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  1. Moderator

    2020 Louisiana Trip

    Awesome Trip !!
  2. Moderator

    Tow Vehicle- Pickup to SUV

    The Explorer ST is a helluva ride ! The wheelbase should be long enough to track the trailer well. Plenty of power, brakes and suspension for towing your Redfisher. The only concern I would have is the short sidewalls on the tires. Some of the ramps and access roads have ruts and potholes. Just be careful not to pop a Pirelli ! Marc
  3. Moderator

    Video of Unmanned Boat Crashing Into Dock

    I don't want to see that sled in the classifieds later... Then use the web to get warranty repairs 10 years later. Get a surveyor when you buy a used boat that has had multiple owners..!! Mod M
  4. Moderator

    Unable to post photos

    I will take a look, Boom. Just make sure you are signed in when you click.. I believe there is a Photo-upload thread that we saved. Can anyone kick in some tips while I research..??? MM
  5. Moderator

    Early Pathfinder Owners Manual

    Mike, Pls email me a copy.. I will post it in the Manuals section. Those are golden to anyone buying an 1810.. mbcmod1@hotmail.com Thank you, Sir !! Marc
  6. Moderator

    Reds and Snooklets

    Great fishing ! Well Done ! Thanks for the post MM
  7. Moderator


    Some members have trouble posting pictures with the right-side-up and there is no reason evident. Maybe someone better with software can offer some help. Mod Marc (And nobody take photographs like Ron !!)
  8. Moderator

    Vacation Pivot

    Amazing big Redfish !! Well done !! MM
  9. Moderator

    Dirty Water Fish’n

    Agree. Great day of fishing with friends !! MM
  10. Moderator

    2300hps with T-tower

    You will need a new prop, at least. You may pick up some efficiency, but the drag of the tower will reduce your top speed. Anybody with this setup for advice ? MM
  11. Moderator

    2020 Islamorada MOT

    You always get Creds for bringing the girls !! Looking forward to decompressing for a bit ! Safe travels to all !
  12. Moderator

    2020 Islamorada MOT

    That's too bad, Ray ! Will miss seeing you both ! You have to be smart, though with exposures. Weather looks... I won't jinx it ! We need to put an addendum line on the Fish Report Sheets; Add Bonnetheads, Cowfish, Cudas, Bonita, Lobsters, pinfish and Mermaids. Hahahahaha !
  13. Moderator

    Paint Fading

    Gelcoat will fade faster than Marine paints. However, paint is not good for small boat hull/deck surfaces in the long run. Gelcoat is easier to keep looking new. Scratches come out easily. Stains come out easier. Like everybody has said, protect the gelcoat with wax, and keep it covered. Lifts complicate the matter. MM
  14. Moderator

    new to me - photos

    Sure looks great, John !! Enjoy her ! MM
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