for the right boat. If you have one or know if one coming onto the market please let me know.
  8. Seacraft06

    20ft Pathfinder

    Sold. I shed a tear as she drove off to her new home.
  9. Seacraft06

    20ft Pathfinder

  10. Seacraft06

    Performance Trailer Axle Replacement

    I called Tie Down and I was told they sold the axle part of the company to Dexter. I called and left a message asking for a return call and never got one.
  11. Seacraft06

    Performance Trailer Axle Replacement

    Key West. But I am willing to go pick one up.
  12. Seacraft06

    Performance Trailer Axle Replacement

    The trailer frame is 100% 84” wide. I even tried 4 different tape measures thinking I was nuts. I have tried everything and everywhere. Just absolutely can not find an axle to fit this thing. Frame outside to outside is 84” wide. Hub face to hub face is 97”. Brake flange to brake flange is 91”. I even found a metal tie wrap, wrapped around the axle. It has “Tie Down Engineering 2826991 3500lbs” stamped into it. This was a dead end too.
  13. Seacraft06

    Performance Trailer Axle Replacement

    I cannot find how to send him a message. Any chance you can get the name of the shop from him for me?
  14. Seacraft06

    Performance Trailer Axle Replacement

    I wish mine was that easy. The manufacturer is closed.
  15. Seacraft06

    Performance Trailer Axle Replacement

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