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    2002 Pathfinder 2200v 150 VMAX, Jackplate, T-top, Lowrance 5 Elite DSI, Keenwood Stereo w/iPod 10" sub, Icom, Minn Kota 74 lb, Seadek
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  1. Miss Jazzy

    Loose console

    Yes I understand the stress will be greater but I owned a previous ’02 that also had a T top and I never had an issue with the console and it was not glassed in. It too was attached the same way as this one.
  2. Miss Jazzy

    2004 Pathfinder 2200 - Livewell Drainage

    That compartment was not originally designed for a live well. A lot of people do add them as mine was done(‘02) I don’t use mine as a live well but it did get water in it from washing and it will not drain all the way. It is a terrible design. I now use that box to house my wash down pump and hose and Gulp! containers.
  3. Miss Jazzy

    WTB ??? What's going on ?

    I am referring to the used boat market. When all those that are buying now have to return to normal life and will not have the time to spend on the water there will be a flood of nearly new boats hitting the market.
  4. Miss Jazzy

    WTB ??? What's going on ?

    Goin to be some good deals as soon as this is over! (If it ever is over)
  5. Miss Jazzy

    Loose console

    I know glassing would be the best fix but for me I don’t see that happening. I just totally redone the inside of my console and I’m not taking all that back out right now. Besides I live in an area witch there is nowhere around that I would trust to do the fiberglass work properly. I’ll try the easy fix and if that doesn’t help then I’ll have to look for a glass guy.
  6. Miss Jazzy

    ISO 2006/2007 Pathfinder 24 Tournament

    It’s an ‘08 but here you go....https://www.facebook.com/groups/1655922774621026/permalink/2636059179940709/?sale_post_id=2636059179940709
  7. Miss Jazzy

    Battery question

    I just went through this same issue as you described. I added a separate dedicated start battery with a blues seas ACR. This setup dedicates one battery to do one job and that’s to crank your motor. All other electronics run off the house battery and it will not allow you to run the cranking battery down. It isolates the two when cranking. But it also uses the outboard to charge both. The starter charges first and when it tops off the house gets charged. Plus if for some reason the starter is dead a flip of the switch and you combine the two batteries. With this setup you will not be stranded. I also found a group 24 marine starting battery that has 1400 cranking amps from the battery source. So putting four batteries in my console was pretty easy.
  8. Miss Jazzy

    Ping *Ron in Atlanta*

    Yea I don’t need anything that’s going to leave a oily residue behind. My top is a stand through and that would make for a sketchy climb up. Lol
  9. Miss Jazzy

    Ping *Ron in Atlanta*

    Thanks. No coating just anodized. I’ve looked at the shark hide but dang that stuff is pricey. nearly $50 for a spray can. Maguire's makes it too for only $16. Just figured you had a go to product with great results as clean as you keep your stuff.
  10. Miss Jazzy

    Why you wear a kill switch

    Appears the captain had no idea how to navigate the area. You can see the passenger motioning where the markers were. Going that fast and not knowing where your goin you are just asking for trouble! 🤦🏼 Very lucky they were not run over by their boat.
  11. Miss Jazzy

    Loose console

    Found this on THT. I have the exact console. Looks to be the best fix for me is to replace the screws with larger ones and bed in 5200. I’ll most likely add a few to each side as well. https://www.thehulltruth.com/boating-forum/955115-center-console-coming-loose-2000-pathfinder-2200v.html
  12. Miss Jazzy

    Ping *Ron in Atlanta*

    What do you recommend for protecting aluminum? Does the Zaino work? Need to protect my new T top from salt and hard water stains.
  13. Miss Jazzy

    Will Trade Zaino Shine for Used Weight Set

    Wish I had a set, I could use a shine down to go with my new t top.
  14. Miss Jazzy

    Loose console

  15. Miss Jazzy

    Loose console

    Well I finally got my boat back after 6 weeks of getting a custom T top built. Waited 3 weeks for the canvas😤 But non the less it turned out great. The installers noticed the console was loose after the install. I know this has been a problem on older Pathys but I can’t remember the exact fix. Maybe going under the inspection plate and replacing screws with bolts? Got to get it seen about before it gets worse, now with the t top it will be under a lot more stress.
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