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  1. Moderator

    Bring back the Lappy

    That's a slick skiff !! Great Dad to have the kids enjoy the boat with you. They will be better for the time with you on the water. Mod M
  2. Moderator

    Drink holder you can move around on the boat

    Do they come in colors besides green ?
  3. Moderator

    There goes my weekend !!!

    We salute your Father's service, Troy ! Your commitment to his care is typical for your character. I'm certain he could not be more proud. Be strong as it gets more difficult. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Marc
  4. Moderator

    2020 Trs 22 foot

    We could use the picture here, too Hampton. Other owners may be interested in the fix. If there is a trailer or lift angle as a factor, the solution will be helpful ! Thanks, Mod Marc
  5. Moderator

    2020 Trs 22 foot

    Post a photo.. Let us see what you are speaking about. We have a lot of knowledge in our Membership. Mod Marc
  6. Moderator


    Ramps closed in Dade & Palm Bch County, with recreational boating prohibited. Seems to be a response to the big sandbar parties the kids are having.
  7. Moderator


    That's nice work, and well placed out of the way. You still have all the cockpit room to work in. You can see through them well, and they make great handholds when running in chop. Those hardtops are light and strong, but I like your extra insurance. Great Mod !! Mod M
  8. Moderator

    Hang tough

    Looks like grocery shopping to me ! Well done, Capt. !! MM
  9. Moderator

    2016 2200 TRS bow seating back rest

    No kidding !! That's a sharp boat !! Nice work by all !! MM
  10. Moderator

    2001 Steering Hose Length

    I don't know the length of the steering hoses, but it is a pleasure to meet you Javier !! Can someone answer this question ?? Mod Marc
  11. Nick, Call the Factory in Ft Pierce, FL.. Parts team.. Not sure who makes those fancy seats and cushions on the 344.. (888) SHALLOW (772) 465-0631 Mod Marc
  12. Moderator

    Peacock Bass

    Nice fly, Don !! And, it works..
  13. Moderator

    Key West fishing advice please

    Put some pics of the DV, Wesman !! Mod Marc
  14. Gorgeous, fully-rigged boat !! MM
  15. Moderator

    Boating / fishing Bahia Honda with kids Feb 6-8

    I have been saying that for the last 3 years.. Weekends free have been consistently miserable offshore. MW
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