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    2002 Pathfinder 2200v 150 VMAX, Jackplate, T-top, Lowrance 5 Elite DSI, Keenwood Stereo w/iPod 10" sub, Icom, Minn Kota 74 lb, Seadek
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  1. Miss Jazzy

    Yamaha key switch

    Had my house battery go down and everything worked fine. Replaced battery and now everything works except the key switch. Would it just go out like that? Everything is working, even the switches on the panel. Turn the key and nothing happens. Gauges do not turn on. Put multi meter on all fuses and they are ok. Anything need checking that I’m missing?
  2. Miss Jazzy

    What did you do to your boat today?

    Yes Acetone
  3. Miss Jazzy

    What did you do to your boat today?

    It’s pretty easy. You order the kit which consists of sheets of mylar and all the instructions. Cut the mylar just bigger than the area you plan to cover and just trace out the edges of your nonskid. Send it back to seadek and the will send a rendering to make sure everything is correct. Installing on your boat is very easy. Just peel backing and stick. Took me about 30 min. Just make sure your alignment is right before sticking because its hard to peel back and maneuver. I got quoted from all the well known guys that come to you and do it but was a lot more $$.
  4. Miss Jazzy

    What did you do to your boat today?

    Yes I done it myself. I don’t mind telling the price. $820. That also included a pad for the step on my t top to get to the crows nest that’s not pictured.
  5. Miss Jazzy

    What did you do to your boat today?

  6. Miss Jazzy

    Inshore rod recommendations

    Thanks for the kind words. It my pleasure building exactly what you wanted and I’m glad you approve. I did take pictures but didn’t realize they turned out out of focus and blurry. Sorry about that. Feel free to disclose any information you like about pricing but I will say as you might expect all builds are different and pricing affects that depending on parts used and the amount of detail you prefer. Also make sure you log in your rod info to MHX so your warranty will be secure. It was in the packet I sent.
  7. Miss Jazzy

    Spot Lock issue / question

    They are optima blue tops with 750cca. One shows around 1000 the other 800(the pics show where the needle was). I’ve had trouble with the blue tops before. The boat came with them when I bought it. One went out so I replaced with another so they would be the same. About a year later I had to replace the other so the dates are 3/17 and 2/18. Always charged up after use. I’m having trouble getting a decent run time before my trolley starts acting up. I have a ulterra and after a couple hours of use it will cut off. I have to wait a few minutes till it powers back up but it does it again. I recently rewired the entire system so all connections should be good.
  8. Miss Jazzy

    Spot Lock issue / question

    Just purchased one of these to test mine. I think one of mine is showing too low. What exactly are you reading when under load.
  9. Miss Jazzy


    If taken from iPhone take the picture held horizontally and for some reason they post straight. Don’t ask why but it works. Lol
  10. Miss Jazzy

    Lifting Off Trailer

    Every Pathfinder I’ve owned (3) the bunks were under the grate but never had a problem.
  11. Miss Jazzy

    Lifting Off Trailer

    There use to be thread on here how to take your boat off the trailer. You tied the rear of the boat to a tree and pulled the boat off and blocked it up. I’m sure somebody will remember and chime in on exactly how it’s done.
  12. Miss Jazzy

    Trolling Motor Skewer

    All those are great ideas but I kinda like that it’s hard to get out. If it’s that hard for me with tools it will be difficult for a thief.
  13. Miss Jazzy

    Trolling Motor Skewer

    Yes. I have to do the same. Even if I could get my fingers on it I can’t pull mine out. It’s very tight. I have to beat mine back in with a hammer. Might could use some slick’em.
  14. Miss Jazzy

    Inshore rod recommendations

    The thing is everyone’s preference is different. A rod that feels good to you may not to me. Rods are like boats there’s not one that can do it all. I’ve had trouble with high dollar rods in the past. And no matter the manufacturer you don’t know if the writing on the rod is what actually the rod is without doing a static test. Even if it’s the same make and model, each blank can act differently. At least with a custom build you get exactly what you want where and how you want it. Not many manufacturers can do that. Even though I build them I still have an ole Fenwick that I love and use.
  15. Miss Jazzy

    Got me thinking....

    Ok so let me ask this. Don’t the newer vhf’s have gps built in, yes they do. They give you the same location as a gps unit. So if you hit the distress on that vhf isn’t it sending out your location? If so couldn’t that same tech be used in a gps unit? I know they can’t do it now but why couldn’t they incorporate the two into one? Is there a law forbidding it? Maybe I’m just overthinking it🤪
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