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  1. jason p

    2500 shaft length 72” a must?

    We’ve been fishing mostly off shore and my 72” comes out of the water sometimes.
  2. jason p

    Weblon or Hardtop

    Everything Fin said is true...I prefer soft tops, compared to the Pathfinder hard tops anyway.
  3. jason p

    Hydraulic Power Assist Steering

    I’ll let you know tomorrow, to be honest I never really pay that close attention to the numbers. I’ll try to get you loaded down numbers if I remember when we go tomorrow.
  4. jason p

    Hydraulic Power Assist Steering

    I’m a big 4 blade fan myself, when this OFX3 is done I’m going back. What pitch were you running?
  5. jason p

    Hydraulic Power Assist Steering

    I just figured it out, theres Electronic Power Steering and Power Assisted Steering. I thought they were the same thing, didn’t know there was two different systems. Carry on.
  6. jason p

    Hydraulic Power Assist Steering

    Maybe I’m wrong, I thought you needed a electronic pump, helm, and cylinder. I didn’t know you could just splice a pump into the system. Plus on my 2500 there’s three power steering circuit breakers, maybe I just talked myself into believing something in my own head... wouldn’t be the first time.
  7. Keep us posted... I’ve never personally seen aluminum wheels last on a saltwater boat. They usually start corroding from the lug nut holes outward. Be cool if the Sharkhide protected from this happening.
  8. jason p

    What did you do to your boat today?

    There’s nothing “little” about a Vantage, I love East Capes. Spend a lot of time on my neighbor’s EvoX and recently saw their 24 Bay in person. Definitely the best laid out Bay Boat out there right now in my opinion, the fit and finish was incredible, Egret like. Those guys are definitely doing it right down in Orlando.
  9. jason p

    Hydraulic Power Assist Steering

    Everyone I know that has it, loves it. That 300 is heavy to the left I admit. I’m just scared of adding three more electronic components to my boat. With that being said I haven’t heard of any reliability issues either.
  10. Yup, the whole Chinese made Goodyear “Marabombs” cost them alot of trailer business for awhile. The Endurance tires are all USA made I believe.
  11. jason p

    Help getting new fuel hose on barbed nipple

    This is true as well, and also the reason I provided the reference so people can read the actual regulation and make the most informed decision about their own safety. I’m not super comfortable with suggesting people remove safety devices without providing some sort of reference. Another reason for the reference. I actually mis spoke on the previous post. It’s not the level of the outlet of the fuel tank but the level of the actual fuel in relation to the carburetor that mandates the use of an anti-siphon device.
  12. jason p

    Help getting new fuel hose on barbed nipple

    Definitely not, heat on the hose while a safe distance from any fuel vapors and lube on the fitting...
  13. jason p

    Help getting new fuel hose on barbed nipple

    Yes... it’s spring-loaded closed and requires a vacuum from the fuel pump to pull it open. If they corrode or get fuel tank goop in there they may stick closed or partially closed. Usually a collapsed fuel primer bulb is indicative of a closed or partially obstructed anti-siphon valve. As far as a disadvantage I don’t know of any on an outboard powered boat (if there were a safety concern the USCG would require them, that’s my theory anyway) If you were to have a fuel line burst I believe the fuel would run back into the tank since the fuel system inlet, or carburetor as the USCG refers to all marine fuel systems, is well above the fuel tank outlet. Whatever fuel present in the line is going into the bilge regardless if there is a valve or not. it’s your boat and your families safety, do what you think is best. If you decide to run an anti-siphon valve I would replace it with a brass valve or regularly check/clean aluminum valves.
  14. They’re great, have them on the HPX for three years and on the Pathfinder for a year now, no issues. I ran Maxxis 8008s forever but it seems they’ve closed alot of their warranty dealers, the one time I had an issue it was going to require me to mail the tire up to Central FL for the claim.
  15. jason p

    Help getting new fuel hose on barbed nipple

    The “nipple” you’re referring to is the anti-siphon valve. Inside that aluminum valve is a stainless steel spring and ball, the dissimilar metals corrode over time and the ball usually sticks in the closed or almost closed position since its spring loaded closed when there is no vacuum to pull it open. Anti-siphon valves are required by the USCG when the fuel tank outlet is higher than the engines fuel system intake to or fuel lines are routed above the engine fuel system to stop the flow of fuel if a fuel line fails so the bilge doesn’t fill with fuel, they are not required for most outboard powered boats. Page 93 https://www.uscgboating.org/assets/1/AssetManager/ABYC.1002.01.pdf
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