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  1. jh141

    Battery load tester

    I have a very simple OTC Load Tester It has identified two bad batteries for me in the last four years. I test my batteries about once a year or when I think a may have a problem.
  2. jh141

    Loose console

    I like that fix. Just using 5200 on and around the screws is also a great ideal. Strong hold and let the water out and could be removed if needed in the future.
  3. jh141

    Fire Extinguisher Mounting

    If you do or ever do mount to any aluminum wrap with tommy tape and use stainless hose clamps, Or some sort of nylon block style clamp. When you need to remove easy and no scars.
  4. jh141

    Rhodan Install

    Nice Job!!!! Now Enjoy the advantages of technology.
  5. This is the boaters course http://provalenslearning.com/national-park-service/everglades-boater-education-course
  6. jh141

    Why you wear a kill switch

    Incredibly Lucky. They missed a couple of the safety practices that can save save a life. Slow down when your not sure.......Always wear a kill switch........They did one thing right, good life jackets. My son wants me to get the ACR OLAS Guardian system. I forget to tether sometimes. I think after watching that I WILL go ahead and order it. Cheap insurance .
  7. You do need a pass (good for seven days) to be in the park. It covers all in a boat. Florida saltwater fishing and license regulations apply. If you plan to keep fish go to FWC web site for regs or download the mobile app. While running through the Florida Bay keep your eyes peeled. If you see any action check it out. There are spots and wrecks out there but there locations are closely guarded. Seeing bait or action in a spot can be a good sign there is structure there. If you get to East Cape, push a little farther and fish Middle Cape where Lake Ingram dumps into Florida Bay. Be aware there is a sand bar out in front of Middle Cape. Check it out on Google Earth. The beach is beautiful and natural all the way from East Cape to Northwest Cape. Have Fun!!!!
  8. jh141

    Something pooping on my boat!

    Not sure what area of the country you are in but, I get those and its lizards, especially when the pop trail has a white spot on the end. We now have larger lizards with a curl in their tail. We fondly call them dinosaurs. I have never found anything to repel them and do not want to kill them. Anything that kills and eats flying and biting insects is welcome on my property. You could try something lemon grassy. I have been told lemon grass scent repels very small critters.
  9. jh141

    Swim platform 2003 1900V

    send him a message or Aim Welding (954) 581-7630
  10. jh141

    Rhodan Install

    My bad, I now see that was an old thread you brought back.
  11. jh141

    Rhodan Install

    Checkout the Pathfinder Thread......they have a current discussion on mounting a TM on a 2000v.
  12. jh141

    Rhodan Install

    Yes, There are some differences between my sled and yours. I have read on here were some guys with 2000v's have removed the cleat and relocated it. Others have been able to get it done not touching the cleat, but have very little room between it and the TM. I worked mine to be down the port side and keep the head of the TM inside the rub rail for docking. I have just enough room to get a 3/8 dock line on and off the cleat. Having the aluminum plates in your deck you may be able to drill and tap the front holes. If they do not work out you can go the through bolts. Keep us informed.
  13. jh141

    Rhodan Install

    Mine does not have aluminum, Instead they used a composite board of some kind I believe. All four through bolts are through that reinforcement. Notice they all are the same length of bolt below the nut. I think AntonRx has aluminum plate glassed in his.
  14. Congrats Guys, Keep up the good work!!!
  15. jh141

    Rhodan Install

    Here are the photos. Remember my puck is set at two inches rub rail clearance, so it could be moved back one inch. Looks like they did not use bonding material on my sled. I see no reason why you could not remove some of that material if it was in the way.
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