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  1. jh141

    Spinning Reels

    Nobody using Penn Battles ????? I have Penn Battle 2. 2500s, 3000s and 6000s. They have been very good. No problems, smooth and durable. I bought two Penn Clash 2500s and they are good but I like my Battles more if you can believe that.
  2. The Bravo 1 FS is a difficult call. Mercury recommends adding pitch when switching to a Bravo 1. I went from a Turbo FX 22 pitch three blade that run pretty close to square to the end to a Bravo 1 FS 23.5 pitch and it runs 3.5 mph faster than rpm at the end. All other prop manufactures say "take away" 1 to 2 numbers when going from a three blade to a four blade. By considering your current loaded numbers you have to much pitch in your current prop. 4800 rpms says way to much pitch. I agree with Lap It Up. Something does not seem right with your numbers from lite to loaded. I would recheck all those numbers before taking any steps toward changing. I run a SHO four stroke on a 22 TRS so my exact setup will not help you, just the differences.
  3. jh141

    2300 HPS, is it really that much better?

    True, With my latest upgrade and Prop I can get that done in short order, but my setup is a bit out of the ordinary. Most factory setup 2200s and 23 HPSs with the jack plate full up will blow out before ever getting on plane. Back in the days in our little 16' or so skiffs we would go in circles to create a wake and use it to quickly pop on plane. We would never do that today, WE have learned far to much about our environment. Back to Blackacre's question though no difference getting on plane between the two boats.
  4. jh141

    2300 HPS, is it really that much better?

    There is no real difference in draft that would matter on plane or not. Like SCFD said trolling motor runs out of water before the boat. He has a 23 I have a 22. I can not say my 22 would get on plane any shallower than a 23. Sounds like for your area and type of fishing you would be all Pro and no Con.
  5. jh141

    2600TRS lift bunk placement

    I think if I were you I would make a jig ( or pay some really smart person to do it ) to fit the bottom of the boat where you want the stringers to support it.. Then use the jig to properly modify and setup my bunks Like SCFD did for his single step. I just cringe when I see the steps holding the weight of the boat. Seems to me that not getting the bunks right the other way could be bad to. I could be completely wrong on this. Maybe someone with an engineering education could shed some light on these step hulls
  6. The most important thing as stated is not can I pull it, Its can I stop It. Agree 100 percent on distance. My childhood friend towed his bass boat with a lawn tractor. Ramp was 200 yards from his house.....LOL
  7. I was taught many years ago from a few of the greats how to hunt the fish in ENP and it entails using shrimp. Once we gain the confidence that we are in the right areas we switch it up for the challenge and fun. Plugs of many types, soft plastics etc..... We are also match the hatch minded so I carry cast nets. In ENP There are so many options that I have learned to be very flexible. Going out in the gulf we cast net. Working the banks, points and passes we start with old faithful. Lots of wood around we are throwing plugs and soft plastics. Water up and fish buried in tight we are skipping soft plastics. I always support my local tackle store. A stop by Dons is a must. PS Using Gulp is cheating.....same as live shrimp IMO LOL
  8. I do not think the Jeep will do nearly as well as the F150. I was following behind a guy pulling a boat not long ago on the turnpike, Probably a 23 foot but higher sided than a Pathy. As we were deciding to pass him I thought how I would hate to be him all white knuckled going down the highway.....He was pulling with a Jeep Wrangler.
  9. jh141

    Skinning Pompano

    My brother Pulls the skin off, Does the same for mackerel but pompano is much harder Only advice he could give, use pliers and make sure it is very cold.
  10. jh141

    Motor controls conduit

    "I need to replace the plastic conduit for the motor controls" Its called Rigging Hose, comes in 2" and 2.5" It is not split nor should it be. You can find it in 4' lengths or longer. Boat shops that do rigging carry it if you want to get it local. When I replaced mine I just disconnected everything from the motor removed the old, replaced with the new. The rigging hose screws or twist into the flange in the splash well. https://www.boatownerswarehouse.com/product_p/thmarine-rig-flange-hose.htm or https://www.westmarine.com/buy/sierra--outboard-rigging-hose-kit--13480967 probably what you have in black https://www.hardin-marine.com/c-2260-rigging-hose.aspx More high end..... The smaller plastic cover you have covering your steering hoses is called Split Loom Tubing | Polyethylene LOOM. It is split and comes in many sizes. It is normally used to protect and organize wiring. Example..... https://www.cabletiesandmore.com/black-wire-loom-tubing?pid=18224&gclid=CjwKCAjwoc_8BRAcEiwAzJevtbglqAT1eNyYVTMomrRxcqfcCB6tgdx9PWdrdPfUAHMR7NgBabVOaRoC9-QQAvD_BwE
  11. jh141

    Tilt Trim Help Please

    The wiring is continuous from the T&T motor to the relay on the SHO VF200. Good info though....
  12. jh141

    Coach L

    25" 250 SHO. But that is just a guess because I love my 20" and wish that Yamaha offered the 25" in 2012. The New 21 Redfisher is a wide and stable boat. The 250 SHO would be plenty of power IMO
  13. jh141

    What did you do to your boat today?

    No Problem with the holes, if is does not work out we all know a guy that can weld them up. I had a prop blade detach and take off half the cavitation plate on my SHO. Outlaw made it look better than new. I think your going to be happy with it.
  14. jh141

    WTF Who would do This!!!

    That area is so small and remote. Someone had to see the SBs that did this.
  15. jh141

    S&W M&P 22 LR pistol?

    I tend to agree. My M&P's have no safety like most striker fire pistols. We practice and practice and practice muzzle awareness and trigger finger positio Honestly, I believe if someone is going to conceal carry or own a gun for that matter, they need to take that responsibility seriously, like life and death seriously. That means Train, practice, Train, Practice, and train and practice some more. When you become that familiar with your firearm and the safety practice's that should go with it, there is no need for a thumb safety. At that level of confidence there will likely not be any "panic" either. I have worked with the girls ( my wife, daughter and daughter in law ) to raise their confidence, but also to take a defensive posture. Example....Home alone, trouble comes knocking. grab your phone and your pistol, call for help and find a predetermined secure position, let the trouble come to you and when it does, do what needs be done. We have practiced this, well not the do what needs be done part Thank God! I, when I was younger and stronger, Would never keep a round in the pipe of my striker fire pistol for safety. As I get older and my son and I train and practice more, that has changed. My son told me that he did not want the last thing I ever heard, to be my slide rack. I think he read that somewhere. Made perfect sense. Safety or not please, train, practice, train practice, the life you save might be mine.
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