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  1. Nag Juice

    WTB Pathfinder 22 to 24 ft low hrs

    I’m in Wilmington and would love to take a look at this
  2. Nag Juice

    Sweet Deal

  3. Nag Juice

    Deal Alert

    105 Hrs Maverick Boat Co Master Angler 18 https://fayetteville.craigslist.org/boa/d/fort-bragg-105-hrs-maverick-boat-co/7348752932.html
  4. Nag Juice

    18 master angler with 300 etec

    If you rebuilt it then you know where the weakest points are areas most likely to fail. I’m a speed freak too so I’m interested to see how she does
  5. Nag Juice

    What boat do you miss most?

    I really liked the 24 Tournament. It had a few issues but in hindsight it was a decent rig and I miss having it and it’s capabilities. Ideally, I’d have it and my current skiff.
  6. Nag Juice

    How Rough is Too Rough

    You nailed it. That should be the case with everyone. I always refer back to the saying, “Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should”
  7. Nag Juice

    Best EPIRB?

    Make sure whatever you end up with is registered thru NOAA in your name.
  8. Nag Juice

    Hewes with F300!

    I was thinking “with” but who knows. I’ve been wrong plenty times before.
  9. Nag Juice

    Hewes with F300!

    I’m betting $75k
  10. Nag Juice

    4Runner Towing a Pathfinder

    Man that’s a good looking rig! Thanks!
  11. Nag Juice

    4Runner Towing a Pathfinder

    Good to know. Thanks
  12. Nag Juice

    4Runner Towing a Pathfinder

    I love my Gen 5 4 runner but know I’ll be back in a Pathfinder at some point. I guess a GX or a LX/ Land Cruiser might be in the future if it doesn’t pan out.
  13. Nag Juice

    4Runner Towing a Pathfinder

    I’ve thought about that too
  14. Nag Juice

    4Runner Towing a Pathfinder

    Quarantine thoughts.... Has anyone gone this route? If so, what are your thoughts? It’s rated for 5k whereas the Taco is 6500-7k. It seems like a 22 would fit into that 5k but I’m not sure.
  15. Nag Juice

    Master Angler Production

    If they are available someone should just buy them and start making them again. Pair Marine did it with SeaOx. These hulls have a strong following and a good riding flats boat is a hot item.
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