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  1. MuddyBottomBluz

    trolling motor paint recommendation

    The white appliance epoxy only comes in one standard white color, makes the decision and touchup easy!
  2. MuddyBottomBluz

    trolling motor paint recommendation

    I've used RustOleum appliance epoxy from the big box hardware stores. Single part and easy enough to have extra at anytime for touch up.
  3. MuddyBottomBluz

    Brown Lines in Hull

    I would think the same thing B that is why I believe it is a stain. Kinda like bringing your car back to the dealer for waterspots after washing it. However I would think the dealer would be able to tell if it was a manufacturing defect, but one would think it would have been there prior to purchase. Hopefully the OP will update us and clarify.
  4. MuddyBottomBluz

    Brown Lines in Hull

    Sorry, meant anodizing on the aluminum trailer. Rustaid can be wiped on with a sponge to target a specific area rather than spraying, just wear gloves. You will need to re-wax the area when finished.
  5. MuddyBottomBluz

    Brown Lines in Hull

    There ya have it folks, that easy! Just cover the aluminum trailer as it will remove the oxidizing on it.
  6. MuddyBottomBluz

    Corrosion Protection

    Interesting read FC, thanks for sharing! All the replies were interesting as well. What I would be interested in as well is the effects of these products on rubber and wire insulations under the cowling. Rubber's and plastics do not do well when they come in contact with petroleum products. For trailers many of the products are satisfactory. I can tell you, firsthand, that if you have a breakdown on the water and go under the cowling for a repair, something as simple as replacing a fuse can be real sporty when your engine is covered in sticky stuff that is not simply wiped off!
  7. MuddyBottomBluz

    Running Livewell Overnight

    Get a collapsible one with soft sides, netting, kinda what Lapitup was talking about. You get a hard sided plastic container they will beat themselves up. Make sure it is big enough to allow them to swim freely. Mine keeps them alive and well only to have some scumbags come by in the middle of the night and steal my bait!!!
  8. MuddyBottomBluz

    Corrosion Protection

    No pricing for the item. When I add to cart it only allows in store pick up. I went to one of the stores that show it in stock on Saturday and nothing! I would like to find out why because it was good stuff at a great price! They still continue to carry all other Blaster products.
  9. MuddyBottomBluz

    ENP - May 2021

    That's some good stuff right there! Thanks for sharing.
  10. MuddyBottomBluz

    Corrosion Protection

    That's it B but believe it or not HD had it for under $5 a can! I have not heard of either of these products but will definitely look into it! Thank you.
  11. MuddyBottomBluz

    Corrosion Protection

    Well I have been looking for my Blaster Corrosion Protectant Spray at multiple Home Depot stores in South Florida and have found none. They have apparently discontinued carrying it for some reason. I like the protection it provides and is cheap enough you don't have to skimp on it and cover everything. I have used T-9 Boeshield in the past but can be expensive and leaves a sticky yellow film on everything after it dries. Good for areas you do not touch to often like trailer axles, etc. I bought some Corrosion X at $20 a can that I will be using on my trailer, I hear it is good stuff but
  12. MuddyBottomBluz

    02 Pathfinder 22

    I'd rather spend my hard earned money on something, well like this.........................................https://offerup.com/item/detail/1212486557?cid=5.4 WTF!
  13. Brilliant! I was teaching my daughter how to drive the bayboat the other weekend and the kill switch laynard was getting wrapped up in the steering wheel/turning knob and we both said there had to be a better way, and we just found it! Thanks Jim! Enough messing around, get back to work Dino!
  14. MuddyBottomBluz

    Cordless Spotlight

    I am leaning towards the Stanley, remember I still have to put gas in the boat! The tech is getting better and better, long gone are the halogen days. I agree with the lightbar issue. The people who put them on their vehicles and use them on the roads are fools, maybe the spotlight will come in handy and blast them and see how they like it. I guess reading comprehension is declining in this country, "Off Road Use Only"..........what does that mean?
  15. MuddyBottomBluz

    Cordless Spotlight

    I posted this a few years ago and the one I purchased died and the battery is just as expensive as a new light. Since there are some new folks on here I thought I would ask again, or if one of the "older" forum folk picked up a new one you are happy with then let me hear what ya got! I am headed to the keys for 2 weeks and want to do some night fishing and prefer not having to deal with a cord.
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