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  1. captaincowart

    26 TRS prop recommendations

    Give Fort Myers Marine a call, they will tell you the diameter size, price and they can ship it to you. My 26 hps has a half tower and I'm impressed with this prop, the hole shot is fine.
  2. captaincowart

    26 TRS prop recommendations

    Glad it worked out, enjoy your new Pathy.
  3. captaincowart

    26 TRS prop recommendations

    Good call, trust me on it and run it like I did 2 1/2 or 3 on the jackplate and 4 or 5 on the motor trim and post the numbers, Brav4 20 pitch. I don't know if you ever owned a step hull, but you'll definitely notice the performance once you get on step, good luck!
  4. captaincowart

    26 TRS prop recommendations

    Not really, I've called PT in the past and spoke to their Pathfinder guy ( Marcus ) he almost always recommends the OFX prop on Pathfinders and he likes a smaller pitch, he would recommend a 18. They have performance numbers on the OFX series on Pathfinders and not a lot of data yet on the Brav4 props. I'm not sure what your issue is with the PT props, but it's obvious you have one. I spend over 100k on a Pathfinder 2600 HPS decked out and wasn't trying to save $ 300.00 on a PT prop over a Merc prop. The conversation I had with my dealer when my boat arrived from Pathfinder was, "what are you going to prop it with" and he said an ofx4 20 and I told him no, I wanted a Yamaha SWS prop and he told me PT was coming out with the brand new Brav4 and recommended I try it. I'm glad I did and I hope Bloch776 does, it's the right prop for his boat, I just went through all the testing. I've been on the water my whole life and guided over 20 years and have owned over 15 boats, I know how to run them.
  5. captaincowart

    26 TRS prop recommendations

    The Brav4 is a new PT design, which may be why they recommend the OFX model. On my other 3 Pathfinders ( 2200 TE, two 2400 TRS ) I had the OFX4 prop and thought I never reached full potential on the motor. As soon as I ran my 2600 with the Brav4 19, I was blown away with the performance, but the 20 pitch was even better. If you do go with the Brav4, it'll probably be a 19 or 20. Good luck and post some numbers, I'm curious on your performance. Also the 2600 TRS or HPS doesn't need any trim tab, the boat doesn't want to porpoise at all. I got my best performance numbers with the motor trim on 4 or 5 and the jackplate at 2 1/2. No I don't have the 19 anymore, the dealer I use allows his customers to use different PT props until they figure it out, as long as they don't scratch the prop.
  6. captaincowart

    26 TRS prop recommendations

    This whole thread is full of info and should answer your questions. I don't know why you feel like you would need to go to the original Mercury Bravo 1 when the PT Brav4 is getting the same results for less money and is a quality prop. As I mentioned above I have a 2020 2600 HPS w/a 300 yamaha, twin 10 ft Power Poles, 112 lb thrust Minn Kota, 4 group 27 batteries and a 1/2 tower. My PT Brav4 20 pitch is spot on 5600 rpm at 55 mph and 3900 rpm at 38 mph with a fuel burn of 3.1 mpg and this is with a heavy load. If I ran the boat like they performance test them, no trolling motor and less than 1/2 tank of fuel, I would hit 5700 rpm and 56 mph or maybe even better. It doesn't get any better than this, don't over think it. If you don't have a tower your numbers will be even better.
  7. captaincowart

    26 TRS prop recommendations

    Thanks for the response HoneyB, your thoughts are appreciated and make sense. I feel like both props could be the right choice. The 19 felt like a rocket, very responsive with no slippage, but with a heavy load of fuel and already at 5900 rpm, I thought the 20 pitch would be the way to go. I figured I would lose 200 rpm and was surprised when I lost 300 to 400, but did gain better top end speed and economy which I figured I would. I've decided to just run the 20 pitch for now and reevaluate things at the 20 hour service. I've run only PT OFX props on my 2200 TE and my two 2400 TRS and always felt like I wasn't getting max performance from them. This PT Brav4 is a different animal prop, but you would kind of figured it would be, being that it is designed like the Mercury Bravo which is a great prop.
  8. captaincowart

    26 TRS prop recommendations

    Today I put the Powertech Brav4 20 pitch on the 2600 hps w/ half tower, two 10' power poles, no trolling motor, empty live wells and 75 gals of fuel. It was just me, motor trimmed to 4 bars and jackplate at 2 1/2. At WOT I hit 5600 rpm and 55 mph, at 4000 rpm and 40 mph my fuel economy was 3.1 mpg and at 3700 rpm and 37 mph I was getting 3.3 mpg. At WOT with the motor trimmed all the way down I could only turn 5200 rpm, so I don't know if this is too much pitch. Any prop experts please feel free to comment.
  9. captaincowart

    26 TRS prop recommendations

    I haven't put anymore hours on it, my dealer ordered a 20 pitch and I don't want to scratch the 19 I have. Like Miami2600TRS said, try a couple of different props, if you're going Power Tech the Brav4 or OFX4 work for your boat. My cruise numbers with the 19 pitch were 4100 rpm at 35 mph and 3.1 mpg most of the time. Keep in mind what HoneyB said about the Mercury Bravo 1 prop, the Power Tech Brav4 is a spinoff of that prop, it is a very impressive prop, fastest 4 blade I've tested.
  10. captaincowart

    26 TRS prop recommendations

    Just picked up my 2020 2600 HPS w/300 Yamaha and a half tower, twin 10 ft Power Poles, trolling motor and 4 batteries under the helm station, after first 2 hours of break-in I took it to WOT after some tweaking I hit 5900 RPM and 53 mph with best result with jackplate between 2 1/2 and 3, motor trim at 4 bars. The boat had 75 gals of fuel, trolling motor and one other guy, live wells were empty, so I would say we were running a heavy load. The prop I used was Power Tech's new Brav4, it was a 19 pitch, 4 blade. I know if I ran a light load 1/2 tank of fuel, no trolling motor and just me I would hit 55 mph easy. Hope this helps you, this is a faster prop than the OFX 4 blade. I'm also going to try my prop in a 20 pitch, it'll probably knock off around 200 rpms WOT to about 5700 rpms and increase speed to 54 or 55 mph and improve fuel economy.
  11. I'm having Dan at Rolls Axle build my trailer, I asked him if there was an issue with them floating. He said the older ones had some issues, 1999 or older, he said they corrected the issue by adding more weight to the back end. Rolls Axle is the only innovative trailer out there, it is a lifetime trailer. I'm also getting stainless steel hubs, so it should be good to go for a long time.
  12. captaincowart

    Pathfinder 22 purchasing advice.

    I owned a 2016 2200 TE, awesome boat. It's a hardcore fishing machine, nice live wells and a huge release well that I have put 40" snook in to move them away from porpoises before releasing them.
  13. I'm going to have a 2400 TRS built for me and wanted to get some opinions on trailers. I have owned a 2200 TE and a 2400 TRS and both had Ameratrail trailers which worked fine. The only issue I had was with the 2400 trailer, the front cross member wouldn't clear steep boat ramps, I would have to change hitches and use a 7 " rise to clear steep ramps. All my research says the Rolls Axle is probably the best made trailer out there, I like how they through bolt the bunks and don't use springs or torsion bars. Any thoughts? Thanks.
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