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  1. Made of 1/2" Marine Starboard. This may fit other Hewes boats. This setup is from a 2002 RF18. Many Hewes and Maverick consoles are the same measurements. Measure carefully. There are various cup holders on the market. Stainless and Poly. The ones shown here are poly from Walmart. A 3.5" hole saw did the job. Cut the holes in the holder first then place it on the console and drill the console holes. I filled in the four pre drilled holes with black silicone and inserted a brass flare in the middle and connected a clear plastic tube for drainage You will have to drill your own holes for cup holders as well as stainless mount screws to the console. You can get a carbon steel hole saw set from Harbor Freight cheap. Max size for this piece is 4". Price shipped is $50. Send payment as family gift to my PayPal account: roomtone@msn.com. As soon as payment is posted it will be in the USPS mail ASAP. Any other questions PM me or post here.
  2. blewbyu

    WTB 4B SS 13x17 Prop

    take it to a prop shop so they can pitch it down to 17.
  3. blewbyu

    WTB 4B SS 13x17 Prop

    In Hobe Sound
  4. blewbyu

    Turbo SS Prop

    Hobe Sound, FL
  5. blewbyu

    Turbo SS Prop

    $200 OBO. You pay the freight. Fits Yamaha's spline
  6. I have an on/off BluSea switch I'll sell cheap.
  7. blewbyu

    My Garmin 740s died - need replacement

    Max can repair your 740s. https://maxmarineelectronics.com/repair-center/ ill take your broken 740s off your hands for parts
  8. blewbyu

    Fastening Acrylic panel to console

    Final bit of advice. Do not over tighten the screws to the acrylic. If you do ( I did on one corner) the plastic will crack and fall off. when it’s tight, STOP.
  9. blewbyu

    Friction hinge for anchor locker

    Those Gemlux hinges do not support the weight of the large compartment on the Redfisher. Had to go back to OEM’s. I have a spare pair if anybody needs them.
  10. blewbyu

    Bungee Cord Gunnel Rod Holder Size

    I removed mine. No need.
  11. blewbyu

    No Responses from Posts

    Nothing to respond about. I PM’d a prospect that inquired about an item I’m selling. Nothing...chirp chirp.
  12. blewbyu

    No Responses from Posts

    By looking at the dates on these forums, this site is not too popular with MBG owners. I respond to members posts relating to sales items and all I get is silence. Frustrating.
  13. blewbyu

    Sea Cocks on 03 RF 18

    Use brass not the Marelon OEM plastic. They break.
  14. blewbyu

    Under Gunnel Carpet ?

    I found a place in Georgia that will replicate the carpets with the Hewes logo embroidered any color. Just send old one and they will use as a template.
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