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  1. D-linesider

    Loose console

    On the older ones people would Fiberglas them down as I recall.
  2. D-linesider

    Replace Pathfinder Fiberglass Cooler with Yeti

    I have a yeti 45 with a cushion that fits perfectly.
  3. D-linesider

    Replacing trim piston seals - Yamaha F115 and F150

    I did my f250, it was easier than changing the oil.
  4. D-linesider

    2700 Open

    Sounds like the perfect boat for you. Not for me, I would prefer twins.
  5. D-linesider

    2700 Open

    I would be a buyer if it could be rigged with twins
  6. D-linesider

    2006 Hewes 18 Redfisher

    Nice boat. You can tell it’s well taken care of by the pictures alone.
  7. Finish looks brand new! Great looking boat.
  8. D-linesider

    Boat Lift Light

    We have a motion detector on ours as well. Or you could buy a remote plug. I have this on my outdoor Christmas lights. Not sure what kind of range it has but it works like a charm.
  9. D-linesider

    This Is a Sunset

  10. D-linesider

    My 2007 2200TE-XL

    Can’t justify even considering a new one.
  11. D-linesider

    2007 2000V gel crack

    Off topic a bit, but in my opinion based on my observations of seeing multiple hulls with similar cracks almost always in the same area . I suspect a lot of these bottom of the hull delaminations and cracks might be from the bunks on the trailer. Maybe boats bouncing on them during trailering or coming in to hot when putting the boat on the trailer power loading who knows. I might be wrong but every since that thought has crossed my mind I am much more careful when loading my boat and trailering it.
  12. D-linesider

    First Car for Daughter. Looking for reviews.

    I have three daughters, I bought all of them Honda’s.One civic, one accord, and one CRV all brand new. The deal I have with them is they work and help pay for their cars, when they are paid off they are all theirs. I chose Hondas for three reasons, safety, reliability, and resale. I wanted them to have safe reliable fuel efficient transportation to get them through high school and college leaving them with cars that still have a fair amount of value towards their next car. My experience with VW and Audio are not so good. My recommendation is stick with Honda or Toyota.
  13. D-linesider

    A Towing Question...

    My buddy has a 250 SHO and you are correct it will hit the grease fitting oh his motor. Mine is an older F250 25” shaft and it isn’t even close to the fitting on my motor. I like your work around on the cracking PVC, I am going to give that a try.
  14. D-linesider

    A Towing Question...

    I also use this my wedge but with the weight of my F-250 the plastic keeps splitting. I have had to resort to using two, one on each ram. Problem solved.
  15. D-linesider

    What did you do to your boat today?

    She is a looker! Worth all the effort and now you can rest assured that she is better than new and ready to faithfully serve you and your family for a lifetime e of memories. Tight lines 👍🏻
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