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  1. jh141

    Cool image

    Wow, That is a good image using the LSS. The Total Scan is ok to but they say the Active Imaging 3 in 1 is Great. I have the Total Scan installed and the Active Image on my desk. Need to stop being lazy and get it installed. I am going to try surface clarity thing tomorrow.
  2. jh141

    Cool image

    Whichwaysup, Which transducer were you using on the Lowrance?? LSS, Total Scan or Active Image 3 in 1.
  3. jh141

    What did you do to your boat today?

    Hartwell, Have not been there in many years. A summer night tourny. That sounds Awesome !!
  4. jh141

    Catch of the day (pictures)

    Ah yes....summer Snook bite. That is a Beautiful Fish. Awesome Job!!
  5. Beautiful Job, What brand hole saw did you use? I am about to do some additions to my 22 and I have not seen a cleaner cut than that.
  6. jh141

    2300 HPS Dashboard Switch ID

    Just run across this in my file. These seem to by getting hard to get, Onlinecomponents does not seem to have them anymore. The pdf attached will get you the correct part number. Carling LT-Series.pdf
  7. jh141

    2300 HPS Dashboard Switch ID

    Carling https://www.carlingtech.com/toggle-switches Blue were hard to find when I was last looking.
  8. jh141

    Yamaha troubles

    My SHO did that. Started checking things. Found this under the shrink. It was hidden by the shrink tube.
  9. jh141

    Sebastian/Wabasso/North Vero

    Thanks for the report Dave!!
  10. jh141

    2400 Steering Effort

    I believe so, never found any official explanation. Where most Yamaha's have an adjustable trim skeg to help with running straight the 4.2 L SHO have a water pickup in that spot that scopes water and cools the lower unit inners. The curved skeg, I think, replaces that to help run straight. I ask Mike when he resealed my lower unit and he said yea that sounds right and he is Yamaha Certified. Who Knows. I only know what I feel when I run my boat LOL
  11. jh141

    Mounting 12 Unit on Console

    Bob is a craftsman for sure.
  12. jh141

    2400 Steering Effort

    The OFX props The OFX4 has that distinctive blade design. Straighter cut on the back side. That prop for me seemed to create torque to one side. Can not remember if it was port or starboard but it was very noticeable. With the "curved skeg" for lack of a better term of the 200, 225 and 250 SHO I think it made things hard. When I had the Yamaha HS4, it was the best all around prop for my setup. It has very symmetrical BLADES. I damaged it and was not able to replace it. They became very scarce. That's when I jumped to the OFX4 and I was never really happy with it. I have since m
  13. jh141

    ENP - May 2021

    Awesome Post! Thank You for sharing!!
  14. jh141

    Snook and jack

    Nice, Thanks for Sharing!!
  15. jh141

    2400 Steering Effort

    There is a SeaStar Power Assist pump you can install that will reduce the steering effort, About 1700 bucks. I was going that direction and pulled back at the last minute. I am still thinking about it as I get older.
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