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  1. Marshfly

    2016 Maverick HPX-V 18 w/ 2016 F150 (SOLD)

    Sorry. I thought I had marked it sold everywhere. It sold in May.
  2. Marshfly

    2016 HPX - How to make front hatch not creak

    You have fiberglass on fiberglass somewhere. Either thicken the gasket or find where the hatch is rubbing on the trough and sand down the hatch a little. It happens as the gaskets compress.
  3. Marshfly

    Ameratrail for a HPX V

    There are also two different factory platforms available with different heights.
  4. Marshfly

    Tested a bravo 25xs on a maverick 21!

    The LT is designed for for Walleye/Multi Species boats.
  5. Marshfly

    115 hp vs 150 hp

    Yea, I've fished the glades once with my Caimen. I agree that that area is not one to be running 50 everywhere in. Hard shallow bottoms, big animals, and high speeds are a bad combo. hehe That area is a good example of how a kind of unorthodox setup is ideal for a specific area. It makes it tough when guys ask for recommendations and don't say where and how they are fishing from the get go. I would imagine that is why you see so many East Cape, Beavertail, etc. for sale so soon after they are built. Guys get romanced into super skinny or super fast or whatever and then realize it *
  6. Marshfly

    115 hp vs 150 hp

    The 6yc gauge on my Maverick was always within a tenth of a gallon on fillup. It was extremely accurate. Also, when you said 6-7 at 30-34 I assume you meant 6-7 at 30-34. I didn't assume 6-7 meant 8. But whatever. Different rides for different folks. I'd rather spend my time fishing that boat riding so I like to move faster. Regardless, this thread is about whether the speed is worth the draft and since the guy is always on the trolling motor, the answer is a definite YES.
  7. Marshfly

    115 hp vs 150 hp

    The couple of times I actually looked down at mid 20s I'd be at 8 too. So there is no economy benefit to the smaller engines, only draft. But mid 20s is crawling. low 30s is crawling. Thats mud motor speeds. If all you do is fly fish and never keep fish the 90 might work, but if you use the live well and actually bring tackle if seems like it would be underpowered for the load with 2 or 3 guys. I remember how my F70 felt on the much smaller Caimen when loaded down and it wasn't fun. Do you have a trolling motor on your boat?
  8. Marshfly

    115 hp vs 150 hp

    What is your MPG at 30 and 40mph? I'd be interested to see if it is actually lower than the 150. I always hear that but the Yamaha test reports and my experience don't show that. FWIW I would get 4.8 mpg at 50mph, 5.0 or a little better at 40mph, and 6.0 at 30mph. I find it hard to believe that you could do much better than that. My East Cape Caimen would only get about 6.5 at 30mph with the F70. That 5 mpg at 50mph is what makes the F150 worth it. Frankly, after owning one, if I needed to get skinny, I'd be buying a 17 with the new F90.
  9. Marshfly

    115 hp vs 150 hp

    You will not fit an F150 under the factory poling platform on a jackplate. My boat would have had one if it were possible. Frankly, my engine cover was all scratched up from removal and mine was only on the second hole.
  10. Marshfly

    Does anyone know...

    Where are you located? I Just sold mine to a guy out of Destin.
  11. Marshfly

    115 hp vs 150 hp

    Oh you can definitely still redfish with the 150. I fished a few tournaments out of mine and did fine. If you are expecting to pole around where the fish have backs out of the water, even the 115 won't give you that. You need to be looking at an HPX-S or HPX-V 17 with a 70 or 90. To put it simply, if you are going to spend the majority of time on the pole go with the 115. If you spend the majority of the time on the trolling motor go with the 150.
  12. Marshfly

    115 hp vs 150 hp

    I ran my 2016 HPX-V 18 with the F150 on the second hole with a Tempest 23 or 24. I tried the Yamaha Pro 23" and hated it compared to the Tempest. It definitely porpoises with the F150, but then I haven't been in a skiff that didn't. Nothing a little tab didn't take care of. Above 40mph or so you could raise the tabs all the way and it wouldn't porpoise. I will say that being able to cruise at 50 makes a serious difference in your ability to make substantial changes in fishing area over the course of the day. I found myself running much further than I ever had before and not thinking twic
  13. Marshfly

    OFX4 21" for sale

  14. Marshfly

    OFX4 21" for sale

    am i too cheap.... he just told me to sell it for him when i told him the Pathy guys over here love these.
  15. Marshfly

    OFX4 21" for sale

    Selling for a friend. Prop has less than 5 hours on it. It is essentially brand new. Yamaha Hub. PM me with your cell number and I can text pics. $375 shipped
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