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  1. Waterman18

    Catch of the day (pictures)

    Spring permit fishing is on! The one in the back was 30+
  2. Waterman18

    Need a New TM

    Took me 3 months but finally got it in last week .
  3. Waterman18

    Battery question

    Weight and space preferences. The 3 bank charger is behind the 3 batteries and attached to the floor. I added charger after delivery and didn't want to drill holes in side of console or glue up some pvc board. The boats come rigged with 2 mini Blue Seas battery switches. One is for the TM (on/off) which is connected to a 50 amp breaker. The main switch is for 2 connectors with a selection for combo use in emergency starting using a TM battery. This is all connected using the so called hobo method. Surprisingly, all the wires all labeled very clearly making it a breeze to connect everything
  4. Waterman18

    Battery question

    I went with 2 Interstate Deep Cycles for the Trolling Motor setup. One is tied into the boat switch allowing me to it to provide extra power if needed. Thanks for all replies!
  5. With rainy season coming I need to buy a cover for my 22 TRS. Let me know if you have one....thanks!
  6. Waterman18

    Battery question

    The boat is pre wired and ready to go with the 50 amp breaker and separate TM battery switch. All newer Pathfinders come this way. It’s also rigged the “Hobo” system with one of the TM batteries tied to the boats battery switch to use in case of low main battery. This is my 3rd 22 and previous boat had 3 battery set up and worked fine. My only concern was that they set it up with 2 cranking batteries. I guess the most prudent thing would be to just buy a pair of Deep Cycles for the TM.
  7. Waterman18

    Battery question

    I want to use just 3 batteries. The 2 that came with the boat are Cranking so I need to buy 1. That would mean that I'm using a cranking and DC for the trolling motor. Should I just buy 2 Deep Cycle and remove the 2nd cranking battery?
  8. Waterman18

    Battery question

    My 2020 22trs came without a Trolling Motor and now I'm adding one. (Finally found one!) The boat came with 2 Brute Force Marine starting batteries rated 800CCA and reserve capacity of 105. I need to add a 3rd battery, plan on using an Interstate Group 27 Deep Cycle (has 160 reserve cap.) for the TM and ideally I would like both of the TM batteries to be Deep Cycle or Dual Purpose but the 2nd stock battery is brand new. Would there be any issue "mixing" the different types of batteries for Trolling motor use?
  9. Waterman18

    Faded switch panel options

    Did the same thing top my old PF 22. The quality film is made by 3m and widely available on Amazon or E Bay. I ordered pre-printer rockers from New Wire Marine also. Before and After:
  10. Waterman18

    Pathfinder 2200 Tournament discontinued?

    Maybe...but I saw one last Sat at Bob Hewes in Miami ... brand new.
  11. Waterman18

    Warranty Contact at MBG?

    Yeah...That hasn't worked out so well.....thought there was a guy named Steve but not sure. Want e-mail to send some pics.
  12. Waterman18

    Warranty Contact at MBG?

    Does anyone have the e-mail/phone # for the warranty contact at Pathfinder? Thanks!
  13. Waterman18

    22TRS Hatch issue

    So...Dealer got 3rd hatch in and it has the same problem! Luckily i went up there to check it out before dragging the boat . Level show warping , they said they'd send it back and I said whats the point? While I was there I looked a new 22T and as soon as I saw it I could tell it was warped also. The salesman noticed it as soon I pointed. So, what to do? I reached out to a factory rep previously and he mentioned the dealer would take care of it but how can the dealer fix a factory issue. Now, with he change in ownership who knows what kind of response I'll get. Kinda *
  14. Waterman18

    Flamingo 1-23-21

    It is! expected completion Summer 2021 https://flamingoeverglades.com/2021/01/01/january-1-2021-photos/
  15. Waterman18

    Shimano Calcutta/Teramar Combo for sale

    Revised......still for sale.
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