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  1. SCFD rtrd.

    A welcome trend!

    Amen Brother. I have to see the skin guy twice a year and when I get home I look like a Lepper. Too many hours in the sun as a kid and young adult before we new the value of sun screen.
  2. SCFD rtrd.

    Selfish suggestion for all of us

    Holy Crap, I just watched The Social Dilemma last night. Please spread to word to anyone who has kids. This is a must see for any parent.
  3. SCFD rtrd.

    Trolling Motor Help

    Not to de-rail but, it seems like we always have electrical questions about our boats and motors. I'm not an electrician, but had to learn the basics so I could work on my own stuff, or pay $100 per hour to some shop. I bought a mini multi tester about 20 years ago and it's the best tool I ever bought for troubleshooting electrical problems in my boat. It was still working, but somehow I broke the battery compartment and had to by a new meter. The link below is the unit I bought, almost identical to the old one. It will test any size or type battery or wiring from a hearing aid battery to big marine batteries. 12 volts, 24 volts, 36 volts doesn't matter. It will also test any 110 or 220 voltage as well as continuity and resistance. So easy and simple to use with only four selections. I think this is a must have for us guys that don't want to drag our rigs to the shop and pay for what is usually a pretty simple fix. https://www.amazon.com/s?k=hp8216n&ref=nb_sb_noss
  4. SCFD rtrd.

    On board battery charger

    Well, on-board chargers are not what they use to be. I had a Pro Mariner (three bank 20 amp) on my old boat that lasted 12 years. I bought a new 23 hps in 2013 and this is the forth charger I've had on this rig. It's in a below deck compartment that gets very little air circulation. The last charger I installed is a Power Mania because they have an internal fan for cooling. We had a lightning strike at the condo and it fried my charger as well as light fixtures on the buildings. So, I installed another Power Mania. If your charger is installed in an area that gets some air circulation, then maybe a Pro Mariner. If not much air circulation, then a charger with an internal fan.
  5. SCFD rtrd.

    PF 2400 TRS wash water getting into bilge

    The compartments on the decks usually drain overboard. Almost any compartment in the floor drains to the bilge. You might also consider that when in the sling, the nose is up and the transom is down or that's the way it should be. This position keeps water from accumulating in the hull and adding weight to the boat while on the slings. So, any water in the hull drains back to the bilge and is pumped out.
  6. SCFD rtrd.

    Lifting Off Trailer

    Your trailer bunks should be directly under the stringers or as close as you can get them. To lift your boat off the bunk; first you have to secure the trailer by chalking the tires or attach the trailer to your truck or both. Get yourself a good 2x6 or 2x8 and lay it flat against the hull. Place your bottle jack about 1/3 from either end, and lift with your jack about 1/4", then secure with a jack stand. Then move to the other end of the temporary bunk and do the same. Only lift the hull about 1/4" at a time, then adjust the jack stand to support the temporary bunk. Once the hull clears the permanent bunk, you can remove the bunk and do the repair.
  7. SCFD rtrd.

    Port Charlotte/Peace River suggestions

    Looks like you guys had a good trip. Is that blood on your finger?
  8. SCFD rtrd.

    Rail Hunt

    Looks like fun. Had to Google Rails, weren't sure what they were. Good to eat?
  9. SCFD rtrd.

    Pamlico Sound Area Reds

    Huge Redfish, the second one has some unusual spots.
  10. SCFD rtrd.

    Trailer Valet

    If the parking space is big enough for your boat and trailer, this bad boy will park it.
  11. SCFD rtrd.

    Paint Fading

    Some guys use fans, but I'm don't like anything running or using electricity in my boat on a continuous basis. Sooner or later you'll have some type of failure and could cause a fire. I have a full cover on my 23 HPS with three vents. Same cover also covers the motor. There is a big gap on both sides where the motor and transom connect. These gaps allow plenty of fresh air to enter and be exhausted out of the vents. I would also suggest a cover that comes down over the sides of the boat to protect the gelcoat
  12. SCFD rtrd.

    new to me - photos

    Nice work johnd. It's got a darn nice shine for a 2002.
  13. SCFD rtrd.

    Port Charlotte/Peace River suggestions

    Chief, can't give any insight on that area. I fish Englewood, Placida and some in Boca Grande. Lots of Redfish and Snook around. With the water temps at 90 degrees, the Redfish will be in slightly deeper water during the heat of the day.
  14. SCFD rtrd.

    Trailer Valet

    Yep, several years ago, we bought a condo in S/W Florida with a garage. Parking lot was adequate for parking, but not for trying to back a 23 ft. boat with a Suburban into the garage. I bought a 110 volt electric dolly designed to move trailers. Has 100 ft. of cord. So as long as you have elect. to plug into you are in business. Like you said, they turn on a dime. Also retired from Fire Dept.
  15. SCFD rtrd.

    Tricks or Tips for Rigging Tube Access

    Yep, pulling new wire through the rigging tube in a pain in the azz. When the factory pulls the wires through the rigging tube, the wires are bundled together with elect. zip ties. This is why it's so hard to get anything through there, you keep getting hung up on the zip ties. Even if you get a fish tape or plumbing snake through there, the wire will be difficult to pull. Dawn or Vaseline and lots of it is your friend. You also need to stagger your wires where they connect to the fish tape, plumbing snake or rope. Try to make the leading end of the wires sort of bullet shaped, using electrical tape or even duct tape. When you get ready to pull the wire, try to get help. You need a puller and pusher. When you get hung up, have the other person pull back a few inches, then try pulling again. It's never easy. As smilemaker said, running your transducer cable down the middle of the boat is a good idea. It's easier and reduces interference.
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