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  1. johnd

    Nearshore Port Canaveral

    agree its short if it is over, heard someone say only 2 weeks this year which would be about right. But really short for our normal, hope it isnt done. Post a pic of the lid and can try snd figure it out. No - first small groups started in late Aug. Sept plenty, but so much wind not often we could get out. Two or 3 weeks ago we found school must have been 200 yards across. It's now mid-Oct, should be ending. out of town a bit, will post photo when I get back. Thanks.. ideas will be welcome
  2. johnd

    Drain fuel Tank

    if the fuel is maybe good.. use the pump, run it thru a fuel water filter, then put it back in.. or into the truck!
  3. johnd

    Nearshore Port Canaveral

    A bag was exactly my plan for cast net. Buddy brought his in a bucket.. funny though, I had already pulled a bag out and was on my porch to load. Not sure if the run has ended or we just need another blast of cold weather up north to give them a push. If it's over, was really quick this year. Still not sure about bait well lid - too much going on right now - so back to that project in the near future.
  4. johnd

    Fishing pole shortage !

    My wife would disagree.. something about too many fishing poles (in my office, on the back porch, on the boat, in the garage).
  5. a bit more wind (west) than anticipated, but such beautiful weather and with the 'new' Pathy took a 20 mile run along the beach yesterday. Water was dirty! Unlike just a few weeks ago, we didn't find any large schools of mullet. Could only net a few and they were big.. ended up catching crokers for live bait. Since we couldn't find much in the way of mullet 'run', fished outflows off the beach with jigs. Jacks and a few small ladyfish. Even tried live baiting around the north jetty and didn't find Snook or Reds. Short version: slow! Lots of the charter guys where nearshore looking like they were bending clients rods on Sharks. Really liked how the Pathy ran and rode. With two of us and the bait well filled was a bit slower to plane.. almost thinking different prop? Lots of room for two to fish, 7 rods - love the vertical rod holders in the console. Baitwell kind of a pain since previous owner put on poling platform, have to reach under platform to lift lid. (Thinking adding some kind of d ring or something so easier to lift hatch. Ideas?) Need something better than a bucket for cast net as there is no room a bucket will store. The new Seadek on the forward 'seat' area is really nice to step down from bow, no slip. Bright sunshine, still need to get a bimini for days like yesterday.
  6. johnd

    Fishing report

    Chlorophyll is the quick measurement that (I think) we layman might call algae (in microscopic size). Blue green is always present and brown may have been present (in minute quantities) for over a decade. Plant life is part of the natural environment. The 'problem' is the lagoons is EXCESS nutrients. There is no single cause, no "point source of pollution' like they had with chicken farms in the rivers that fed the Chesapeake or industrial waste in Tampa (for example). Fundamentally the cause is human population growth. Along the Space Coast in the 60's large numbers of people arrived and with that development (often in wetlands), loam from sod, organics, use of septic tanks, roads (that often drained directly to rivers), back then even city sewage plants dumped somewhat treated effluent directly into the rivers. Over time this changed the composition of the water, the chemistry and importantly the types of life. By the early 80's a very few fisherman and scientists begun to recognize the changes. The freeze a decade ago (in my view though others argue previous dates) was a tipping point. There has been a measurable loss of seagrasses - estimated as much as 70% of the seagrasses died (lack of sunlight due to algea blooms). According the some studies 'muck' (thick black oozy material that covers the bottom - it's mostly organics from runoff) holds nutrients and as it is disturbed it releases N back into the water column. Nothing grows in it either. That's why a major part of the Save The Lagoon funding is to remove muck. Septic tanks absolutely contribute, they were not designed to remove N and in sandy soil and high water tables they are worthless. That's why Brevard had a moratorium then issued new rules where they can not be used. It's why local and State funding is being used to remove septic and connect people to community wastewater systems (which by the way need improvement!). Roads and storm water runoff was addressed by drains to rivers during the hey day of development. Today you see ponds along roadways, new homes surrounding 'lakes' with natural grasses - these are ways to capture stormwater and nutrients before it goes into groundwater or rivers. Large and small projects to build catch basins, to retrofit, are underway. When my kids grew up we waded and the grass was up their waists and we caught trout & reds and ladyfish and trapped crabs etc etc. Took us 50 years to screw up our lagoon and with billions of $ and new attitudes maybe, just maybe, it will return to some semblance of health before my grandkids have their kids. Off my soapbox.
  7. johnd

