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  1. Moderator

    1990 Redfisher budget build

    Looking great, Toe !! Keep us updated.. MM
  2. Moderator

    Cracks showing up in tower just over 2 years NEW!

    If that is a factory installed tower, then definitely contact your dealer and get that fixed.. Mod Marc
  3. Moderator

    RF16 HP rating

    That may be a decal from an 18 Redfisher someone put on the 16.. MM
  4. Moderator

    2300 HPS Stringer Issue

    That's a good point, Smile. All stepped hulls need fitted trailers, and don't do well on forklifts. The forward edge of the step gets all the weight on a bunk or a standard trailer. Things inside can break loose. Mod Marc
  5. Moderator

    SC Snapper Opening Day

    Great catch no matter where/how !! MM
  6. Moderator

    Sand bar days!

    During our July 4th group vacation to Breezy, we spent some time at the two local sandbars. The Keys are loaded with Mavs, Hewes, PF's and Cobias, We enjoyed speaking to the Owners who were using their boats for all the activities on the water. Will try to get some pics off the phone.. MM
  7. Maverick Boat Group did not obtain the Cobia Brand until well after that year. Since no one answered up, I will forward your request to Administration. MOD2
  8. Moderator

    Where should I put fish on the 24' Pathfinder?

    I have a DV with fishboxes and a mascerator.. I still use a fishbag. It's simple to clean and keeps the fish iced better.. and it makes the walk to the cleaning table clean and easy.. Getting on my hands and knees with a soapy sponge is not as much fun as I recall. Food for thought.. Marc
  9. No sir! Note that Dino's is still there. The one in question has been deleted. Carry on! 👍 MOD2
  10. Gentlemen One very important rule on this forum. If you have a personal issue with another forum member or you have an issue with someone's post, you may discuss it with them via private contact, or you may report the issue to the forum Moderators/Administration. Conveying those issues in a negative manner on the forum will result in the post being deleted, and depending on the severity, the member may be banned from the forum. There are far too many negatives in the world! It will not be tolerated on this forum. This thread has a very positive subject matter. Lets continue down that path. MOD2
  11. Moderator

    1985 Hewes Bonefisher Owners Manual

    I will see what administration says about this. Mod 2
  12. Moderator


    Okay gentlemen! Easy does it! MOD2
  13. Moderator

    HPX-V 17 Jack Plate?

    It can take some time for the right member to check in and read the thread. In the mean time, here is a guy who has fished the 17 HPX extensively.. Shoot him a call Monday. Charlie Johnson - Director of Marketing Maverick Boat Company, Inc. 772-465-0631: Ext. #126. MM
  14. Moderator

    No ARS

    Nice limit of good Gags, Troy ! Happy (sore) charter guys.. MM
  15. Moderator

    Trolling motor opinion

    There are plates in the deck structure, but they can only be so big.. The Deck cap meets the hull well inside the rubrail. Did you hit the plate with the other holes ? MM
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