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    20ft Pathfinder

    - 2005 2000v Pathfinder - 2010 Yamaha F150 approx 503 hours, but I am still using it. - 2005 Performance Aluminum Torsion Axle Trailer with swing tongue. - Garmin 94sv with downview and sidescan - 6ft Powerpole (pump replaced less than a year ago) - Lenco Trim Tabs - Stainless/ Aluminum Frame Bimini Top with Accon Quick Release Brackets - Sportsman 3 bank battery charger - 4 batteries (2 house/starting, 2 for 24v trolling motor) Located in Key West, FL Asking 26,000 I purchased this boat four years ago from Ingman Marine in Placida, FL. When I purchased it the motor had approximately 200 hours on it. I was told the boat was a one owner boat (me being the second owner) and the owner was an older gentleman who was selling it to upgrade in size. The boat was in really good shape for its age. I had the dealer send me some good quality pictures and put a deposit down sight unseen. A week later I made the drive up to see the boat for the first time in person, took it for a short ride and bought it home with me. The hull is a 2005 2000v and is paired with a 2010 Yamaha F150. I believe the initial engine on the hull was a 150 Vmax but I do not know how many hours it had on it. I was told that the owner upgraded the engine simply because he wanted to switch to a four stroke. Based on the shape of the boat when I bought it, I do not think it had a whole bunch of hours. The motor on it at that time was 6 years old and only had approximately 200 hours. The boat has a 50 gallon fuel tank which is way more than enough, it is extremely efficient. I had my mechanic put a new fuel float switch in when I brought the boat home. The boat is solid and everything works as it should. I use the boat several times a week to make sandbar trips with the family, go lobstering and tarpon fishing. I have taken it 20 plus miles offshore to go dolphin fishing and plan to run it up to the Everglades this weekend if the weather holds (over 110 miles round trip). The port side of the hull about midship does have some damage to the rubrail and light scratches in the hull just underneath this. I believe it is dock rash from the previous owner as there is no impact damage, just scratches. The port side quarter also has a minor blemish from the trailer strap. The starboard bow has a crack along the strake. This crack has been exactly the same since I purchased the boat 4 years and 300 hours ago. The port and starboard side bow hatches are known to crack along the edge where the hinge is at. Because of this I put aluminum backing plates on each side and they are still strong as ever, just cosmetic. The trailer has new bunks, new bunk brackets and I am finishing putting new wiring and taillights on it now. I am trying to get the local trailer repair to replace the axle so it will be completely ready for a road trip. The boat does get used several times a week so hours will continue to go up slightly. The boat is stored either on a lift under a full cover or under my house on the trailer, so it spends most of its time out of the sun. The bottom does has some minor staining which was on there when I purchased it. I believe its just from the water quality where the original owner lived and boated. The boat is a 2005 and gets used frequently so it is definitely not brand new. That said the boat is in extremely good shape for its age and is extremely solid. I am selling it to upgrade as I now have a 2 year old who loves to go in the boat and we just want something a little bigger. I have uploaded a bunch of pictures, even the deficiencies, but if you need something more specific let me know and I will get it too you. Any questions please send me a PM, email: sacurry6@yahoo.com or call/text 305-360-1294. I most likely won't answer the number if I do not recognize it so leave a message and I will call back soon as I have time.
  2. Seacraft06

    WTB 25 pathfinder hybrid with 2nd station

    If he passes can you email or pm me the info and pictures. My email is sacurry6@yahoo.com Thank you
  3. Seacraft06

    WTB: Seastar HH5271

    I am looking for a Seastar HH5271 helm. Must be in good working condition. If you have one available please let me know.
  4. Thank you. I just took the course.
  5. Again thanks for all the info. Do I need to take a boating class specific to the Everglades? I have read that it is free online but I have not found the link to the actual class. Thanks
  6. Thanks for the info. I am planning on taking my 20 Pathfinder and my friend is taking his 20 Angler. We will leave from Big Coppitt Key bayside and either run out to Snipes and then run straight there or run the inside of the bay up to Contents and then shoot straight to the Cape. Either way we are going to hold off for a perfect weather day. I plan on bringing 10 extra gallons of gas even though I should have enough without it.
  7. I don’t know why the above text is so big, but it won’t let me edit it. Sorry about that.
  8. We are looking to run up to Cape Sable in Everglades National Park, just to check it out. Figure we will fish our way up and back. Hangout on the beach and maybe fish around that area if we find anything worth our while. I have never been up that way and was looking for some answers to questions I have. I have done some research but all the information I have found is fairly dated. Do I need to buy a pass to just cruise up there and hangout on the beach? My understanding is I just need the one vessel park pass that’s good for 7 days and is $30? This pass seems to cover everyone on the boat? Do I need another pass or license to fish inside the park? It seems like my regular Florida fishing license covers this? Any regulations that I am not used to down here in Key West that cant get us in trouble up that way, such as tackle requirements? Seems like castnets are ok? Do you need to use only circle hooks? We are going with another boat from down here in Key West. I am probably going to run inside up to Contents and then make a straight shot for Cape Sable. Any must sees that are in that general area/path? Like I said I have done some research but there seems to be some conflicting info on the webs and most the info seems pretty dated. Thanks for any first hand experience and advice.
  9. Seacraft06

    What's this?

    27 Open!?
  10. Seacraft06

    New Model?

    27 Open!!
  11. Seacraft06

    New Model?

    Just saw this posted on Pathfinders FaceBook. Maybe I am late to the party, any idea what it is?
  12. Seacraft06

    New Selling Price and Buying Info?

    Thank you! I am going to reach out to a few places and see what the quotes come back at. I would like to go to the closest dealer however our area is notorious for having higher prices on EVERYTHING. Am I going to find any difference in the prices between dealers if I shop around? Sorry this is my first new boat purchase and I am not sure how the Pathfinder dealer network is setup. I know some brands have “territories” they sell in and can’t go outside these areas and I am not sure if Pathfinder is one of these brands? Also not sure how structured the prices are for them. Thanks for all the information.
  13. Seacraft06

    New Selling Price and Buying Info?

    Thanks for the info!
  14. Seacraft06

    New Selling Price and Buying Info?

    Anyone build theirs on the website and then get an actual price to compare? Just wondering if it’s even accurate.
  15. Seacraft06

    New Selling Price and Buying Info?

    We are considering making the move up and the 25 Pathfinder is on the short list. I am just wondering how close are the actual selling prices vs the website where you can build your boat and the price it shows? I would love to find a newer used one but finding one that fits what we want seems challenging. If anyone knows of one coming on the market let me know! Thanks.
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