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  1. Robert3

    My Garmin 740s died - need replacement

    250 for everything, Mount and unit.. books LEMENO
  2. Robert3

    My Garmin 740s died - need replacement

    I have a 740S I can sell you.. Is Like new, haven't used it in years as I went with SIMRAD electronics. LEMENO Rob
  3. Robert3

    anyone Jump any yet?

    I see the Tarpon around now.. Anyone have any luck?? I cant catch them, I ve had them all around jumping over the corner of the Pathy.. One was laid up right next to me. I cant hook one.. JINXED
  4. Robert3

    No one fishing

    Tarpon are here
  5. Robert3

    No one fishing

    water temp now around 80f, fishing has been hot on an incoming tide, if you can find water with no seaweed, tons of bruiser trout, snook, mackerel, jacks and bluefish. i mostly fly fish, and these have readily hit a clouser minnow. no reds seen this season, for me ( honeyb has).. i am near st.james city.
  6. Robert3

    Merc 300 pro xs on a pathfinder

    i thought he was asking about engines!
  7. Robert3

    SOLD! - 2018 Pathfinder 2300HPS w/ 250 SHO

    IS the PU truck a 3/4 ton? If so what the price.. I don't want a f150..
  8. Robert3

    Question about boat lift (sling or cradle)

    don't all strapped lifts use a spreader bar? to distribute the weight and not pinch the sides?
  9. Robert3

    Not a good sign

    Trout fishing near me is on fire, with many 18"+ trout every day.. Restoration is working IMHO, never had the qty and sizes as we have right now
  10. Robert3

    Braid Thread - Been a While

    Use Diamond Braid, blue on all my reels, mostly 10lb, but a few with 15lb. No fraying, and bulletproof
  11. Robert3

    Fly fishing from your bay boat?

    I decided too not get a tee top, because it limits flyfishng.
  12. Robert3

    Hatch gas spring upgrade

    YES TO THIS.. I didn't add any material and the gas shocks tore screws right out, the bracket was already there and I was replacing the OEM ones. I was told to through bolt them the brackets..Nope won't do that so, >> I sold the boat<<
  13. Robert3

    How old is too old

    I turned 60 in October as well, I fish alone most everyday. Although, I am becoming more aware of that lanyard thingy
  14. Robert3

    New Federal Blue Fish Regs

    Blackend Bluefish its great, only when very fresh
  15. Robert3

    Boat Lift Drain Plug Access

    yes, On all my pathfinders.. I never tried to screw it in from inside the bilge.. I was alone, trying to retrieve my fly rod tip that had gotten caught on a hose clamp and came undone from rod. I was head first, down the bilge hatch, and I got stuck, for 2 hours.. couldn't get my shoulders turned.. I had to break of the water/ fuel separator mount to extract myself.. Be careful trying to screw in drian plug from the inside.. It's deep! And I couldn't reach anything to push myself out. There are threads on the 2nd part of the plug that allows for complete removal from the outside..
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