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    2007 Maverick 17 HPX-V, Yamaha 90 HP 2 Stroke, PowerTech 17 PTR 3, Carbon Marine Loop Push Pole, Caron Marine custom casting platform, Tibor Push Pole Caddy, Cobra Marine VHF, Minnkota Riptide 80 lb 24 volt trolling motor, Fushion MarineStereo, Garmin GP
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    HR & Benefits Consulting
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    Fishing, cruising on the Harley, Outlaw Country Music
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    Plantation, Florida
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    David Stoots

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  1. Big Dave

    Dan James Custom Rod Combos for Sale

    These are custom made rods. Barley used.
  2. Big Dave

    Dan James Custom Rod Combos for Sale

    Help me put a "SOLD SOLD SOLD" edit on this post!
  3. Big Dave

    Dan James Custom Rod Combos for Sale

    Bump for nice combo's!
  4. Big Dave

    trolling motor paint recommendation

    I've used truck bed line paint from Rust Oleum.
  5. I have a pair of Dan James custom rods for sale--model is DJ7/10-20. These are 7' medium action rods rated for 10-20 pound line. Each is paired with a Daiwa BG 3000 reel. Both sets, rods and reels, are in excellent condition. Would prefer to sell as a pair. Asking $500 for the pair, or $275 for one combo. Prefer not to ship. Local South Florida (Broward County) pickup. DM me with questions or if interested in buying. Thanks for looking!
  6. Big Dave

    ENP - May 2021

    That's terrific! Treasure those times with your dad.
  7. Big Dave

    Ultimate trolling motor set-up for MA 18.5

    Personal opinion of course, but that's what you asked for! I would get the Terrova instead of the Ulterra. Too many issues with the Ulterra.
  8. Big Dave

    Mounting 12 Unit on Console

    2nd on the BalzOut mounts. Great product, great customer service. If the mount that is included with your unit works ok (fits well, provides good viewing angle, etc.), that will probably be fine. But if you want the abiliity to maneuver the MFD around at all (in bright sunlight to get a better angle, up above the wheel, etc.), then the BalzOut mounts are the way to go.
  9. And people wonder why it costs so much to have a boat totally restored... Might drop by later after church.
  10. Charcoal color, like new. Yeti's carry-the-day, tough-as-nails Hopper® soft cooler has one big update. They’ve re-engineered the opening to offer a wide mouth for easy loading and unloading. It closes almost on its own with Yeti's HydroShield™ Technology – a strip of ultra-strong magnets – then is secured with two Quick-Release Buckles to ensure it can withstand being tossed around. New price $300. For sale @$225. Local South Florida area only. DM me with questions or if interested. Thank you.
  11. Big Dave


    Would have been perfect for a young, new driver.
  12. Big Dave

    Running Livewell Overnight

    Just use artificial baits! Use that bait well for extra storage!
  13. Big Dave

    ENP May 23

    There's no reason to take that corner so tight that you run the risk of a collision.
  14. Big Dave

    ENP May 23

    I understand it was Captain Brandon Acosta. The other boat was an older Hewes. The captain in the Hewes may have been in the wrong. Captain Brandon told a friend of mine that the Hewes ran right over his bow causing him to roll over. Brandon got some cuts from oysters and his dad is complaining about back pains. Another one of our friends was able to right the boat last night and get it on the trailer. Lost all his fly rods and other gear. He was on his way yesterday afternoon to go see if he can find anything else.
  15. Big Dave

    ENP May 23

    Just across from OR, where the channel marker is (and the oyster bars!).
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