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    Born and raised in W Palm Beach (when it was still part of FL) fished and hunted ever since. Now in the Atlanta area but have a place in Panama City Beach FL . Try to get at least one salt trip each month.
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  1. Limitless

    Fishing Panama City Beach

    The flats in West Bay in 5' or less for Trout and Redfish with bait, plastics and/or flies. Plenty of good grass flats back there holding fish - live shrimp, Gulps, jigs and plastics, Electric Chicken and Clouser flies. There's a good ramp under the hwy 79 bridge that goes over the West Bay where it becomes the IWC. Check the area out on Google Earth to really find some good flats. Also, if you have a really flat day there's Pompano along the shore east of the pass and Spanish and Blues. Keep an eye out for Reds too.
  2. Limitless

    Rhodan Trolling Motors

    I just put a 36v 120# thrust on my 26' offshore boat. I love it; fished in 2' - 3' choppy waves and very strong current last weekend and it held on my numbers great. I think that model would probably pull skis on a Pathy. I had it installed by a young man that has a company in Sarasota that came to Panama City to do 3 installs over a weekend. He is an authorized installer and did a very neat and professional job. His shop is "There She Glows" a marine lights and electronics company.
  3. Limitless

    PF22TE Gunnel caulking and rod rack elastic looops

    Yep, as Bernie said, just bungees. They have the stuff by the foot at West Marine and the stainless loops to crimp it together.
  4. Limitless

    Highway 41 Coming Alive!

  5. Limitless

    Grandson Beats The Drum

    Good trip; great to get those boys out for some fish.
  6. Limitless


    Unfortunately it's not just kids. Also it's Broward Co too and the marinas are closed to the launch of slipped or dry storage boats. The only exemptions are for the commercials and folks who have private docks. It is an absolute absurdity to do that to stop a small percentage from rafting up. Hell's bells, just enforce no rafting.
  7. Limitless

    Rewire Project - '00 Hewes Bonefisher

    I admire your commitment. My 16' is a 2004 and I have done almost everything but a rewire. It's about time I tackled it. I think over the years every time something was removed or added the old wiring was just left. Looks like an explosion in a spaghetti factory. One thing I have done is rewire the trim tabs. The wire from the actuators come through the transom into the bilge. I pulled new wire form the switch on the console and connected to the wire in the bilge and sealed it as good as I could with double shrink wrap. If you still have the "pie hole" hatch in the splash well for bilge access you're going to have to replace it with the largest rectangular hatch that will fit inorder to work in the bilge. If you search on line there are some available the use 4 latches on the corners so the covers are removable instead of just hinged on one side. That will make it a lot easier to pull wires and to do connections in the bilge. Also, you should be able to pull heavy mono to the under gunnel lights using the wire that;s there now. Same is true to replace the fold down stern light on the poling platform. Post up reports and pics as you go. Good luck.
  8. Limitless

    South Georgia....

    Shoot yeah! That's a pretty dang good day anywhere.
  9. Limitless

    Rigging Hose Pictures

    I think you just need a longer hose. As guys have said, I'd be concerned about weakening the splash well "floor", and a longer hose mounted where the original was should alleviate the kinking. Also forgive my pic with the dirty well, as you can see I have my Simple Green out to take care of that.
  10. Limitless

    Best motor for a Redfisher 18 Lappy

    Some time ago, I had an engine that behaved just like yours - ran fine until put in gear and increased throttle. After "fixing" several things that I thought might be the problem, I finally had it checked out and was told by the mechanic that it was the "staters" whatever those are. The shop installed new ones and it worked great.
  11. Limitless

    Like Clockwork

    Very nice! Good to see some one getting out with the long rod and catching. I'm trapped in rain soaked N Georgia. BTW, thanks for your help with the Boykin Spaniel Rescue group.
  12. Great report and nice Snook! The song, not so much.
  13. Limitless

    Owners funiment

    Like Muddy said, the owners' tournaments are for all MBG owners. There are usually 3 - Islamorada, Pine Island Sound and South Carolina coast.
  14. Limitless

    Maverick in Sebastian Inlet

    The guy is a local guide and certainly should have known better. He could have run the beach to Fort Pierce inlet. One of those "hey, hold my beer" moments.
  15. Limitless

    Perko clamp on rod holders

    I would take two of the good ones for $60. I just cant use 4. Let me know.
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