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  1. Lap it Up

    The future of MBG...

    I have been thinking the same thing Dino. I cant think of anything "MBG" designed or made besides actual glass. Everything else is sourced, including all the metal work. I couldn't see myself calling the factory or dealer for anything unless my boat was under warranty and someone stole the console and all the hatches??
  2. Lap it Up

    Plastic Fuel Tank Gone Bad? Advice Needed

    I have a friend that did this TWICE!!! on a 19' bay boat. Fresh fuel straight to the bilge.
  3. 2014 Explorer Sport AWD twin turbo 3.5L Ecoboost. Full tow package with 7 and 5 pin.
  4. Lap it Up

    1998 Maverick Master Angler 21 REDUCED $26,500

    Does the original build sheet specify what part of the boat is Kevlar?
  5. Lap it Up

    New Old Boat Project - need advice

    See if you can find some original specs and weigh the hull (Continuous Wave may have what you need). Older Whalers are notorious for being water logged. Weighing it should tell you whether the foam is saturated. I love Whalers. I've owned a handful.
  6. Lap it Up

    Parts VU sale

    Not much different from your 2 strokes. Only real difference is changing oil and its straight forward like any normal car would be
  7. Lap it Up

    Parts VU sale

    I got no skin in the game as i choose to burn my oil in the combustion chambers, but curious why you say this? Never heard that before. Synthetic can hold up to heat and friction for longer periods but shouldn't make any difference to say you can never switch back?
  8. Lap it Up

    Skiff Challenge 2021 - No MBG entry

    But it does to consumers that follow skiffs and the competition closely
  9. Lap it Up

    What did you do to your boat today?

    If you can get your hands on some cheap... Several coats of black gel coat lasts longer than shrink tubing
  10. Lap it Up

    Need a New TM

    LOL. I hear ya! Just the price of 5200 alone can make you cry!
  11. Lap it Up

    Skiff Challenge 2021 - No MBG entry

    MBG said previously that they just don't have the time to focus on this challenge. They run 24 hours a day building boats. I mean they don't even have time for Merch! It could also reflect bad when stringers pop and floors crack crossing those wicked bays in a boat that is not designed to cross the bay.
  12. Lap it Up

    Need a New TM

    WM actually price matches. They have been doing it for a while now. I bought a new regulator for my Magma grill the other day and showed them the same one on Amazon for 25 bucks cheaper and they matched it to the cent. Their in store extended warranty is legit as well.
  13. Lap it Up

    SOLD - Pathfinder 15T/2018 Tohatsu

    Love this thing! Simplicity at its finest. GLWS
  14. I know nothing about the new Raptors. They appear to be PP copies. I assume they sell plates to mount to the transom or jackplate? I would definitely go with plates and have a glass shop close up the holes on the transom. Plates allow you to remove them much easier for warranty work or upgrade. I'm sure I am not the only one that would like to hear how you rate the new Raptors. Most if not all the people on this forum are Power Pole People (including myself). Minnkota customer service leaves something to be desired but if you are in the industry perhaps you will get better treat
  15. I paid $2100 for my entire floor, top of 110 cooler and top of console dash on a 19' Wahoo. I used... https://www.seaupdeck.com/ out of Miami
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