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    orig from ny where i was a private investigator and director of security/safety for a hospital. after moving to florids i became a yacht broker then a realtor. married 42yrs. one son, married two grandaughters. all have the same interests. been boati
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    boating, fishing, shooting
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    punta gorda fl.
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    david leibman

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  1. fin-addict

    Prop Size

    Has anyone heard of a 14 1/2 x 20 prop size for a 150 vmax hpdi. That’s what Gen Prop said my prop is that’s getting a new hub. Looked all over and nada. Looking for a spare. Anyone has suggestions ? Been reading a lot about props recently. FYI, props that have been rehubed need to be broken in and should only be rehubed 3 times. If additional info on this wanted let me know. Don’t want to waste time and bore you. Could make a sticky on prop 101 if you like. 😀👍⚓️Fin.
  2. fin-addict

    This is why I don’t buy boats from Miami

    I had a 200 Osprey Aquasport rigged as a bay boat. Was great. Ran very skinny and very well in chop.
  3. fin-addict

    Answers to questions

    Your right on point with everything. Been thing the exact same. Thanks much. Prop went out today.
  4. fin-addict

    Answers to questions

    Totally agree about water in bilge. Have had that draining system on larger boats but not ideal. It’s a chance. Thinking about the buds but won’t solve the present problem, thanks.
  5. fin-addict

    Answers to questions

    Every two months my diver cleans the bottom and the two drains on the transom. Between times I flush from both inside and out. Feel the check valves are the issue. How do you do a complete cleaning. Cannot get to the needed areas.
  6. fin-addict

    Battery bank question

    Yes, correct if needed to be charged.
  7. fin-addict

    23 HPS helm steer pump

    Had a leak like you. Turned out to be the fill plug o ring.
  8. fin-addict

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Deep fried birds are great and quick. Son has been doing it for years. Did you inject flavoring into the bird. If not try it. 🏆
  9. fin-addict

    Battery bank question

    I have 4 batteries, 2 start, 2 TM hooked to a 3 bank charger. 1 bank for each TM battery and the other for the 2 start batteries. The TM is 24v setup.
  10. fin-addict

    Answers to questions

    Noticed a few minutes ago THM does have the 11x17. Thought that size was discontinued. Is the 11x17 the best to go with. I normally run without needing tabs except to level out. Normally trim two bars on gauge.
  11. fin-addict

    Answers to questions

    Kept in water 24/7. Slower to drain than in the past keeps getting worse.
  12. fin-addict

    Answers to questions

    Have a few questions. Looking for answers or suggestions as this is the go to place. 1. was told by my mechanic the prop is a 14x20. Had to remove it yesterday as the hub spun when my son was getting up on plane. Orig prop as far as I know, 2003 in great shape. Going to send it out for repair. There is NO manuf or model name on the prop at all. Only a stamping of 142 on inside of prop. Has two 1/4 holes, ported I guess. Looked up props, only 14x20 props are 4 blades. Looking for feedback. 2. what prop are you guys using on a 2200v with 150 vmax hpdi. Boat has stand thru T with controls, TM, 4 batteries. May get another prop and use this as back up. Presently runs normally 5400 @ 39 mph wot. Have seen 5600 @ 43.2 about 3 times in 10 years. Normal cruise 28 mph @ 3800. At all seeds except wot there is a 10 difference between mph & rpm. Bottom painted, in water 24/7. 3. Scupper drains have become a real PIA, forever to drain after washing. Any suggestions. Tried pushing water through drains both inside and out and no improvement. How do you even get to the check valves. Been thinking to just cut drain holes in corners by aft bulkhead and hole plates and drain into bilge and let the pump handle it. 4. want to install hatch in motor well for better access than the pie plate. Most use to use the 11x17 but discontinued. Think Jim Black makes one but smaller. Suggestions. Thanks for any answers, suggestions you experts might have. Better asking than doing stupid 🤦‍♂️😀👍⚓️Fin. asking all this after son spent the morning with a detailed wash.
  13. fin-addict

    Questions about binoculars vs telescope

    Spotting scope 👍. I use my marine binoculars from the condo and they work great imo.
  14. fin-addict

    Yamaha rinse question

    Always by the port.
  15. fin-addict

    2012 21ft Cobia Bay

    Nice looking sled. May I ask the $$$ for tower Bimini.
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