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  1. MuddyBottomBluz

    Fiberglass repair

    SouthernWake is correct, Because of the damage a structural component (fiberglass) will need to be used and then gelcoat for finishing. Grinder to a boat is like drilling a hole in a new boat for the first time, scary at first but you understand it is a necessary evil!
  2. MuddyBottomBluz

    Oil/fuel in Bildge? 2000 16’ Bayfisher

    By the way, that little random screw that is laying on top of the tank may seem harmless, however it can lead to porosity/corrosion when you throw some salt water or air in the mix. Many of tank have met an early demise because from random screws or miscellaneous metal contact with an aluminum tank causing electrolysis.
  3. MuddyBottomBluz

    Oil/fuel in Bildge? 2000 16’ Bayfisher

    Double click this picture in the original post and it opens up right side up, then zoom in around the fuel line and you can see what looks like epoxy poured down the top and side of the tank.
  4. MuddyBottomBluz

    Need a New TM

    I heard about the price match, so yes when you know you need a specific item like a regulator or trolling motor, GPS/Fishfinder doing the research and getting a price match is a good thing. But when you need a part such as a hinge, butt connectors, wire, a filter, etc. when in the middle of a project and do not have time to do "research" the prices advertised make me shake my head and walk out and just order on-line and have it shipped to the house.
  5. MuddyBottomBluz

    Need a New TM

    That's a first!
  6. MuddyBottomBluz

    What Happened

    Nice to see up in you're neck of the woods!
  7. MuddyBottomBluz

    New LAPPY limited edition 21 Redfisher!

    Many of us on this forum have just recovered from the loss of the lappy! We have completed our therapy, worked the steps and thought everything was fine; then this! Not Cool!
  8. MuddyBottomBluz

    Hiding nav light wiring in anchor locker

    If you do not have a wire chase/conduit to the bow then you could always use a wire mold in the area. Self adhesive but I would still re-enforce with a more permanent adhesive. Cover snaps on and off for adding additional wires, and best of all cheap! https://www.homedepot.com/p/Legrand-Wiremold-Non-Metallic-PVC-Raceway-5-ft-Wire-Channel-White-NMW1/100038290
  9. MuddyBottomBluz

    ski behind redfisher 18

    Hydro slided, used the D-rings on the stern with bridel. I would not put the stress on the platform unless you know it has good backing plates and through bolted.
  10. MuddyBottomBluz

    What did you do to your boat today?

    Funny thing, if you click the picture it comes out in the correct orientation??
  11. MuddyBottomBluz

    What did you do to your boat today?

    You all know those drains that don't really drain all the water out of a compartment, especially the vertically mounted ones. This was the before and you see the hole the previous owner drilled to let all of the water drain out. Without the hole it would hold almost an inch of water leading to mold. So I did this and will install an in-line valve to hold the ice & cold water in the compartment, no plug needed. Sorry for the sideways pic's. Yes the boat is a little dirty but working on getting it ready for the season, washing it is the last thing on the list!
  12. MuddyBottomBluz

    New lesson learned

    I got a cat story for ya; My old Redfisher (89) had the gas tank mounted above deck and it was visible like most older Hewes and it had gaps on the side that went into the forward storage compartment. Well one day I went out and the carpeting on the boat is ripped to shreds, yes exposed side of gas tank was carpeted along with underside of the gunwales. The deck on the forward hatch was all scratched up, boat was a mess! Well come to find out my little mutt dog was jumping around the boat and then jumped in the boat and went straight to the front hatch, that's when I realized who did the damag
  13. MuddyBottomBluz

    Swim platform

    I will be installing a swim platform on my bay boat, but I went a little different route. Similar to brew's but two modifications. Rather than have the hinges on top of the platform for a ladder as in the picture I purchased a ladder for a deck boat, that has the same extension ladder, but mounts under the platform and slides into it's own housing under the platform so no hinges to stub a toe or cut yourself on top of the platform, especially for little ones. I had to edit this part because I forgot about the fact that as I get older my @$$ is getting a little bigger as well and
  14. Careful Dino, isn't that how you found it?
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