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  1. DonV

    Hang tough

    Ya know Capt., toilet paper, hand sanitizer, boat ramps, idiots at the "sand bars", idiots on the water.....it never stops!! The few people who think ONLY of themselves are so pathetic. A friend of mine in the Keys said the Miami scum, if I can use that word, were all over the Keys last weekend with jet skis, boats, etc. acting like idiots!! When does it stop! Dang too bad!!...."Thank goodness this wasn't 10 years ago"💀...might have been fun to watch!!
  2. DonV


    The Bill Dance bloopers are classics!!! The one when the trolling motor falls out of it's mount still kills me to this day!!
  3. You put on the resistor(s) back on each end of the backbone?
  4. DonV


    Looks like a red rat snake, I'm not an expert by any means. However if it fell on me like that there would also be a big brown mess to clean up Oh yeah I do know these are great climbers, seen them go up a brick wall.
  5. DonV

    GPS External Antenna & Internal

    Did not know there was even a jack on the 942 for an external antenna? In any case look at page #2 in your owners manual to pick GPS source. In any case I'd use the internal only.
  6. DonV

    No fishing for a while

    Good God Carlos!! Hurts just looking at it! Take it easy and get well soon!!
  7. DonV

    Question about frying fish

    I'm with Capt. DeWalt, I fry only outside, almost always with a cajun fryer! However even at Costco or Sams peanut oil is crazy expensive so I just use enough to just do the batch of fish I'm frying and just throw it away when done. However if I have fish to fry I sometimes try and fry other seafood items like shrimp, etc. the next day and then throw away the oil. I'm a cheap bastard. Plus being lazy this is all I use to fry fish. http://atkinsonmilling.com/seafood_breaders/atkinson_s_spicy_cajun_seafood_breader/
  8. DonV

    Yamaha 6Y8 Gauges to Simrad

    I saw the answer to your question on THT, good answer. I had no idea you needed the "multi port" hub, seems too simple. Good luck.
  9. DonV

    trailer tires

    "Years ago, Goodyear Marathons were NOT recommended by most - although some had no issues...." No kidding!! Replaced the four Marathons on one of my trailers, two had blown the other two were close to useless, took them to the landfill and the attendant laughed at me and said there was an extra charge for those Goodyear's because they were such junk even the dump did not want them.
  10. Dang JJ I missed your post!! I did my SeaCraft last year, the whole "nine yards", AquaBuff 2000 with the wool pad, Collinite 920 and two coats of Collinite 925 and yeah it was a lot of work but after you do the first three feet your in with no way out!!! Looks great, the blue really popped out!!!
  11. DonV

    Fuel Range

    Horrendous fuel mileage is the only bad thing I'll ever say about my old Merc. It never let me down and always ran perfectly. Funny story, the guy I sold it to seemed pretty nice and also seemed to know a lot about boats when I told him I always ran it at 3800 to 4000 because that was where it got the best performance and fuel burn. Anyway he calls me up and said he and his two boys, who were well in to the 300 pound range, took it out 50 - 60 miles grouper fishing and almost did not make it back home on the gas he had. I asked him, 1. you took it out on your first trip 50 miles without a test run?? and 2. how fast were you running? He said 35 - 40 mph around 5000 rpms!! I had to mute the phone so he would not hear me laughing knowing he was getting maybe 1.5 mpg at that speed!!!
  12. DonV

    Fuel Range

    "This is with a 150 HP OX66 EFI 2 stroke" Yowza! That's really good for an EFI! My Merc 225 EFI liked two things oil and gas...lots of gas!!! It never saw or dreamed about 3 mpg even with the wind blowing from behind and going downhill!!
  13. I told my best friend, if you are going to buy a boat you must be one of two things, 1. mechanically inclined....big time, or 2. have lots of money to pay mechanics!!! I never thought about having an in-law mechanic as an option!!! In any case he was in the lots of money category, changing spark plugs whipped his rear!!
  14. DonV

    New to me bonefisher

    I wish you guys would quit showing the 16' Bonefisher Lappys, especially the 98 -99 with the lower sides. It reminds me what a total doof I was selling mine. I still kick myself for that. Good luck though and nice find!!
  15. Yes Sir I made that Christmas week mistake once, never again!! I guess I'm getting too old but those crowds just kill me!! Happy you had fun though I hear Pepe, who owned Lazy Days, after he sold the Islamorada place he has opened a restaurant in Key Largo, I think it's "The Lazy Lobster". Hear it's pretty good, however no views like the place in Islamorada. Anyone with reviews let us know.
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