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  1. jh141

    No cheese grater?

    I think I remember it Hurts the performance of the boat if its missing. There was a long thread sometime back and guys were customizing them to improve performance. All you can do is try. Seal up the holes and give it a whirl. If it is horrible then nothing lost. got to fix it.
  2. Was doing my 100 hour and found a problem with my VF 2?? SHO lower unit. Need a quick and reliable repair here in S. Florida.
  3. jh141

    2021 2300 HPS

    My Choice between the two you mentioned would be the HS4. I run one for years and liked it much better than my three blade.
  4. jh141

    Dual Battery

    So A pure lead AGM battery is considered a Dual Purpose, example, my optima blue top group 27 is pure lead ( no alloy mixed in ) and that increases the CCA to meet cranking needs. Not all AGMs are non alloy, but by moving up in group size lets say from 24 to 31 you also greatly increase the cranking capacity. Dual Purpose are more expensive but are so called better built and last longer. Thought I have one I am not convinced. I have three Deka group 24s (not considered Dual Purpose) for my 36 volt trolling circuit and one Optima Group 27. The Optima is my main cranking and accessory batte
  5. jh141

    Need all members help

    David, Government making more laws is a hot topic in the world today. We have a saying that when the government says "let me help you" it is never good. Having a PLB or EPIRB is an excellent thing, ( Fin probably has one on his new 2500) BUT, being told you have to have one, maybe not so much. My son is a Licensed Captain and carries a ditch bag onto every boat he steps foot on that includes a PLB. His boats are commercial and all are required to have EPIRBs. I carry a PLB. I and many others just do not want to be told I HAVE to have one. How about a privately funded education
  6. jh141

    75 Hewes redo

    Nice, Are you going to glass over them now to tie it all together?
  7. jh141

    '13 Redfisher 18 fuel vent problem

    Yes, the one pictured has an Allen head in the center to remove and service.
  8. jh141

    Great YouTube Site on Basic Boat Repair

    Ship Shape....They used to have a hanger in Indiantown just a couple down from my son.
  9. https://newwiremarine.com/ You design it online or they can do it.
  10. My son uses Pacer Group. He is very satisfied with quality and price.
  11. jh141

    Remote fob management

    Now That's doing it the right way Triplec.
  12. jh141

    Remote fob management

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