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  1. scottsflyshop

    Plastic Fuel Tank Gone Bad? Advice Needed

    I bet a whole bunch of us have our fingers crossed that it wasn't a failure with the poly tank. Hopefully, it was as simple as a hose popping off.
  2. I'm up in the panhandle - looking for a pair of Simrads to run Florida marine tracks on. The 9" versions would do, ideal would be a 12" and a 9". I have transducers and the backbone from GO9s - so, think all I need are the head units. Send me a message if you're thinking of upgrading yours.
  3. scottsflyshop

    Plastic Fuel Tank Gone Bad? Advice Needed

    Very lucky - let us know what you find.
  4. scottsflyshop

    WTB Leaning Post Foot Rest

    Need to replace the footrest for my leaning post on a 2007 TE XL. Anyone happen to have one they want to sell?
  5. scottsflyshop

    WTB MA18.5 - around 20K

    My uncle has one but it’s a bit of a project boat - ready to be updated.
  6. scottsflyshop

    Casting Platform

    ever come over to destin - looking at buying a 2200V and would like this
  7. scottsflyshop

    SOLD - Pathfinder 15T/2018 Tohatsu

    I had one of these - caught a lot of fish, fun and simple boat!
  8. Congrats to the buyer - If you were closer to the panhandle, I definitely would have checked it out - looking for a tower boat.
  9. scottsflyshop

    SellIng/trade Maverick mirage with 115 sho

    I bet she will run!
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