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  1. Moderator

    2021 262 CC

    Check with your dealer. If they cannot answer your question, Please call the factory in Ft. Pierce, FL. Mod Marc
  2. Moderator

    2016 Maverick 17HPXV for sale

    What a Skiff ! My regards on the care you take of your boat ! Marc
  3. Moderator

    MBG Gear update?? Can we get answer MBG!?!

    I will send this to Admin for you!! Mod 2 Bubba
  4. Moderator

    Wake up call to action

    Thank you for bringing this to us George ! Your information is spot-on. These Bills smack of special interest groups ripping off our fishing resources by using trendy terms like ‘aquaculture’ and loosely saying ‘certain people’.. You know this means a closed group of licenses will be issued and our lakes will get netted-out of Bass for export to the high bidders overseas.. Here are the Bills: Senate Bill 1018, sponsored by Sen. Jim Boyd, and House Bill 669, sponsored by Rep. Dana Trabulsy. Please call, write or email your local Representatives and Senators with strong opposit
  5. Moderator

    1999 Pathfinder T-Top installation question

    I gotta be honest.. I don’t think there was a Tournament Edition in 1999.. As far as keeping track of the exact components used in each year’s boat builds... The factory broke new ground each year with these bay boats. Obtaining the finest hardware and accessories was the goal, not creating a journal for the future. New hardware was tested and utilized, then outsourcing to foreign production degraded some tried and true hardware.. so changes had to be made. I remember bilge pumps, jack plates and latches going south and being replaced to deliver the finest boats. I hope you have t
  6. Moderator

    1999 Pathfinder T-Top installation question

    Great job, Hutch ! I will move this thread to the PF Info Section !! Can you add the link to the whole manual, please ? Mod Marc
  7. Moderator

    New lesson learned

    Hard to imagine anything more disgusting ! I have the same dilemma: ventilate the cover or get mildew. I lifted the cover to vent the stern area and had a rat get in the boat.. He couldn’t get out and hid when we moved the boat. Wound up taking to the Keys with us. Saw him one time offshore.. Had to trap him quickly before he got too hungry.. MM
  8. Moderator

    Information request

    Welcome, J Maverick purchased the Cobia brand in 04/05 and did not get the library & archives. We don’t have the info you seek. There may be another owner who can help.. I would post on the Hull Truth as well.. Mod Marc
  9. Moderator

    If your State ever has a drought

    I just wash and wax my truck.. LOL !!
  10. Moderator

    2003 1900V Owners Manual

  11. Moderator

    2003 1900V Owners Manual

    I just clicked on it and it opened for me. Mod 2
  12. Moderator

    Warranty Contact at MBG?

    Okay.. Call the factory and ask for the warranty manager.. If that fails, let me know and I will make the inquiry.. Sorry I don’t have a directory to give you an extension..
  13. Moderator

    Warranty Contact at MBG?

    Your first stop is the dealer where purchased.. You can call the factory at 1-888-SHALLOW and ask for the warranty contact person.. MM
  14. Moderator

    What did you do to your boat today?

    That looks Great ! Nice work ! MM
  15. Moderator

    Need all members help

    These discussions are excellent for newer boaters. Many people join this forum to learn. Let’s not teach them to bicker. We WILL have respectful discussions. We will NOT let disagreements get personal and insulting. MM
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