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  1. Wanaflatsfish

    Thru Hull replacement Issue

    @ Coto....very nice....bling bling DC
  2. Wanaflatsfish

    My Garmin 740s died - need replacement

    I left Garmin a few years ago when I constantly found myself up on the shore line when I was fishing the 10k's. I went Simrad 9" EVO2; however, the newer one are really pricey - EVO3. The other option, which I have run and like are the new Lowrance plotters with the fast chips...easy to use and very accurate. dc
  3. Wanaflatsfish

    Electrical problem

    The other solution, which I use, is to wire it to one of the trolling motor batteries directly with an inline fuse. Smoak352 is correct on the draw...I had a 2005 Pathy and had the exact same problem DC
  4. Wanaflatsfish

    The Good Stuff

    I think I remember a similar picture I took of you a while ago.....Flamingo at the sunrise...... Like father like son .....great stuff to share Paul. Paul flamingo 1 by Dino Cardelli, on Flickr r
  5. Wanaflatsfish

    Bored Fisherman

    Something to have some fun with
  6. Wanaflatsfish

    Pics from the Past - some fish some fun :)

    that one was for you
  7. I was digging through some files looking for some old shots and came across these....too much home time....don't shoot much anymore...but, it was a fun hour looking over my old work. Enjoy.... And of course....my favorite two muses....
  8. Wanaflatsfish

    Maverick HPX-T 15hrs

    When Capt Donh used to let me run the "T"....we had a few stories.....one of my best was when DonH and I were running South off the 10K's....we were heading to Semimonle point on a negative low...I was running the T, we were about 1 mile off shore, so I wasn't paying attention....I was rock'n to Lady Gaga on the stereo and Don pokes me and yells, "Hey, are those birds standing up there? " Holy trim the motor and lift the tabs BATMAN !!!!.....we literally ran over standing birds (no-one was injured and then just as I thought we were "ok"....we heard the secret call of Chokoloskee - woooo woooo wooooo and then the scraping of the sand....we were standing in in just about shoe high water and we got her to "float" without the fat captain (me) and captDonH out....he weighs less but, we had to push a bit, then on our way. Do they run shallow Heck yeah but you do need water (LOL)....they do better in black-country 10K mud because you can slide a bit longer That's another story dc
  9. Wanaflatsfish

    Not getting power to outboard

    Find out why it blew
  10. Wanaflatsfish

    Seastar helm clicking

    Good decision....I had a helm issue on my Pathy that I kept putting off...same thing, click click click....almost laid it up on an oysterbar in a sharp turn in Chokoloskee one afternoon on the way home....errrrr....turn right ? nothing happens? slam on the breaks? Yep, almost, glad I was going slow as I normally do in the bars.....next day, bought a new one, self installed, took about 2 hours, lots of bads words said, cracked knuckles and bleeding fingers and a few adult beverages afterwards. DC
  11. Wanaflatsfish

    Trolling motor

    @OP 24V wiring can be very dangerous.....you can burn up "stuff" very quickly....if wiring is incorrectly put in place If you can take very detailed pictures of your set up and post them, forum members can provide guidance....it sounds like you have a 1/2/all switch that is running off the trolling motor batteries (very common and what i use). What JH is spot on.....trace all the wiring and post pics.... dc
  12. Wanaflatsfish

    Some drag pullers

    Stop pushing your arms forward to make that fish look bigger Well done capt Don Now, next time in Choko, I'll show you some really big feeesssssh....errrr.....Can you say Cat? Feeeeessssh Great to see you setting all your records across the East Coast dc
  13. Wanaflatsfish

    Primer Bulb Size

    http://continuouswave.com/whaler/reference/primer.html another article...
  14. Wanaflatsfish

    Primer Bulb Size

    nice video on the concepts
  15. Wanaflatsfish


    Cool....no Corona in Choko....only Malaria from Mosquito bites (jajajaja). I have heard the fishing has been good if you can find a point to yourself....last report said the line was down to the bridge from Outdoor Resorts last week for truck parking The feeesssh will be under a lot of pressure and the constant roar of the skiffs during the day.....not good dc
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