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  1. BradM

    Newer 2200 - Strips on Top of Console

    I can mail you a piece of 3/4” scrap I have that will do it. You’ll need to square it up on that fancy table saw though. One edge is square.....
  2. BradM

    2300 HPS Stringer Issue

    I’m on my third too Jason, and this one being brand new, I didn’t even know it had a hull warranty. I did all the paper work for the SHO, though! I guess I've been fortunate with all of my boats and other than a bad crash one time, never experienced any hull damage. The bright side O.P., I’m selling my 2018 HPS with 110 hours.... I’m sure we can shuffle some paperwork before your vacation! I truly hope the damage is superficial and an easy fix. Best of luck!
  3. BradM

    2300 HPS Stringer Issue

    Sorry about your bad luck! What caused the damage, did you hit something; "it looks like someone punched my hull" could easily have been something that you hit. It is pushing 10 years old and the impact is on the running surface. Not sure why everyone jumps to a manufacturer or process issue, same on the 2014, that someone else referred to. Major structural issues don;t usually wait nearly 10 years to reveal themselves, especially on a 60+ mph boat. Furthermore, these hulls are vacuum bagged during layup, so a "dry" layup is unlikely. Why should the manufacturer be on the hook to repair the boat/hull indefinitely and through multiple owners. I see the boat received new power in 2019. Did you go to the previous outboard manufacturers forum and complain about their 8 year old motor that was more than likely out of warranty, too? It seems that no one complains about the warranty that Yamaha provides, which is also 5 years with the Y.E.S. program, or is that on a different forum with different expectations. The same couple folks jump on the saddle to pistol whip MBG, a production made boat, about issues that more than likely are not their fault. I don't get it. If you're so unhappy with their product, buy something else or spec. a new one to your liking with the upgrades that you see fit.
  4. BradM

    2020 pathfinder 2400 trs upgrades info

    I agree. The full potential of the 8.8's is met with 200w/ea going to them. An 800/8 would handle that for 4 of them, but you're looking at adding an amp to do that. Great looking boat, I love what you did with the colors!
  5. BradM

    Help getting new fuel hose on barbed nipple

    Do you have enough room to take the nipple out of the 90*, work the hose onto the barbs on the bench, then reinstall it back onto the 90*? I've used Vasoline on things like that in the past and it has worked well for me. Walk the hose up with a pair of needle nose pliers....Have you left the section of hose out in the sun. Warm water is doing the same thing I suppose, but we all know the sun has magical powers. Hope you're able to get it worked out and soon!
  6. Hi Mike, it's every bit of 30', tongue to prop. You'd be good with 33'-35' of depth.
  7. That and the last I checked, there isn't any recommended adhesive for Starboard. The chemical makeup of it doesn't like things sticking to it. Besides, PVC board is much lighter!
  8. As mentioned, PVC board works very well! Adhesives like 5200 or West Systems six-10 epoxy will bond well to it, too! My local Home Depot carries 1/4 sheets in 1/4”, 1/2” and 3/4” thicknesses. It’s not too expensive either, less than $40 for the 1/2” material.
  9. BradM

    WTB 2300 HPS prop

    On my boat (2018 HPS) the Bravo FS in 22p will do 62-63 mph. I’ve moved things around and bet it would do 64 now. The HPS needs ALL the bow lift she can get to move out. All props are different and run different. You may turn a 22p by one mfg. but not be able to turn a 20p by another. As Bama mentioned above, you can turn an OFX4/20p on your hull, but it’s slow as hell on the HPS and hard to steer above 50 mph, and tops out at 56-57 mph.
  10. BradM

    What did you do to your boat today?

    That's awesome! Where did you source the polls and the canvas? Did you punch the grommets or did it come with them?
  11. BradM

    2018 Pathfinder 23 HPS // 110 Hours

    Warranty on the SHO through 2023.
  12. Features: 2018 Yamaha 250 SHO with 110 hours. Warranty to 2023. Anthracite gray hull, dash and footrest. Black powder coat package in excellent condition. Factory installed Garmin package with 7610xsv and side scan transducer. Including a Garmin 200 VHF (antenna never installed, unit never used, but does turn on). Factory rigged 8’ Power Pole, Blade series, located starboard. Factory rigged 36v Motorguide Xi-5, with “spot lock” feature and upgraded Battery Tender plug. Removable hull color cooler seat with cushion. JL Audio MM-100s head unit and Qty. (4) JL Audio 8.8” speakers driven by a JL Audio M800/8 amplifier. With a dedicated battery for the amplifier and Blue Seas automatic charging relay, you can enjoy music at the sandbar all day! 6” Atlas jack With “blinker” switch at helm. Sea-Star hydraulic steering with upgraded Edson wheel and power knob. Mid-ship cleats for secure tie up. Qty. (2) additional rod holders aft, for a total of 4 on the deck. The leaning post was upgraded with additional rod and cup holders as well as a back rest. Aft is a removable 3rd row seat and back rest that is convenient when you have additional guests. Release well aft, port. Live well aft, center. Lenco trim tabs. Mercury Bravo 1 FS propeller (stainless steel 4 blade). Tandem axle Ameri-Trail trailer with aluminum wheels and single spare tire included. NMEA network installed and displays engine data and provides control of the stereo/head unit. I’m sure I am leaving something out but will let the pictures speak for themselves. The boat will come with a cover (Amazon special) that fits the hull well, but does not go over the engine. I am the original owner of this boat and have only ran non-ethanol fuel in it. She is going to the dealership for its 100-hour service and check-up this week, so she will be ready for her new owner to enjoy upon purchase. The boat is washed and dried after EVERY use and waxed at least once a quarter. I l know everyone is interested in speed when it comes to the 23 HPS, and this one does not disappoint. She cruises at 40 mph and will run well above 60 mph. I do live close to a ramp and water tests are available for potential buyers. Please, no joy rides. The boat is located in N.E. Florida. Asking $79,900 or best reasonable offer. Moving into a bigger boat is the only reason we're selling. I can be reached here on the forum or at 9 ZERO 4-44NINE-4 ZERO NINE 0, text messages okay (sorry about the phone number edit, I started receiving all kinds of crazy calls with it listed normally). Thanks! Brad
  13. BradM


    I’ll be at the in-laws tomorrow and mention these pups to them. They’ve been looking for a new pup for at least two years now.
  14. BradM

    WTB 22 Tournament/TRS or 23 HPS

    Listing it for $79,900. The boat is located in N.E. Florida.
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