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    2002 Pathfinder 2200v 150 VMAX, Jackplate, T-top, Lowrance 5 Elite DSI, Keenwood Stereo w/iPod 10" sub, Icom, Minn Kota 74 lb, Seadek
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    Moultrie, Ga.

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  1. Miss Jazzy

    Another stupid question

    That’s a great time. Should be on fire by then.
  2. Miss Jazzy

    Lowrance HDS 12 gen2

    In perfect working condition. Screen has zero scratches. Comes with power cable only, no transducers and sun cover. Upgraded to gen 3 is only reason for selling. Asking 1k shipped
  3. Miss Jazzy

    Dog Island Reds

    That’s where we finally got a few fish. Few trout and rat reds.
  4. Miss Jazzy

    Another stupid question

    Steinhatchee or Keaton Beach are both great fishing and your boat would be perfect for either. Both have a decent channel to get out to the flats just be careful in close on low tide, this area is full of oyster bars and lime rocks. Keaton would be the safest place. Water is usually gin clear when it’s not raining buckets like it has lately. What time of year are you planning?
  5. Miss Jazzy

    Dog Island Reds

    How was the water over that way? I was at St. George this past weekend and the water in the bay was bad murky and the farther west to St. Vincent is was plum muddy orange looking. Didn’t get a bite until I went east of the bridge and it was still dingy.
  6. Miss Jazzy

    04 2200TE throttle cable length

    Yes exactly! What exactly is your issue? Reason I ask is I found out that the cable was not my only problem. After my boat would set up for a little while my binnacle would become almost impossible to move. But after I broke it loose it would work fine for that day of fishing. The throttle cable was bad but also the shift rod that runs to the lower is also seizing up. That means power head has to be pulled and new bushings replaced. Ugh!!! That will not happen until it completely quits working. Lol
  7. Miss Jazzy

    04 2200TE throttle cable length

    Don’t know if they would be any different than my ‘02 2200v but I just had mine replaced yesterday and they were 18’.
  8. Miss Jazzy

    Lowrance guru’s?

    Wow! That is very impressive. I’ll have to save up to go that route. Thanks for the info.
  9. Miss Jazzy

    Lowrance guru’s?

    Thanks but I’m definitely not switching brands. I have no trouble with my current machine and not looking to upgrade. But if I can go to dual units fairly cheep and possibly get better resolution I’ll go that direction. If money was no object I’d be running Simrad. Lol
  10. Miss Jazzy

    Lowrance guru’s?

    Yes I use the SS quiet often. I fish a lot of offshore structure like reefs and hard bottom and I love the SS for pin pointing those spots. Do you think the active imaging would be best for that type of fishing over the SS?
  11. Miss Jazzy

    Lowrance guru’s?

    I’m currently running a 12” HDS gen 2 touch. I found a good deal on a 9” HDS gen 3. I’m thinking about adding it along with my gen 2 mainly so I won’t have yo run split screen anymore. My gen 2 has regular skimmer transducer and the structure scan. The gen 3 has skimmer and total scan. Would I benefit by replacing the ss with total scan or is there that much difference? I know it adds chirp but is it worth the trouble?
  12. Miss Jazzy

    "Time Capsule" 18.5 is SOLD!

    Wow! That thing belongs in a museum.
  13. Machine and tool MFG in Adel, Ga done my t top. They are a few miles north of Valdosta. Great work and dang good folks. They created my custom top from just a picture I had. Couldn’t be more pleased with their work. If you want to get in touch just let me know.
  14. Miss Jazzy

    Pathfinder Re-Wiring?

    I would give Tony Eden a call at Boatronics. He’s bout the best you can get and do it cheaper than most.
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