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  1. I just ordered a new 22trs with the sho 200 and have read a lot about props so I looking to narrow the choice down for props.. I didn’t ask the sales guy about props so does anyone have experience about how the pick the prop for the boat when they deliver? That said, if I have a choice of Yamaha props I’m wondering if I should go with one from the bulletin , in this case a Yamaha HS4? Boat will have T Top, trolling motor and battery’s in console.
  2. Waterman18

    22 TRS with Yamaha 150

    You guys owe me 5 grand!! Updated build to the 200 SHO! HoneyB, what prop did you settle on?
  3. Waterman18

    22 TRS with Yamaha 150

    I know this gets asked often but I’m looking for some fresh opinions. I’m ordering my 3rd PF 22. This will be my first new one. My 1st was a 2006 TE with a 150. It had a T Top and while it wasn’t a speed demon it did fine with 3 people rigged for fishing. My 2nd was a 2008 TE with a SHO 250, needles to say it was fast. So I wanted anew boat this time to avoid all the hassles of fixing other people’s stuff. Unfortunately my budget is limited so I’m gonna need to go with the 150. I know I’ll miss the 250 but how do the newer TRS’s with a T Top do with a 150. Mostly fish with 1 or 2 others at most.
  4. Waterman18

    2016 Pathfinder 2200 Tournament

    What performance numbers are getting with the 200. Hp?
  5. Waterman18

    Gunnel mounted rod holders

    I'm getting ready to order a PF 22 and wanted to know if I can specify exactly where I want the gunnel mounted rod holders. On a few of the boats I've been on, the rear holders are mounted too far to the stern to make them useful . (see Pic) You have to jump up on the rear deck to access it. Can i tell them where to put it!...(so to speak)?
  6. Waterman18

    Pathfinder Dealers in S Fla

    I’m thinking of going for a new 22trs and look for a great price. Can anyone give me some recommendations for a dealer in S. fla? Willing to travel to save some $$$.
  7. Waterman18


  8. Waterman18

    22trs with or without jackplate

    So I’m Considering a new 22 TRS. My two previous Pathfinders that both that Jack plates and we’re very useful. Being budget conscious I’m debating whether to add one or not to the build. My previous 22 required one because of the clearance of the steering rams. This one has the notch so it’s not a problem. It’s a $1500 add on! Will I miss it?
  9. Waterman18

    2016 Redfisher 18 w/ Yamaha 150 **SOLD**

    Any warranty on motor? How old is the trolling motor? thanks
  10. Waterman18

    WTB 18 ft maverick/ hewes / or 20ft pathfinder

    Just listed my 22 te......
  11. Waterman18

    2017 Maverick 18 HPXV

    Any warranty on motor?
  12. Waterman18

    2017 Redfisher 18

    Where’s boat located?
  13. Waterman18

    2017 Redfisher 18

    any warranty left on engine?
  14. Waterman18

    What did you do to your boat today?

    Used some quarantine time to finish console refurb. Covered switch panel in a carbon fiber vinyl, hoping it lasts a while. Replaced switches and cleaned up wiring inside. Looking good!
  15. Waterman18

    WTB Bimini Top for 22T

    Thanks little too far I’m in Miami
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