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  1. Waterman18

    2 Daiwa SS 1600 Reels

    have 2 used Daiwa ss 1600 reels in good condition. Cosmetics are very good , no scrapes but one has some pitting on anti reverse lever. See pics for details. Mechanically, work fine but could use a cleaning and probably a bearing. One has silent retrieve while the other has a click retrieve. Not sure why but I’m assuming different years. Would prefer to sell as a pair for $100 shipped. Offers taken on single reel. #1 Silent retrieve: ****************************************************** Shirt video of reel https://photos.app.goo.gl/NAPtZ7E1zCkW98Tn8 *********************************************************************** Reel #2 Video: https://photos.app.goo.gl/yn88J4ZCcYQHKbkEA
  2. Waterman18

    22TRS w/ SHO overheat issues

    s a WP gauge standard with a new PF with Yamaha system? If not costs to add one?
  3. Waterman18

    22TRS w/ SHO overheat issues

    Thanks for the feedback......I had pretty much the same experience with the 250 sho, higher was not really better ...got more speed mostly from trim. JH.....what prop are you running? What props have you tried also?
  4. Waterman18

    22TRS w/ SHO overheat issues

    I’ve ordered a new 22 TRS with 200 SHO and I’ve read some concerning post in various sites about the boats/motors coming out with overheating issues while running jacked up even a little. My previous pf was an 08 22TE with a 250 sho and 3 blade pt ofx and I had no issues at all, could jack that thing up and turn 5800 and 54 mph. There’s a post here now about a guy who has a brand new one overheating at lower rpms and this FB post: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1226804427344975/permalink/4754057954619587/ Anyone have a newer TRS 22 and having any trouble? Id hate to pay 5k for the motor upgrade and then not get the most out of it!
  5. Waterman18

    Fuel calibration on new 2200 TRS

    5000/rpm is definitely not enough, you should be up at least 5600 to 6000 at FT. Do some searches about breaking in the SHO, you do NOT want to baby it. Do some searches on the breaking in and "Making Oil" situation. http://www.bbcboards.net/showthread.php?t=713594 Also it should not overheat, might be mounted on JP too low. More info on FB owners group.
  6. Waterman18

    Fuel calibration on new 2200 TRS

    Could you post your speed/rpm numbers after you break it in? What prop did you get? I hav one on order, same setup. ...T Top?
  7. Waterman18

    Current build time

    Emailed dealer yesterday to check progress. Pushed back another 2 weeks for a total of 12 weeks wait! A little frustrating to say the least. Does anyone know how long it takes to build a 22 once it actually hits the mold.
  8. Waterman18

    PF 22 Cover for sale

    I’m in cutler ridge..can meet somewhere if needed.
  9. Waterman18

    PF 22/24 leaning post storage size

    Does anyone know the measurements L x W of the storage box, at the top, under the leaning post seat on the the 22 or 24 TRS?
  10. Waterman18

    PF 22 Cover for sale

    Used cover for a 22 (no t top), (I had it on the my 22TE with 250). No holes ,in decent condition, full cover from bow to over motor. Has loops every 2 feet for bungee or belt tie down $150 p/u in Miami. Ship for $25
  11. Waterman18

    Current build time

    Anyone know how long the wait is now a days? Ordered a 22 TRS few weeks ago, wondering if the virus situation is slowing things down.
  12. Waterman18

    Grand Slam Islamorada

    My son booked a a trip with Capt. Jared Raskob for us and we weren’t disappointed. My son caught his first tarpon and bonefish on fly and a personal best 30+ permit on a crab to complete a grand slam! I got to jump a few tarpon but couldn’t get one to the boat. Jared is an awesome guide And worked hard to complete the slam.
  13. I just ordered a new 22trs with the sho 200 and have read a lot about props so I looking to narrow the choice down for props.. I didn’t ask the sales guy about props so does anyone have experience about how the pick the prop for the boat when they deliver? That said, if I have a choice of Yamaha props I’m wondering if I should go with one from the bulletin , in this case a Yamaha HS4? Boat will have T Top, trolling motor and battery’s in console.
  14. Waterman18

    22 TRS with Yamaha 150

    You guys owe me 5 grand!! Updated build to the 200 SHO! HoneyB, what prop did you settle on?
  15. Waterman18

    22 TRS with Yamaha 150

    I know this gets asked often but I’m looking for some fresh opinions. I’m ordering my 3rd PF 22. This will be my first new one. My 1st was a 2006 TE with a 150. It had a T Top and while it wasn’t a speed demon it did fine with 3 people rigged for fishing. My 2nd was a 2008 TE with a SHO 250, needles to say it was fast. So I wanted anew boat this time to avoid all the hassles of fixing other people’s stuff. Unfortunately my budget is limited so I’m gonna need to go with the 150. I know I’ll miss the 250 but how do the newer TRS’s with a T Top do with a 150. Mostly fish with 1 or 2 others at most.
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