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  1. johnd

    Hewes Redfisher 18 vs Pathfinder 1900v

    had my Redfisher 10 years.. still love that boat. Now have a Pathy1900V. VERY different boat. Loved to poll the Hewes, stalk in shallows.. took a chop pretty well.. lots of storage to put stuff. Can't poll the Pathy and while the RF I would run offshore, with the higher gunnels I 'feel' safer in the Pathy. With both can fish shorelines and reasonably skinny (say 14" even though both get a little skinnier ). Both do very well dryish flat ride in a chop. Cant walk the gunnels in the pathy, but standing at the helm gives better view than being right on the water with the skiff.
  2. johnd

    Cobia 240CC vs Robalo 242

    in days of old, Robalo was a brand for offshore boats many of us dreamed about. Today they seem much more a 'value' boat. Mid tier. And in days of old Cobia was, well a "low priced" to be nice. Today every one I have been on is well made, I would put in the upper mid tier. might come down to the layout and amenities, but if both work for you, personally I would buy todays Cobia vs. todays Robalo. Others might have different views.
  3. both very cool. Way beyond my skill set to build.. and time frame, pretty sure I can't get to local fabricator before this summer's adventures. Thank you.
  4. Ideas welcome. Summer here and taking the wife scolloping. Need something to make boarding easier.. (wife just never liked climbing on engine, grabbing platform and falling forward on the Redfisher deck... it was somewhat funny, but I would like to stay married) I would buy and mount a swim platform over the trim tab (port side). Heck, I will hang a temporary ladder over the gunnels. Any and all suggestions welcome. I have a couple of weeks to come up with solution. Thanks.
  5. johnd

    Just a general rant...

    talking with a 'buyer' ($300K plus boat) other day. He makes a fair offer (which my seller turns down!) - "buyer" goes on to tell me 'the boat is not worth this much! If it wasn't for COVID there is no way boat is worth this much" Well in fact he is correct, but it's the market. I honestly responded "if a frog had wings it wouldn't bump it's *** so often". In the last few weeks (just our small brokerage) a number of pre owned boats from $30K to $100K have sold for prices well higher than "makes sense" to me. Yeah, this too will pass. Was at a small mfg other day, 4 sold boats
  6. johnd

    MA 17 - moving the console to the side ??

    was fortunate to find an old Lappy Redfish with offset console. Came to love that layout.. 'dance floor' just seemed larger. Never seen on an MA from factory, but imagine would be great. Do it and post up photos.
  7. johnd

    Need all members help

    I carry a PLB in my ditch bag - inshore, offshore (and EPRIBs on the offshore boats I fish) Hope i never have to use. State of Florida gives a discount annually on boat renewal when you have PLB/EPIRB. That is a good government incentive. Insurance companies could do likewise. Incentive vs. mandatory. It's not about the cost of these devices, heck we all have fishing reels that cost more than a device, to me it's simply about expanding role of government.
  8. johnd

    2009 Cobia bay?

    Thanks for info
  9. johnd

    T top on a Flats boat

    Had a bimini on mine.. used infrequently (mostly while wife on board scolloping). No way would I want a t top.. but its your boat.
  10. johnd

    2009 Cobia bay?

    buddy looking at 2009 Cobia bay (21') Is this an MBG product? any thoughts. Use inshore rivers, light near shore. Mostly fishing, some sandbar with grandkids. THX
  11. The 'new' Pathy came with a Powerpole and having had Talons on the Hewes and other boat, I am somewhat unfamiliar with PP operations. Its was frustrating and really slow to deploy. I was working the Stuart Boat Show last weekend and Blake, from PP, stopped by our booth to introduce himself. I was honest and told him my disappointment about speed - well turns out I should have read the manual or watch a video. It's really simple to program the speed of the PP deployment. Blake was helpful, explaining to me how and when he used different deploy speeds in different fishing situations. Sharin
  12. johnd

    Powerpole vs talon

    Most will disagree with me. Had Talons on Hewes and another boat, have PP on Pathfinder. Both seem to hold well in similar conditions. Talon is faster down and up. Talon lets me 'anchor' in tighter spaces. I prefer the Talon That said, not sure either is a 'bad' choice and PP reputation for customer service is outstanding.
  13. johnd

    MBG acquired by Malibu Boat Group

    Congratulations Scott - you and team built a great company. I really hope Skip, Charlie and all the folks who make this work can stay (and that new ownership will listen to them). Any chance they will bring back the Lappy? (just had to ask
  14. johnd

    1999 1806T - Did I buy a Unicorn?

    someone more knowledgeable than I will respond... I just bought a 2002 1900V. I think the 18 evolved as did the 1900... into different hulls. heck, buddy still fishes his 17T in skinny water. Welcome to the family. Enjoy.
  15. johnd

    What was your favorite gift this year!!!

    seem to have all the 'things' we need.. so each of us gave the other one small physical gift. My gift this Christmas was 'breaking mom out' of the Sr Living community and having her join us for 3 days. 89 years old and she often tells me "don't know how many more of these holidays I have, so lets enjoy this one."
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