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  1. The best thread I've seen was the cap off of the 18 Light Tackle, pretty similar to the 17/18ma, it was from years ago, but very detailed and great pics. From what I can tell, my tank was coffin shaped, it would take a cap off or floor cut out to get it out, no chance otherwise.
  2. FLDXT

    Need all members help

    I can tell you thats not even close to being accurate. But real nice making things personal when people disagree with you, class act!
  3. FLDXT

    Need all members help

    You can't regulate stupid....im sure our CG, FWC, marine le units have better things to do then conduct EPIRB/PLB checks on random boaters.
  4. FLDXT

    Master Angler access hole

    What whichwaysup said....numerous threads on the forum about the replacement. Measure carefully.
  5. Love it when they don't center the pie hole over the fuel tank sending unit! My 99 was the same way, made a simple 5 minute job into 2 hour job to expand that hole.
  6. FLDXT

    Need all members help

    As I'm in favor of PLBs and EPIRBS I am not for mandating any of them. Are we gonna mandate Seatow memberships? Mandatory life rafts for all vessels over 16ft? Silly. You can't regulate stupid, no matter how hard you try.
  7. https://www.globenewswire.com/news-release/2021/01/05/2153298/0/en/Malibu-Boats-Inc-Completes-Acquisition-of-Maverick-Boat-Group.html
  8. FLDXT

    75’ Hewes Bonefisher for sale $10,000

    What is the length? Would you sell without the motor, just boat and trailer?
  9. FLDXT

    Ameratrail for MA 18

    My Rolls Axle was a single axle, if I had to do it again id go with double axle all day long. Just for the ease of changing a tire without a jack. Rolls Axles lifetime springs are pretty nice. Mine was 16 years old when I sold it, couldn't tell its age at all.
  10. FLDXT

    Ameratrail for MA 18

    Just another company to give a shout out to you may want to check, Rolls Axle. I had one for my 17MA, one of the nicest trailers I've ever had, would buy another in heartbeat.
  11. FLDXT

    Platform sissy bar

    I had a sissy bar on my 17MA. It was removable and adjustable and I never used it. Had two rod holders on also on my pp, used them all the time, mostly for free lining livies.
  12. FLDXT

    MA 18 vs. Lappy 18/19?

    I sold my 17MA because of two small kids, 3 and 6. They need to be in, not on a boat. Not sure an 18 will give you that more room. That being said they are huge platforms for their size, tons of storage, tons of livewell space, great rides. Only advantage I may give to the Hewes is draft and maybe speed, but not enough id pick any of those Hewes models over a 18MA. As said, 20ft Pathy or 21 MA may be worth a look.
  13. FLDXT

    T Top for 2001 Maverick 21' MA

    This...pretty sure adding a t-top to a 21 MA should be illegal.
  14. FLDXT

    NEED HELP! Pics of used 17 MA.....

    Depends on the trailer and current condition. I'd be aware of maintenance, specifically bearings, tire conditions, etc. I'd definitely have at least one spare and probably a spare bearing and hub. Bring a grease gun, stop and check bearing temps every couple hundred miles. A battery powered impact and a good jack, not those stupid ones that come with a truck. Dual axles are easy, get about 18" of a 8"x8", cut a ramp on one end, no jack needed.
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