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  1. Wanaflatsfish

    All Inclusive resort Family Vaca

    I lived in CR for 5 years.....great place......I used to fish the sailfish tourneys back in the early 90's off of Guanacaste and further south..... Our boat records was 27. I used to come to Miami and buy cases and cases of Ballyhoo to bring back to Costa Rica for rigging by our captain.....and I brought a 200 gallon fuel bladder back to allow us a few extra days off shore (we would slip in coves up and down the coast for a few days and not return to port until the last day of the tourney) My biggest concern is the COVID thing...again, you just do not want to get this crap and be in
  2. Wanaflatsfish

    Flamingo 1-23-21

    You definitely have the beginners luck at Flamingo.....it's not always as good as you are doing....so, enjoy it while you can...... I ended up finding out at 8pm on Friday that I didn't have to work so I called DonH and we went to Chokoloskee....got shut out....no bait around, weird tide....we fished the front, ran to the back, moved about 10 times and only found one red and a bunch of under slot trout - one keeper - ran 60 miles..... DC
  3. Wanaflatsfish

    All Inclusive resort Family Vaca

    Why leave the USA There are some really beautiful hotels and ranches in the upper 50's....or down in Arizona or new mexico. Look for one which has some nice trout streams in the region and you can fish in the morning and relax in the PM. Personally, while i have been all over the world, my next adventure will be to see the USA in the next 10 years....with COVID looming through the summer and fall, I"d stay local and just go first class to a top resort in the USA....Go on Marriott's site, or Hilton's top end resorts....the USA hotels are hurting and I"m sure you can get a great
  4. Wanaflatsfish

    Yamaha 115 FS [2018 75 hrs] Issue

    check your spark plug cables...if you took off the cowling in a while you could have hit a wire...or it could be bad plugs. The other is the injectors could be clogged. dc
  5. Wanaflatsfish

    Performance Trailer Question

    Don't forget to add some liquid rollers on the bunks....makes all the difference in the world when unloading and loading....just NEVER TAKE OFF THE STRAP UNTIL THE BOAT IS READY TO LAUNCH AND IN THE WATER..... DC
  6. Wanaflatsfish

    Performance Trailer Question

    I would think any good trailer shop can easily adjust the bunks. Hard to see in the photo, but, I'm assuming it's not welded - if that's the case, they'll need to remove the boat, and lift the bow bunks a bit. Are your axles ok? if not, might be a good time to do some work there as well. dc
  7. Wanaflatsfish

    Pathfinder Warrantee?

    ron, It's been a while...but, normally that kind of stuff is one year....Maybe someone from the factory, someone who just bought one or the mods can comment for sure... DC
  8. Wanaflatsfish

    Youtube how to filet fish

    Squid needs to be cooked using the old Italian rule....20 seconds, 2 min or or 20 minutes....meaning, flash fry the rings in 375 peanut oil or grill whole two min on each side or 20 min in the oven stuffed with shrimp and breadcrumbs, etc. in a light tomato sauce.... I use a combination of of equal parts....corn starch, corn meal, flour, and bread crumbs...double egg wash and into fresh hot oil....don't overload the oil and make sure it stay at 375. Costco Tuna Alley...definately less expensive than a day on the Open Fisherman But, nothing like eating sashimi you have just caught
  9. Wanaflatsfish

    Youtube how to filet fish

    that's about all I catch these days......I troll the Whole Foods fresh fish section dc
  10. Wanaflatsfish

    This Is a Sunset

    I know that spot dc
  11. Wanaflatsfish

    What are your Thoughts on this LT20 Layout

    If you are carrying 200 gallons = 1800 lbs plus or minus...you'd need some torque to get you up on plane. The skiff is worth whatever the value of the motor is plus a few bucks for the hull and trailer - $15K will probably move it. dc
  12. I removed the carpets and found the brown ugly adhesive... I tried using the standard stuff - goo gone....NADA I then went with the recommendation from the previous thread - Contractors Solvent - found at Boat Owners Warehouse or ACE I also used Citrus Strip found at Home Depot - It took about 3 days off and on....I would spray it on and then leave it sit....some times I would leave it over night. I went through about 20 small towels from Home Depot. The end result is seen here.....I used spray adhesive and the TACO Marine black trim.... The results I have here a
  13. Wanaflatsfish

    Youtube how to filet fish

    Saw this when reviewing some youtube stuff on knives.....good stuff on how to clean various types of fish - good info on squid and octopus You tube how to filet fish
  14. Wanaflatsfish

    What did you do to your boat today?

    Woooooahhhhh. with that hill behind the boat...you definitely need them...nice find....I'm old school....a couple of bricks and I"m good to go (LOL) dc
  15. Wanaflatsfish


    Sunday should work...i'd go along but it's the wife's birthday.... dc
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