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  1. Wanaflatsfish

    Gotta stop weekend fishing !!!

    it's all in the wrist (LOL).....and yes, if the bait babe keeps skipping work....gotta head across the street to the EFC dc
  2. Wanaflatsfish

    Mack attack!

    Great day SS....nice catch and some smoked filets for da feeeesssshhhhh dip Nice pics and videos.....memories for a while..... dc
  3. Wanaflatsfish

    Mack attack!

    I don't think the Holiday Inn will allow me to smoke Macks in my room
  4. Wanaflatsfish

    Gotta stop weekend fishing !!!

    many will be able to take advantage of this craziness......but, for me, my mistress the Holy Ghost is my last skiff unless I crash on the alley
  5. Wanaflatsfish

    Gotta stop weekend fishing !!!

    Soon I'll be fishing da Tuesday tides with you in Marco and sleeping in Chokoloskee in my trailer errrrr,,,,you are supposed to get me my temper-pedic for the guest room.....I don't think they make a temper-pedic cot
  6. Wanaflatsfish

    Gotta stop weekend fishing !!!

    Yes, but, we have pics Without pics..it's just a fish story (LOL). My crew are fishing maniacs dc
  7. so, I've decided that I need to use all my vacation before the end of the year, and I'm going to start taking it during the week, and go feeeeesssssshhhhing with the crew. Last Tuesday was forum member COTO, Capt DonH, and yours truly. Last Thursday was Mike (known as Monkey Mike), Capt Don H and yours truly..... last week was off the charts....well, this week....new crew, even better. The plan was to run South to all the secret spots and fish the outgoing. Here we are running, very intense looking captain You can see Don H looking at the GPS going....where the heck are we going Mike on the Selfie On the way, we saw some birds....and what do you do when you see birds....of course, you stop The water was boiling with bait and there were bull sharks everywhere crashing into the pods, tarpon, lady fish, and we got one mack before we gave up after losing several jig heads and spoons....but, it was a sight to see...... The tide was just beginning to head out when we stopped at a point we had fished before.... Mike was being very creative and took a shot of @Outlaw's work that's on my bow..... . We pulled up to the first point and our friends were there again..... I had 5 redfish in the boat before DonH had his fly rod rigged up.....I was throwing a Pop'n cork with live shrimp, Mike, his secret lures, and Don was like an artist on the stern, gently throwing his flies on to the corner.... Well, another 2-4 reds for me, Mike finally found a few snook, and down kept his artistry....no love on the fly rod. After about 30 minutes, I got tired of catching reds and snook and let Mike have the primo casting spot and worked his jig and began to produce..... We probably hit 10-15 reds (mostly rats) and 1/2 doz snooklets before we decided to head to spot two. He is one who went home for dinner.... We moved around for about 2 hours and we were pounding the shorelines.....Mike was killing the snook on his jig head and secret lure We stopped at creek with water running out and Capt Don just sat in the seat and tossed his lure......bang, here comes dinner for him... Biggest of the day..... I had another one at the same spot...smaller, but still in the slot and we decided to move and work more shore lines..... Mike on the bow and I was just sitting back, eating lunch and drinking my lemonade monster mix while Mike pounded every nook and cranny with precision casting...and in one shoreline he produced about 6 snook in 15 minutes.... Tide was really flowing out and the bite slowed down so we headed back to docks...... We found Macks, trout, snook, jacks galore, a few cats, reds, and lady's.....nothing on the chunks like last week....but, I froze them up for the next trip. Great day with great crew....until the next time. dc
  8. Wanaflatsfish

    Catch of the day (pictures)

    most excellent Sashimi for diner fo sure dc
  9. Nope...only underslot...we had about 15-20 in the 20-26" range...other little dinks...but, bending a pole just as well. dc
  10. But.....we caught da feeeeesssssh Put two of my besties on the skiff at 0700 and headed South. A rising tide brought us 35-40 snook, 6 reds, jacks, some fat trout, lots of catfish and sharks..... We found the snooklets (all underslot) on artificial and some shrimp We paid the tax man and then the bite shut down.... Capt Don found the famous sneaker fish..... As the tide rose, we moved about and at the top of the tide we found a spot to do some chunking and eat lunch... Lady chunks out on a calm point and the redfish bite began... We had two chunk rods out and they both went off within minutes....we had the bimini up and I was running around with the net, almost fell in as the Reds were running around the boat and I was moving along the gunnels trying to net the nice red, and Coto was fighting them on the chunk rods... Two nice upper slot fish made the deck to rest under the "blanket of calm" before going home in the Yeti Bag Of Death We finished off with a Jack attack and made our way home..... Great day with some besties .... Until the next time... DC
  11. Wanaflatsfish

    Looking for Navico Product to run FMT

    Dave, I have my Lowrance mounted on a Balzout...works well. Check my Holy Ghost Post to see it. dc
  12. Wanaflatsfish

    Looking for Navico Product to run FMT

    if you have the $$$$ and I mean $$$$ go SIMRAD...it's like Cadillac vs all others....I had a Simard EVO 2 which i then upgraded / traded to a Lowrance....can't remember the exact model..but, West Marine gave me full credit for about $1K and it runs great for what I need.. The SIMRAD HAS THE SPINNING WHEEL FOR IN/OUT VIEWING...LOWRANCE HAS THE PLUS / MINUS BUTTONS.. If U gots DA MO-knee....go SIMRAD....IF NOT, LOWRANCE HAS SOME VERY GOOD ALTERNATIVES ABOUT $2K LESS. DC
  13. Wanaflatsfish

    Born Again Boating Videos

    Born Again Boating These guys are So. Fla based and provide some really good information on all aspects of boating and repair. I'm not associated at all...just a nice video channel to look up repair information and obtain a better understanding of engines and general boating. good for a rainy day you-tubing dc
  14. Wanaflatsfish

    Salt wash MIXING container

    I went to a feed store and bought a 70 gallon water tub used by horses....I fill it full of water and run the engine in it for 15-20 min every weekend whether I'm running the skiff or not.....I know the flush is probably "OK", but, when I'm running it in the tub, I know the thermo stats open up... DC
  15. Wanaflatsfish

    Catch of the day (pictures)

    Bad Azzz 2X....u da man up in the North....well done...love your pics.
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