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  1. KimmerIII

    Mirage II ride question

    We have a Mirage II. It is great for open water. We cross 13 miles of open water in the mississippi sound to get to the biloxi marsh to catch redfish. It handles chop well.
  2. KimmerIII

    Bull Red Fish trip Recommendations

    Do you want site casting or not? That is really what you have to decided. If you want non-site casting, Capt Brad Schmidt in Port Sulpher, LA is who I recommend. He has the ability to handle a party of your size and you can stay in his east or west river side camps that are nice. If you want site casting, I would recommend going to the Biloxi marsh. That is a different deal. You will either have to stay in a mothership out in the marsh or make the run out there from land. Gjuro Bruer has a mothership. Another guy you can talk with is Greg Arnold.
  3. KimmerIII

    Gulf States to Manage Red Snapper

    thank god
  4. KimmerIII

    Where to get these hinges for Maverick Mirage II

    I have searched their website. I have found ones similar but not this finished side up hinge like this. Do you have any of these in your shop?
  5. The below hinges are what I am looking for a Maverick Mirage II. Anyone know where these come from? As you can see, one of mine is broken off.
  6. KimmerIII

    1998 Mirage HP ?

    the 90 2 stroke pushes it perfect. we just repowered to a 70f four stroke and are still messing with it trying to get it right.
  7. After just over 3,500 hours our original 2 stoke 90 died. After talking with Skip Lyshon, we went with the 70F. Trying different props out now. He recommend a 13 pitch which I hope to get on the boat soon. Anyone done this same repower and if so, what prop have you found best performance with?
  8. KimmerIII

    Gulf Shores Charter

    hopefully not too late for this. Try seaspray out of orange beach marina.
  9. KimmerIII

    Rain gear of choice

    I've tried about anything to stay dry running. We cross open water to get into the marsh to fish. I wear full waders with croc shoes (buy them 2 sizes bigger than normal). I wear a simms fleece tucked in the waders and then a simms jacket over the fleece and waders in the winter. I wear a paintball mask or ski goggles with a northface beanie. I take the mask off and wear a buff and a dry beanie once I get to the marsh to fish. Dryest and warmest I've even been. For the summer, I wear camo waterproof pants and a simms shell with a buff and this take it off when I get to where I am. Below is a pic of my dad. He does the same but buys converse shoes like 4 sizes bigger and wear them with waders.
  10. KimmerIII

    OT : fishing bachelor party ideas

    Call Brad Schmidt with Fishmaster in Port Sulpher, LA. We did this for a friend of mine. We stayed at his lodge and redfished. 504-458-8761. You can fly to NOLA and then drive down to Port Sulpher. It is about an hour from NOLA. You can either do a long weekend and stay at the camp and fish multiple days or fly in Thursday or Friday and fish one day and then go back and stay in NOLA for a day or night.
  11. One of the hinges on the front storage area of our mirage II broke. Who makes these hinges and does anyone know the part #or size?
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