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  1. Day5fishing

    Haulover Area

    Good evening all its been a while since I have driven the dikes in and around the haulover area. Are they all still open? Can you access Shiloh marsh rd from us 1 and go all the way to haulover. What about the rd on the south side of haulover call marguerite that run the rim of the lagoon all the way to national sea shore. thanks for your input Jim
  2. Day5fishing

    Reds devils elbow

    Link broken
  3. Day5fishing

    WTB Skiff under $10k

    You did well “grasshopper”
  4. Day5fishing

    Ideas for shop build

    Thanks JOSH for finding it. jim
  5. Day5fishing

    Ideas for shop build

    That's the one, I guessed the dimensions to be 40'x30' as well. I counted the studs inside. I love this garage Mahal.
  6. Day5fishing

    Ideas for shop build

    Hey guys and gals, Hope everyone fared ok in Irma. Sometime in 2015 there was a thread on ideas for shop builds. There was a 3 bay yellow building that caught my eye. Does anyone know this building and the details on it such as length, width and height. thanks for the help. Day5
  7. Day5fishing

    WTT Yeti 45

    That GPS must knock 10 mph off your top end speed
  8. Day5fishing

    Scallop Help

    That's what it's all about the kids had fun no bent props and a few scallops to top off a good grilled steak.
  9. Day5fishing

    Hewes Bayfisher 90 2 Stroke IMMACULATE

    It's also very very clean, nice boat, you should have no problem.
  10. Day5fishing

    Scallop Help

    Be very careful over there,are you familiar with the water? Very very tricky.
  11. Day5fishing

    Cedar Key stuff to do

    Be sure one night to check out Tony's restaurant. World famous clam chowder. It's *** good. Really not a lot to do, a perfect place to relax. Walk the Main Street hit the stores and you have done it all. Go have a good time before your life really changes(for the good).
  12. Day5fishing

    2014 Maverick HPX-S w/Yamaha F70

    Absolutely beautiful
  13. Day5fishing

    2009 Hpx-v for sale

    Link is showing an error.
  14. Day5fishing


    By the registration number it looks like South Carolina
  15. Day5fishing

    Anybody, anybody???

    I know this doesn't mean anything but their web site was created in 2016
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