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  1. LittleChief

    WTB Maverick 18HPX 2015 of Newer

  2. LittleChief

    WTB old school Mirage

  3. LittleChief

    18 master angler with 300 etec

    This is a terrible idea and a good way to ruin a master angler. I believe it’s only rated for 175hp, so stick with that.
  4. LittleChief

    2014 2300 HPS 300 Yamaha Low Hours

    Can’t say no lowball offers and not list a price.
  5. LittleChief

    Master Angler Stringer Issues?

    I believe, there was an issue in the 02-03's and earlier hulls with the sea chest location, not sure about all the facts but some or at least a few hulls suffered stringer damage. And as noted above, there was an issue with the master anglers prior to '03 where the stringers did not connect to the transom. A very detailed thread about an 18MA with this issue. Don't count on the factory taking care of these issues on a 20 year old used boat.
  6. LittleChief

    New 4 stroke - boat rides stern heavy

    I would get rid of the jackplate. That much weight further back doesn't help the issue you're having.
  7. Should have checked out Rolls trailers as well.
  8. LittleChief

    Garmin 740s w/ Transducer $200

  9. LittleChief

    Garmin 740s w/ Transducer $200

    Garmin GPSMap 740s with transducer for sale. Comes with console mount and all wiring.Price $200 In good condition. Selling because I upgraded to a new Lowrance to run the FMT chip. Contact: Dylan 813-690-0871 Located in Tampa but will ship too.
  10. LittleChief

    Sea Claw anchor (original) for sale

    Does the anchor have the 14" or 18" crossbar?
  11. LittleChief

    Older hull recommendations for Tampa Bay

    If you need to be in less than a foot and poling then the MA is not for you. I had a 17MA and real draft is 12". It's great crossing Tampa Bay, but I would not want to pole that boat for an extended period of time and it's even worse with any wind other than at your back due to its large beam. Also, the MA has a lot of hull slap and is noisy due to its sharp V entry. The MA, Mirage, and HPX-V are all completely different boats. I think you would be happy with a HPX-V but you will be hard pressed to find a good one under $20K. An older Mirage might be your best option. It's provides an average ride across Tampa Bay and a lot easier to pole in less than a foot. And you will find more Mirages in your stated price range.
  12. LittleChief

    2000 MA Repair Thread - Stringer issue

    Got my removable TH Marine hatch direct in 3 days...
  13. LittleChief

    Sold - 2005 Mirage HPX for sale

    Sent you a PM
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