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    Born and raised in W Palm Beach (when it was still part of FL) fished and hunted ever since. Now in the Atlanta area but have a place in Panama City Beach FL . Try to get at least one salt trip each month.
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  1. Limitless


    That's a thing of beauty, Capt Don. Sure to work on Roosters!
  2. Limitless

    SOLD!!!: 2015 Jayco Jay Flight 23MB

    So it cannot remain on the spot where it is and has to be moved?
  3. Limitless

    chili------beans or no beans?

    BEANS . . . absolutely!! All you have to do is watch the campfire scene in Blazing Saddles and you'll know you can never leave the beans out!
  4. Limitless

    2007 Redfisher 16

    Get in touch with Marcus (funky Monkey) at Power Tech Props. He will have the solution for you with a 4 blade.
  5. Limitless

    Cooler for 2008 RF 16

    I'm using a 35q that's 25" wide and plenty of room to stand on. I have the Engel and like it better than Yeti (I refuse to pay more for their advertising campaign). Check out Engel v. Yeti; Engel consistently scores better. BTW, where are you located in GA? I'm in Sandy Springs and looking at pulling together a GA Hewes event group some time.
  6. Limitless

    Performance Trailer Axle Replacement

    I just replaced my axle, springs and hubs about 6 months ago. The site below was fantastic; they have a tutorial that walks you through the measurements and the cost and shipping was far better than I ever expected! Check them out: https://www.boattrailerparts.com/Categories_c_209.html
  7. Limitless

    Temporary Boat Storage

    You're probably around 15 to 18 miles from Destin, so if in the water one of the marinas should have a transient slip available that time of year. If you want it on the trailer you'll have to just start calling self storage places - not fun and they dont open early in the mornings to be able to get it out to fish.
  8. Limitless

    Rf16 vs Rf18

    I have had 2 18s and 3 16s. The 18' is actually 18' 10" and the 16 is 16' 6", and the 18s definitely feel heavier and ride a little better in chop. The 16 handles the chop pretty well too though. You can fish 3 in the 16 but much more comfortably in the 18. I dont do a lot of poling but the 16 is easier comparatively. I am on my third 16 because I single-hand often and it's very easy to launch, fish, and retrieve that the 18. There's not a real difference in the draft and shouldn't matter unless you're going to be in the back country hitting less than 18" flats a lot.; matter of fact - the new ones are almost the same. If you want to keep it in the garage, the 16 is easier but the 18 will fit with a swing-tongue trailer. I think you're going to be very happy with which ever you choose. I want to point out that these are just my opinions, and you may certainly hear other ideas. Welcome to the forum, you may want to reach out on here to folks in your area for an owner that would give you a ride in a Hewes. Good luck with your hunt.
  9. You can get a Natl Parks annual pass for $80 good for 12 months from purchase date. If you plan to go to any other parks it's better than paying $30 for a one time deal.
  10. Limitless

    House for rent

    Not all Monroe County requires 30 days. Key Colony, Marathon, VentureOut on Cudjoe and Duck Key are some that allow shorter stays. Check some of the local rental management companies like rentalsfloridakeys.com. VRBO has become a real ripoff deal.
  11. Limitless

    Rhodan Install

    Just a heads up on the Ram Mount stabilizer: don't turn the knob to loosen all the way! As you'll see it's spring loaded and will fly apart if loosened too much. Replacements cost about $35 for the parts you'll lose over board. I'm still trying to figure out a way too jury rig mine so it can't come apart.
  12. Limitless

    Trolling motor opinion

    What boat? Regardless, like I said "you should check with the company".
  13. Limitless

    Information Resource for Simrad NSS evo3

    Good info, thanks Dave. I'll be watching. I've been having trouble getting my side-scan dialed in.
  14. Limitless

    Trolling motor opinion

    I dont know what boat you're mounting it on, but most of the MBG boats have an aluminum plate glassed in on the port bow for trolling motor installs, you should check with the company. Also, in a lot of cases you can reach up under the bow deck from the anchor locker and feel the plate.
  15. Limitless

    Fishing Panama City Beach

    The flats in West Bay in 5' or less for Trout and Redfish with bait, plastics and/or flies. Plenty of good grass flats back there holding fish - live shrimp, Gulps, jigs and plastics, Electric Chicken and Clouser flies. There's a good ramp under the hwy 79 bridge that goes over the West Bay where it becomes the IWC. Check the area out on Google Earth to really find some good flats. Also, if you have a really flat day there's Pompano along the shore east of the pass and Spanish and Blues. Keep an eye out for Reds too.
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