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    The new sled has arrived!!

    You have a point there. These stepped hulls need a fitted trailer or the edges of the steps carry the whole weight of the boat. Not good to take on the road at all . MM
  2. Moderator

    Got whipped by wife

    Great Snukes, Man !! MM
  3. And other fiberglass work to the bottom..
  4. And to answer your questions, No. The boat is 16 years old. There are too many ways to damage a hull to warranty them forever. That looks like impact damage to me, man.
  5. We can’t see the pictures. They are in a locked Google file.. MM
  6. That’s the beauty of Islamorada: you can travel on either side of the Island and stay out of the wind chop. If you have a good map of the Park, you can stay behind the flats and banks and work you way back in. There is a Permit and daily fee to go in there.. Online. No back country behind Marathon.. Long Key basin holds some fish and the two bridges see local fish on the tides. Enjoy the trip !!
  7. That will be fine. I misinterpreted the “Atlantic side right on the water..” Sorry. you will have a lot of open water running to the Park. Depends on the wind speed and direction.. I hope you get some calm weather during your trip ! MM
  8. Moderator

    Factory Wiring

    Oh, I gotcha. Thanks. MM
  9. A dock right on the ocean ? In December ? If the winds come out of the ENE or more Southerly..your boats can get beaten up. The bottom around there is Rocky. May be a problem to anchor Bahamian style, or toss a midship anchor to hold you off the dock..
  10. Moderator

    Factory Wiring

    I haven’t seen complaints of bad wiring.. A guy or two redid their wiring to make it look slick. You always have to look at owner’s git er done wiring.. MM
  11. Moderator

    Nice Little Sled

    Gotta start with a large fortune…
  12. Moderator

    Catch of the day (pictures)

    You’re killin it, Ralph ! Impressive ! MM
  13. Moderator

    Blown motor value

    Check on the availability of a new motor before you get too far. Lots of back order reports on replacement power..
  14. Moderator

    Hewes 21 Redfisher restoration.

    Thank you, Josh ! Some people are gifted with vision, craftsmanship and artistic skills. You are certainly one of them ! Thank you for taking the time to share your work and thoughts on this remodel ! This will certainly be a special boat when you are done.. Your thread will live on in the sticky-zone ! MM
  15. Moderator

    PB snook ML

    Spectacular Fish ! Bravo !! MM
  16. That’s a perfect boat for that perfect place !! Congrats !! Enjoy many more years !! Mod Marc
  17. Moderator

    Catch of the day (pictures)

    No Kidding !! Great job with the Studs !! MM
  18. Moderator

    2020 Pathfinder 2500 Hybrid

    Spectacular boat !! GLWTS ! MM
  19. Moderator

    18 HPX-V w/ F70 - Enough Power

    They are two different bottoms… The 17 is a technical poling skiff: the hull is designed as a quiet and stable platform for fly fishing and other stealthy approaches for a couple of anglers. The F70 and F90 are the common engine choices depending upon how skinny you need to be. Speed is not the goal. The 18 is a fast and stable hull for tournament loads or fishing 2,3, or 4 people. It has a hull that will trim out and cut the chop on open water. With 150 hp they can get ya where you want to fish in a hurry. The sweet spot for all around power on the 18 is the 115 SHO. Great speed and silly economy.. I will say that the F70 will not have enough grunt to suit the average angler.. Note: I am not a marketing guy but I have been on both hulls. While the specs may give you that impression, it is all different when you shove a hull through the water with weight in it.. Other owners will weigh in I hope. MM
  20. Moderator

    Anyone Paint Underside of Hatches?

    Thank you, Josh. That is the proper and thorough process to prepare surfaces for painting.. The question is/are which products for the two surfaces. And further, is the cleaning and paint process the same for fiberglass hatches as well as the carbon or carbon Kevlar hatches ? MM
  21. Moderator

    1997 Maverick Master Angler 17. ** Sold**

    I added the **Sold** notation to the Topic line. People see the headline and then the pics of a sweet MA and that get their hopes up.. MM
  22. Moderator

    Anyone Paint Underside of Hatches?

    Marcofishhippie’s last time online was April of 2018. Perhaps someone found out how the paint stuck to the surfaces, and exactly how he prepped before painting them.. ? Mod Marc
  23. Moderator


    Registration looked fine. Not a Bot.. ? MM
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