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  1. Moderator

    2021 Islamorada tournament

    Sorry to hear, Chuck ! Best of luck with the hand repair. We’ll hoist some for you !! MM
  2. Moderator

    2021 Islamorada tournament

    Thanks, Mike !!
  3. Moderator

    2021 Islamorada tournament

    Can’t debate Corporate liability concerns considering the spike. While the factory can’t sponsor the event, members can still go down and fish anyway. I will be there, along with a dozen and a half other families like last year. Anybody who wishes to go to the Keys for the first time and wants to learn the place will be able to get a room and slip now.. It is a great group you can tag along with on the flats, backcountry or offshore !! Call Breezy Palms and get on the list !! MM
  4. Moderator

    Pheasant Drum Bugger

    Well don’t be greedy with the pics !! Hahahahahhahaha
  5. In March of 2005, Maverick Boat Company, Inc. purchased the assets of the Cobia Brand from Yamaha-owned, C & C manufacturing. Those assets consisted primarily of tooling and good will. There were three prior Companies that built Cobia Boats so we got very few records of older products. We have little knowledge of boats built prior to 2006. Unfortunately for this reason, we do not have older owner's manuals, wiring diagrams, or parts to support product built prior to that purchase. We are happy to help you in any way we can regarding the older models, but please understand our limitations in this regard. Thank you for understanding ! Mod Marc
  6. Moderator

    1970 cobia cutlass info

    This outfit bought the Brand in 2005.. No records or build info, Sorry ! Perhaps another owner will see this and chime in.. MM
  7. Moderator

    Old 27-foot Cobia: Almost no info

    Thanks for posting your project ! Info on Cobia Boats is scarce prior to 2005. I did find an article from Iboats forum from 2007 that discusses the Southern Fiber Glass Products inc. being the company that turned into Cobia Boats.. I can’t paste the link but I googled ‘Southern Fiber Glass Products Cobia boats’ and the Iboats link was in the top 5 listings.. Good luck with the project and keep us posted ! MM
  8. Moderator

    Pathfinder 17t for sale very clean

    It is now.. MM
  9. Moderator

    Destin/Ft Walton- looking for some advice

    I’m sure the Panhandle Boys will chime in for ya.. And don’t be stingy with the photos. The dark blue hulls are so sexy, so show it off plz !! MM
  10. Moderator

    Pathfinder 17t for sale very clean

    You forgot to describe the motor ! Otherwise, a great for sale ad !! MM
  11. Great summary, Jason ! All new to us here, so please post some photos of the boat on the water !! Marc
  12. Jason, Congratulations on the 2700 ! Looks to be a spectacular boat ! The XTO’s sound so good, too. The hull is new, as are the XTO props so there are few options right now. You may be burning a hole in the water with all that power.. One thing to try is starting your jump by throttling up to 2500 or so.. Let the hull get moving pretty good. Advance the throttle gradually, keeping a good bite, then power it up onto plane. That's a long hull to get out of the water, so building some speed and getting the bow up first should help. Give this a try.. Mod Marc
  13. Moderator

    Catch of the day (pictures)

    Thank God there was no tragedy !! Just a motor. Scared me till I read it ! It’s best to learn early on that ‘the sea giveth, and the sea taketh away.’ Glad they didn’t get hurt. Again, I will compliment the investments you have made with your son, and the advantages he has over all his peers now. MM
  14. Moderator

    Cobia 217 Pump Access

    I understand what you’re saying. Generally, the sea chest and bronze inlet valves are the strongest section of the hull. There are always compromises when designing boats for form, function and fashion. Maverick Boat Group provides this forum so that owners can share ideas and information to make their boats better for their applications and needs. It is best for an owner to know their boat when they buy it, and make the changes that suit them best. Everybody’s goal is to have fun on the water in the best boat for their needs. Just so you know, I think the 217 Cobia is the sexiest looking small CC on the water. A safe boat with easy access looks like a 13’ BWhaler or CSkiff with a 15 hp tiller. I didn’t get one of those, I got a boat that was fast and handsome. I learned the boat so I could enjoy it. There are things that get to be a PITA to deal with but I ask for advice and get surprised with the great ideas to make it easier/better. Drag your Cobia down to the Keys for the Owner’s Tournament in September. I need someone to run offshore with for Dolphin and Tunas ! I’d be happy to help you get fish blood all over your boat. Mod Marc
  15. Moderator

    One Of My Best Days Fish’n

    The way I see it.. It looks like those two boys had their ‘Best Day-Ever !’ Keeping young men busy with boating and fishing and maintaining the boat they love will serve them well as they grow up in tomorrow’s times ! Great job ! Keep the photos comin !! MM
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