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  1. Wanaflatsfish

    Memorial Day weekend

    Nice Job Skoons...when you say the glades.....where you in the 10k's or Flamingo.... dc
  2. Wanaflatsfish

    Memorial Day weekend

    No more for you time to get back to work....your the only guy I know who fished the enitire COVID stay at home dc
  3. Wanaflatsfish

    Thoughts on Chartplotters for MA 18

    My simrad has two disconnects..one power, one transducer......I use anytime i boat...it takes about 20 seconds....on / off...no big deal dc
  4. Wanaflatsfish

    salt build up behind thermostat.

    go to a feed store and get a large horse watering plastic trough...run the engine on muffs with salt away several times...then...in the horse watering station... fill it with water and a gallon of salt away and let it idle for a while....so it gets hot and opens the thermostats and runs for a while.....watch the pee stream to insure tt doesn't over heat....you will feel it..... Note, the through has to be deep enough to cover the entire lower unit, not just the intake port to allow it to create a good pee stream. I run my 1996 yamaha 115 two smoker every week in fresh water horse drinking station....keeps the gas fresh and no build up in the carbs.
  5. Wanaflatsfish

    SeaClaw Anchor

    Yes, Yes, Yes.... Be sure you get the correct one...from Capt Kevin in St. Pete if I'm not mistaken....great anchor... What size vessel? I had the 12# on my Pathy with a 6 foot chain, I could hold in 100 feet in the keys... dc
  6. Wanaflatsfish

    Thoughts on Chartplotters for MA 18

    call them before you just order online...they will give you some great info...they were on the phone with me for 15 min while i was in the skiff measuring to insure i got the correct mount. worth every $
  7. Wanaflatsfish

    Bimini Top Question / Help

    I went custom on my MA17....stainless and all stainless equipment with ACCON connections... overall about $1K...but, worth every $$' Sunbrella..... dc
  8. Wanaflatsfish

    Please remember

    I'm not critical of those that served...I admire them...and I admire you for the memorials you have attended......it's the idiot millennials I see on TV interviews who have no clue about our history...it's scary DC
  9. Wanaflatsfish

    1998 Maverick 17 MA purchase

    Good price Enjoy the rebuild...I love my MA17....I've owned a RF18, Pathy 22, Pathy17T, (I've driven for several years my buddies 17HPX-T, and have ridden in the HPX-18 with buddies), I have to say, the MA17, does cut the chop like no other skiff.... I'm like you...hard to change it out... Dc
  10. Wanaflatsfish

    250 Sho overheat question

    WOOOAHAHHHH...20YEARS and no thermostat change you must be living right I check and / or change mine every 100 hrs to be sure they are not full of crud.... easy peasy to do....3-4 bolts and a gasket....and/or a new thermostat ...$20 or so.. dc
  11. Wanaflatsfish

    Please remember

    x2 as a Marine....it reminds me of all those who are no longer here with us.... unfortunately, our millennials have NO CLUE WHO HAVE GIVEN THEM THE ABILITY TO SPEND THEIR LIFE IN FREEDOM....VERY SAD...MANY DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT THE H0LIDAY IS FOR VERY SAD. dc
  12. Having to sell the shadow 2 and 3 Nikon lenses for this one Not there yet Breaking out the Jim Beam 2 liter from publix soon..... DC
  13. thank you... perfect.. dc
  14. Fin, thanks..I spent a few minutes checking google and came up with some info...the post above appears to be what I need for my comparison... Dc
  15. thanks so much...that's exactly what I needed.... dc
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