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    2003 Hewes Redfisher 16, Yamaha 90 2 stroke
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  1. Looking for a Back rest for a 2003 Hewes Redfisher 16. Anyone know where to find one?
  2. Looking for a back rest that will fit a 2003 Hewes Redfisher 16. Does anyone have any ideas about where I can obtain one?
  3. Chuck59

    WTB Trailer for 16ft Hewes

    Cal Sport Trail in Bay St. Louis. he made a custom made one for my 16. Very reasonable.
  4. Chuck59

    Anybody know a cork that won't tangle?

    Have you ever rigged a "bobber Stopper"?
  5. Looking for a spare spool for an Orvis Hydros V. Thanks
  6. Looking for Strip and Feed Stripping Bucket
  7. Chuck59

    Deadrise 17 HPX-V vs. 17 HPX-S

    Trying to compare the dead rise of these 2 boats. The maverick website doesn't publish a dead rise for the S. It looks like it has some in the photos. Does anyone know? Thanks in adviance.
  8. Chuck59

    Louisiana Redfish in April

    Capt Dave Marino, Myrtle Grove
  9. I have a 2003 Redfisher 16. Want to replace my cat eye running lights with the led versions. Anyone know where I can purchase replacements? Thanks
  10. Chuck59

    Hewes Replacement Cushions

    Check out Sorite 772-579-6274. She does great work and can do the logos.
  11. Chuck59

    2016 Maverick 17 HPX-S SOLD

    Congrats. Nice boat.
  12. Chuck59

    2016 Maverick 17 HPX-S SOLD

    What size trolling motor did you have on it? I have a Hewes Redfisher 16, and I use an ipilot 55 on that. Plan to keep that boat, but need to get into super skinny water on many days when the water is low. Figured if your boat used a 12 volt trolling motor, I could swap the ipilot when needed. I also have a Helix 9 so might be able to use the transducer with that.
  13. Chuck59

    2016 Maverick 17 HPX-S SOLD

    Is this boat still for sale
  14. Chuck59

    Best Trailer For 1995 MA 17 (Looking For Recommendations)

    May want to check out Sport Trail.
  15. Chuck59

    WTB 21' Push pole

    WTB 21' Push pole
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