    Fishing report

    Run off and what the scientists call 'atmospheric deposition" (rain). Rain is high in Nitrogen. We had no spring rain, water visibility was nothing short of amazing - doesn't mean water was healthy, just clean. Most of the seagrasses (all in the Banana River) are gone. Other than Culurpa (sp?) there is nothing to absorb nutrients. Water temps rose to high 80's, then rains hit. Water tables high and thousands of old septic tanks, run off, organics in the run off = green bloom. Dr. Jacoby (SJWM) recently did a presentation from their monitors that range from about Cape Canaveral to Vero.. spikes in chlorophyll immediately following May rains everywhere. Got out this morning and while couldn't site fish, landed a very fat 22" Trout (that's pretty big for around here), in fact my first over 20" this year in the areas I fish. I didn't hook up but watched some kids jump some little tarpon.. fished edges of mangroves, but even as the water recedes its still so high, if there are fish there they must be so far back in you would need a chainsaw to get to them.
  8. johnd

    Fishing report

    ouch! Pea green no vis river. Fished mangroves behind Cocoa Beach the other day. Nothing. Water so high (starting to recede) my guess any fish there were way up in the roots. Great day (last Sat) nearshore chasing huge schools of mullet (jacks, ladyfish, Tarpon).
  9. johnd

    Engine Won't Pee in Idle- Please Help

    you were offshore, so this may not help.. but i often ran skinny and mud, shells, etc would clog line.
  10. Re doing the new to me 1900 (and btw, first fish I caught on this boat a fighting little undersize Snook). The cushions were crap, well almost 20 years worn. The guys at Castaway Custom came thru! 20mm “soft” SeaDek.
  11. johnd

    new to me - photos

    Frog: no vessel view, older analog gauges. I did not retrofit, appears to have come from factory with SS in the console. Not sure if poling platform was stock or after market (its Birdsall) SC: I just took the hatches over to Castaway, easier for me. I went with the 20MM material, new 'soft', on the theory that maybe wife would sit there one day.. Can't see any use for cushions. Most helm pads are 13MM.. I felt the material and decided to go thicker. We will see. My lappy was 100% covered in SeaDek. On this boat probably only the forward hatches, cooler seat and a helm pad. Maybe cushion or maybe Dek as a backrest (on console front). Haven't decided about the forward raised deck.. it has non skid, but if it gets slippery I'll cover. When they get done I'll post photo.
  12. johnd

    Mullet run

    week before this non stop blow we ran the beach, north from Cape. Mullet just starting to show. Just to our east lots of small birds working, glass minnow schools loaded with Spanish mac. A blast on light tackle.. and a few 5-7lb 'bonita' mixed in really made the light rods bend. Small craft, wind blowing the trees and river this morning - think I'll find some on land projects
  13. johnd

    new to me - photos

    Mercury Mirage, 3 blade, SS 17P. 40kts is 46mph. Maybe I could find 4mph trimming a bit.. really not an issue for me. I tend to run most engines around 4K rpm and getting 30Kts works just fine.
  14. johnd

    new to me - photos

    Hope its ok to share - new to me 1900V. She's cleaning up quite well. Forward hatches are off and over at SeaDek to be covered with thick, new 'soft', instead of cushions. This morning splashed for the first time. Yes, its a 2002 so when I filled the bait well and stood in the rear, the dreaded 'wet foot'. (the clamshell outlets are right about the water line, same as my old Lappy after I repowered). Jumped onto plane. A little porpoising, but tabs controlled that. 4K a very comfortable 30Kts with two people, full fuel. 5200 she ran 39Kts and WOT at 5800 topped at 40Kts, so that's plenty of speed for me. TM worked as it should, PP worked as it should. Lights work. Baitwell works (new switch, new ground). There 'stereo' is mono, ha ha, only one speaker works, but that's no big deal to me. Garmin worked, down view only. Running over a few small boat wakes (it's flat on the river today) have to get used to the little bumping of a mono again (coming from last boat a catamaran). Excited as heck! Still stuff to do, but coming along really nice and (once the hatches back on) ready to put some blood on the decks!
  15. johnd

    Spot Lock issue / question

    as stated, very volt sensitive. Check your fuse. Should be 60 amp. Corrosion on the fuse is enough to create this problem.
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