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  1. Green_Water

    2018 HPXS

    Great skiffs! 😀
  2. Green_Water

    4 blade suggestion for HPX S

    Naples Mav: I am Naples too. I am running a 14P Turbo. Great hole shot and I can spin to 6300 as well. 37 is my Max but I usually cruise at 28-30 depending on load at 48-5000 RPMs. I fish Goodland a lot.
  3. Green_Water

    18 HPX V ?

    Thank you sir! This helps a lot! I appreciate it.
  4. Green_Water

    2014 Pathfinder 2200 TE for sale

    Clean. She will go fast.
  5. Green_Water

    18 HPX V ?

    J, did you get a chance to measure?
  6. Green_Water

    18 HPX V ?

    Thank you sir, I appreciate it.
  7. Green_Water

    18 HPX V ?

    Does anyone with a 18 HPX on the Ameri-Trail swing tounge trailer have OA length and width? Thanks!
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