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    2007 Maverick 17 HPX-V, Yamaha 90 HP 2 Stroke, PowerTech 17 PTR 3, Carbon Marine Loop Push Pole, Caron Marine custom casting platform, Tibor Push Pole Caddy, Cobra Marine VHF, Minnkota Riptide 80 lb 24 volt trolling motor, Fushion MarineStereo, Garmin GP
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    HR & Benefits Consulting
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    Fishing, cruising on the Harley, Outlaw Country Music
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    Plantation, Florida
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    David Stoots

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  1. Big Dave

    1.47 +/- Acre Marina on Conch Key For Sale

    I'l split it with you!
  2. Big Dave

    The Ghost Is Back !!!

    5.625 mpg. I ran 78 on Friday and put 15 gallons in at Jimmy's (20 gallon tank). You're doing a little better than me with the 70!
  3. Big Dave

    2000 Maverick Master Angler 17 -- SOLD!

    What a beautiful boat!
  4. It's for display use only!
  5. Big Dave

    2021 Islamorada tournament

    Jeeze, Chuck you've been through the ringer. Last November I had CMC PAL Suspensionplasty with an internal brace ligament augmentation in my right thumb (basically reconstruction). Previously, I had two surgeries on that thumb for torn ulnar collateral ligament. Then, I also had FCR tendon surgery in that same wrist. So, my right hand has been a train wreck (too many years of football, baseball, rugby, etc.). Now I have stenosing tenosynovitis (trigger finger) in my right hand as well, so I'm seeing a hand surgeon for that in a couple of weeks. And, the thumb on my left hand will likely need the same surgery I had on the right last fall. Oh the joys of getting older! Pray your surgery is successful and you have full recovery.
  6. Big Dave

    Shark Problem

    I was in Louisiana last week. One guide's perspective on the problem is that the DWH oil spill has led to the problem. He thinks the absorbent that was used after the spill has pushed the sharks inland. Who knows.
  7. Big Dave

    Nice day out of Islamorada

    Congratulations on the new Pathy and on a great start to fishing! Thanks for posting.
  8. Big Dave

    2021 Islamorada tournament

    What kind of surgery are you having? My hands are a train wreck! I've had 4 surgeries on my right hand/thumb in the past several years, now need to have surgery for trigger finger on the same hand, plus will probably have same surgery on left thumb that I had in November on my right hand. If I can ever help or offer any advice, let me know.
  9. FlatsClass YouTube
  10. Big Dave

    Has The Used Boat Market Gone Completely Crazy ?

    Boat + Rig for sale. $100K.
  11. He's a civilian mariner--Maine Maritime Academy graduate. Sailed with the Military Sealift Command for 8-9 years and is now running a tug in Norfolk. Plans to be a Navy pilot. Here's a link to a full post on MS Forum about our trip. We had a blast! I've heard from a couple folks down that way--this storm was no joke. Louisiana: Trip to NOLA, Buras and Houma. Let the Bon Temps Rouler!
  12. Was blessed to spend the day with my son, Captain T. Bryan Stoots, today. We launched at the backcountry ramp at first light and ran out to the Gulf and up towards the creeks and rivers to fish the falling tide. The water was as dirty as I have ever seen it, and what looked like algae to me was prevalent in Whitewater Bay and Oyster Bay. Water temps were high. We caught 4 snook and 1 trout and Bryan lost what most likely was a very large Goliath Grouper, but could have been a snook. Not a great day from a fishing standpoint, but it was wonderful to have him with me on the boat for the day.
  13. Big Dave

    Prayers heading out

    Yes, thankfully we left on Thursday. Hard to believe we were right down in Cocodrie, near landfall. I've been praying for all those down in the Gulf region. Ida looks nasty. Ron Ratliff told me he did evacuate and is about 30 miles inland. He said it's the worst he's ever experienced.
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