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  1. Brooks V

    Mullet Run

    Went out last Friday night in stuart area near inlet and bridges didn't see that many mullet schools and only caught a couple of shorts .
  2. Brooks V

    2006 2200 Pathfinder, with 200 HPDI *SOLD^

    That's a nice looking pathy where is it located at .
  3. Brooks V

    2000 17ma prop and motor height?

    I run the powertech ptr4 blade 16 p prop and I have my motor at second hole from top . 30 mph cruise at like 4k and 5700 rpm trimmed out at like 40 mph. excellent grip,lift and hole shot highly recommend .
  4. Brooks V

    Pliers / Sheath

    That's badass I really like it
  5. Brooks V

    Power Tech OX4R18p

    A friend of mine is interested in the prop is it still available
  6. Brooks V

    96 17MA fuel leak

    I replaced my fuel tank , took off console and cut out floor . If you have any questions let me know
  7. Brooks V

    Power Tech OX4R18p

    Does that prop give good bow lift?
  8. Brooks V

    Power Tech OX4R18p

    What motor was this on and what's the diameter of prop
  9. Good to hear fish are biting , been wanting to get down here this fall season .
  10. Brooks V

    18 HPX Too Pretty Not To Share!

    Looks sick I like it .
  11. Brooks V

    New to me 17' master angler questions!

    I mounted mine on second hole from top runs great with a 4 blade prop
  12. Brooks V

    Gas tank leak

    I replaced my fuel tank on my 17'ma it was close to $3000 . Did everything myself but glass work and tank build .
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