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  1. smilemaker

    2016 Pathfinder TTop frame CRACKED

    sorry to see things like this. these are some great pictures of failures and hopefully some experts like Outlaw and others can turn this into an educational experience. when looking at most of these ttop failures they all seem to look similiar. is there anything to be said on possible causes thst may help those with ttops learn and understand.
  2. smilemaker

    18 master angler with 300 etec

    the biggest factor for its top end will be if it has a pad or a pocket on the transom. a pad will allow it to get up and go. not sure how bad it will chine walk
  3. smilemaker

    Spot Lock issue / question

    it appears that the batteries are right on. if there is a bad cell it will go straight to red bad area. if the battery is getting weak it will drop below its rated level
  4. smilemaker

    Spot Lock issue / question

    you need to know the CCA of your battery. charge the battery fully and allow to rest a couple of hrs put the load tester on and and look at the gauge while you holding the button for about 10 sec. read the gauge at the needle and compare for your CCA
  5. smilemaker

    Fishing pole shortage !

    nothing is ever new. out of the package and dirty before it gets home and you have had it for awhile. Also cash is king as there is no bill to see.
  6. smilemaker

    Drain fuel Tank

    It will be easier to buy a cheap external fuel pump from auto parts store and take the fuel hose off of the fuel water separater
  7. smilemaker

    Possible warped hatch or not aligned?

    first question Has it always been that way.? Does it rock side to side? are the hinges bent from something being under the lid and it being stepped on? if no to the above take all hardware off and check fit.
  8. Outlaw you opened the secret process question. Do you take a torch or heatgun to the starboard just enough to get it dull and loose the shine? Have had some luck doing so with stickers and lettering. It makes a difference but still has its limitations.
  9. looks like a handrail. you see a lot of them on shallow draft boats for us older men.
  10. smilemaker

    New 22 TRS is here!

    that sounds about right the 4 blade will put you down to 50 but if you pull tubes and skiers you will need the 4 blade. alsoyou will get aggravated with blow outs in moderate turns. always nice to have speed but the 4 blade may be a better all around prop
  11. smilemaker

    Power Pole Question

    phillips is 5606 spec
  12. smilemaker

    24’ Pathfinder Casting Platform

    does it come with an elevator to get to the top. I am sure it is angle of picture but how tall is it
  13. smilemaker

    Power Pole Question

    almost any hydraulic system will love phillips 66 aviation hydraulic fluid. real high specs and tolerances I would drain existing fluid and replace. while apart if the hole in plastic tank is small heat and a knife can usually weld it back together
  14. smilemaker

    New 22 TRS is here!

    nice looking in the water trailer needs slight modification.
  15. smilemaker

    2500 forward bunks wearing gel coat....

    the bunks are telling you where the high spots are. I would remove the carpet and take an electric hand planer or just an old fashion plane and bevel those edges real heavy. replace carpet and watch for further early wear
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