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  1. smilemaker

    2400 TRS Lowrance total scan transducer location?

    In the pocket as far right as the flat part before it curves or as I did mount it from the top.
  2. You would think that a manufacturer would do it at their plant before shipping. Easier and cheaper to do on a large scale and it would increase sales once knowledgeable customers find out about them.
  3. Tip for the future. First cuts should be with a hole saw having the proper radius. Just place hole saw on the hatch to check. Then cut the straight lines to connect.
  4. From the console I was able to go almost 90 degrees to the side and then back to the transom along the side. You just have to look for an opening from under the console. Forget about the rigging tube. It is useless and for the most part just holds water around everything that is in it.
  5. smilemaker

    Dakota Batteries

    I have advocated the benefits of the yandina system on here for years. Another advantage over the stealth system is that you can switch it from 36/24 volts to all of the tm batteries in 12 volt parallel. For those sand bar days you will never run out of power. Geeviam, pm me and I will explain how I can put all 5 of the batteries on my 2200 te into parallel using 2 blue seas switches.
  6. smilemaker

    21 RF Leak under livewell

    The biggest problem with the thruhull for the drain is the diameter needed. When you see the size and price thoughts change.
  7. smilemaker

    04 2200TE throttle cable length

    Just generally stiff. With the age I figured new cables are pretty much needed. I'll do it myself so at just over 100 bucks for the 2 cables it should be an easy job.
  8. smilemaker

    04 2200TE throttle cable length

    Miss Jazzy Same hull different cap but the length should be the same. As mentioned too long is workable within reason but too short is no go. The printed end must be at the motor so can't tell until pulled but would like the parts here beforehand.
  9. smilemaker

    Happy Boy

    I put the marpac shark eye lights on a few years ago. The starboard light failed and had to put old one back on. They are supposed to have a warranty but good luck if you need to get in touch with them.
  10. smilemaker

    04 2200TE throttle cable length

    Thanks Any confirmation on the 16 ft 2200 te pathfinder
  11. smilemaker

    04 2200TE throttle cable length

    Does anyone know the numbers or length of the shift and throttle cable for an 04 2200te with yamaha hpdi? Starting to get a little stiff and wanted to replace before they fail
  12. You will need to make a larger hatch. Mine is a conglomeration of small pie holes. Wish it was one neater one.
  13. I replaced the supply in my 04 22TE I could not remove the original hose. It is easier to go to the starboard side and snake the hose down the side. A little patience and an electrical snake will make it a doable job.
  14. smilemaker

    Hatch Latch 2015

    They are made by gemlux The emblem on the bottom is their logo
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