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  1. Wanaflatsfish

    Skinning Pompano

    The classic way, ala New Orleans, is Pompano Papillote (sp) in parchment paper.... Very very simple: place fish, meat side up...skin down..on olive oil.. add olive oil to the meat Slice (julian-very thin), onions, carrots, celery, sometimes fennel - place on top of meat Make a paper dish and add some white wine Add salt pepper to taste seal the parchment into a bag - cook at 350 for 15-20 min until done. DC
  2. Oh, I forgot to consider.....where does a nice 2" piece of ladyfish on a 6/0 on the bottom qualify? Live - errr no it's dead Artifical - errrr...not plastic Must be chunk category Now if you add a bit of pro-cure stink to the ladyfish chunk or a spray of gulp juice on a live shrimp....is it a hybrid dc
  3. Yep, I should have fished the front - but, would not have got the Uglies....Don H and I spoke of that after the day was over....we spoke to a few at the ramp and they did well out front... Heading back on Sunday, but, will fish the front. dc
  4. Oh, so now you are banning my gulps on your skiff Am I supposed to use a bare hook with a strip of my T-Shirt Do you not remember my famous words, as I pulled 4 reds out of a "secret spot" before you got rigged up...tying so many fancy knots to your plastic thing-of-a-jigs "It gives me no pleasure to catch these fish in front of you with these gulps" LOL Zoom conference calls are costing me a fortune:) DC
  5. So, slowly but surely, I am changing to fishing purism, meaning only fish artificial or fly. I want to be a minimalist like my buddy COTO. As a shrimp - a - holic and popping cork guy for over 17 years since I got my first flats skiff, it has been a long road....when fishing on my buddy's boat, COTO of the forum, shrimp are prohibited....only anything metal or plastic may be used to illicit the bite. When we fish Chokoloskee in his boat, and we pass the bait store, my body tenses and hands begin to shake, my throat goes dry and my eyes water as I see the Everglades City bait shop fall into the distance out of the side view mirror. Will he stop? No, not even for a glimpse of the queen of Chokoloskee, the Bait Babe, Alina of Everglades City Bait Shop (in all seriousness, she has created a GREAT place to buy artificial or live bait) - and she's a bit cute as well so that helps. So, give me your thoughts on what do you use and prefer....do we need to start a forum called - Shrimp-a-holics, please help us? So, in fun, here's a video I made for my good fishing buddy, in tribute to the shrimp BTW, it might take a moment load as it was on an iphone and pretty large.. IMG_8279.MOV
  6. Wanaflatsfish

    Anyone tow a 22te with a four door Jeep Wrangler?

    My buddy tried "once"...never again...he had a 22 TE with a T top....he and his girlfriend decided they were going to spend the weekend in Key West....all was "ok" until the keys with constant stop and go traffic....on the highway you can sit at 50 mph in the high lane but once he hit the keys, he said it was a nightmare and pulling it over the seven mile bridge was white knuckles... If you are only goin to the ramp a few miles away you can get away with it..but, anything with distance, I would get a good F150 truck or something of your choice in pick up with towing capacity. DC
  7. We hit the water at 0730....and made our way to the back....running the Lopez we were fishing along the Everglades Waterway by 0830... We made a few spots with no love.... I decided to go to a new spot which we have never fished where I saw on my GPS a large oyster bar that stretched about 500 yards....along a deep channel. After thirty minutes of NADA....I saw some swirls off in the distance....I thought i was a manatee or something..but, suddenly, I see the big uglies swimming around the boat.... I grabbed a live shrimp, tossed it into one of the swirls, and then it was game on.... I had the opportunity to catch two of these bruisers.... Overall day less than stellar, but, as Don H says, it only takes one fish to make the day....for our team, it was two uglies.
  8. Wanaflatsfish

    Rod Reel Line

    I like Suffix 832.... I have several extra spools and fish 10lb, 15lb, and 20lb.....braid. dc
  9. Wanaflatsfish

    S&W M&P 22 LR pistol?

    She has a couple of Sig's but loves her Shadow It was hard for me to give it up....but, I already had everything she needed to shoot Steel Challenge..Shadow 2, custom holster, 5 magazines, belt and magazine cases.....all Triple Alpha......she is so competitive and loves to compete with me......she has a Doctorate from John's Hopkins in Nursing at 33 years old...need I say more ? DC
  10. Wanaflatsfish

    S&W M&P 22 LR pistol?

    Thank you...but, you are looking at an old Marine who's run through over 5K rounds in the last 6-7 months But, that was when I could buy rounds for $200K / K dc
  11. Wanaflatsfish

    S&W M&P 22 LR pistol?

    In Steel Challenge and USPSA they require you to have your safety on, with a round in the chamber when you draw from the holster. I shoot a CZ, TSO Orange with a SRO Trijicon red dot (yes, I'm very spoiled with a 2-3 lb trigger out of the box ) Muscle Memory is something I have learned when you dry fire hundreds and hundreds of times. Your thumb automatically pushes downward on the safety as your left hand (I'm right handed) drops from over head in the hands up position and i grip the weapon with my left hand. I've learned to drop my left hand, tap the top of my stomach and push outward as my right hand is drawing the out of the holster. This takes place as the left hand begins to wrap around the pistol and the left thumb pushes against the thumb rest, my right thumb is pushing down on the safety as the weapon is pointing down range. When I'm shooting at the range, I try and always follow the same routine of holding the weapon down range at my chest and then push out with my thumb pushing down on the safety. I conduct drills with 5 rounds, stop and then reload. Begin again, and push out. Here is a little something I made as I was training...I use a go pro and it came out pretty good....I was wanting to check my barrel rise...it was at 10 yards, 12 of 16 if I remember correctly in a 3" target ...be sure you turn up the volume shooting 2.m4v
  12. Wanaflatsfish

    S&W M&P 22 LR pistol?

    I bought my wife one for the reasons fin chaser mentioned above...ease of racking and fit in the hand....I don't like as it's too small. She and my daughter took her CCW at a private class with a great instructor and he followed up with 1 hour of private lessons.... I highly recommend having someone other than the hubby try and teach your wife or girlfriend how to shoot....IMHO once they feel comfortable with the weapon, you can begin to spend time together.... Time in the hand is important.... I got into competitive shooting recently (@DRUMMER) has been a great influence and helped me learn... My daughter had some experience when I began and she joined me into learning about competitive shooting and we've shot 3 steel challenge matches together....it was great fun and the members at the club are a great group of people who are safety oriented and love to teach newbies.... @DRUMMER I did spoil her forever and she now owns my CZ Shadow2 with Trijicon RMR....she is super spoiled with it ....and she has a custom belt and holster....nothing like the best for your daughter ? eh ? So, enough of my rant... Let's get ammo down to $300 so I go back to shooting.... DC
  13. Wanaflatsfish

    Coach L

    you should change your title so people will respond.... dc
  14. Wanaflatsfish

    Possible warped hatch or not aligned?

    Seems like the factory missed a QC check as they are putting out boats a bit too quickly as there is a tremendous demand and backlog of orders I'd not loose any sleep...MHP will make it correct.... dc
  15. Wanaflatsfish

    1997 Maverick Master Angler 17

    I have a 4 blade powertech on my MA17, same engine. WOT fishing load - 38mph normal fishing day - 3.5 mpg DC
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