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  1. MuddyBottomBluz

    New Wax on the Market from a Startup

    I had a few e-mails back and forth with the gentlemen. Brush/wipe on and allow to sit in the sun and the gelcoat absorbs it filling all the porous holes and eliminates oxidation and prevents any future oxidation. Price is reasonable he says he had in tested in Florida for below the waterline and prevented growth, same application. I am just passing it along as a FYI, I might give it a shot! ***I HAVE NO AFFILIATION WITH THIS COMPANY OR PRODUCT JUST THOUGHT I WOULD PASS IT ALONG*** They make an Arizona hot car wax you apply the same way, no rubbing or buffing, let the sun do the work. The Last Effort Garage link at the bottom is where to order in Florida. By the way; you do not need to have a facebook account to open and view the Boat Wax link. Link to facebook page with reviews and pictures: Boat Wax Boat Wax Boat Wax. 224 likes ยท 4 talking about this. lasts one full year. The first test was done 18 months ago in Venice Florida. Most of my sales have gone to Florida. If you want to try it a distributor can sell you a 12oz jar order online at: www.lasteffortgarage.com
  2. MuddyBottomBluz


    Glad you and the family are okay, trees grow back! I remember that, he needs to start parking his skiffs in an open field!
  3. MuddyBottomBluz

    WTB ??? What's going on ?

    Just went there! The pictures are pretty but that's about all you're gonna get!
  4. MuddyBottomBluz

    Loose console

    Tell that to my neighbor who bought my old Mako, he had the replace the gas tank. Needless to say I was generous with the 5200 but I think he's still cussing me after 15 years!
  5. MuddyBottomBluz

    1987 16' Bayfisher - Hope for Best, Expect the Worst

    Going to be a labor of love fur sure! That is not the original platform and from the looks of the repair area you've shown, an attempt was made to fix a few soft spots in the floors, which is typical! My old boat flowed water when I was removing the screws for the tabs. You have original spray rails, that was a big source of water coming into my bilge, screws loose, holes where screw had been relocated. When I removed them it looked like the boat had been in the Vietnam war going down the Mekong Delta and got shot up pretty good, there were so many holes, I think I counted 36 on one side.
  6. MuddyBottomBluz

    New-to-Me 2000 Bayfisher

    Nice combination of boat & motor. Enjoy and keep us posted on any and all updates.
  7. MuddyBottomBluz

    Battery question

    Yes, you should have gone with the cranking/deep cycle (dual purpose). BUT, during cranking the motor pulls some serious amps and causes a low voltage condition, no matter what battery and chilling at a sand bar or anchored with no motor running will reduce available voltage fast. Most marine electronics protect themselves in low voltage conditions, typically 11/10.5 or less. Next time turn the battery switch to both, if applicable, and see what happens. Others will chime in, I'm sure.
  8. MuddyBottomBluz

    Thanks Bubba B

    Dang Bubba! You're making me a rockstar. Had a zoom meeting with Miami Dade County Government Co-workers today and took my camera and showed them the tracks and projections that continually update, everybody asked for the link. However I just gave them the link for the specific radar loops. I told them I am not gonna revile my sources, admit to nothing and deny everything, words I live by. Here's a safe retirement project for you, start a website like this guy did https://spaghettimodels.com/ he has sponsors and all sitting on his @$$ and making money.
  9. MuddyBottomBluz

    WTB 16-18 Redfisher or 17-18 MA

    Check this one out Fin,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, https://offerup.com/item/detail/923436381/
  10. MuddyBottomBluz

    1987 16' Bayfisher - Hope for Best, Expect the Worst

    Great project! Yes it is a wood boat. 150 on that, better fix the transom and soft spots first. I know Mr. Bob Hewes had a 175 on a Redfisher 17 and it ran in the low 70's. I will get a copy of the pic and post. Good luck, alotta information on here so keep us updated.
  11. MuddyBottomBluz

    Maverick Boat Group Announces Executive Team Promotions

    Well earned Gentlemen! Don't forget about us though!?๐Ÿ‘
  12. MuddyBottomBluz

    Thanks Bubba B

    He's got plenty of time, he's retired, wait no he isn't, he was but now he's not, I don't know, ya'll figure it out! You can take a man out of the job but you can't take the job out of the man! Again; thank you for your "Cone of Death" updates for all of us on this site, greatly appreciated!๐ŸŒ€โšก๐ŸŒŠ
  13. MuddyBottomBluz

    Water in Gas 2004 2200v

    Two Points to ponder................... 1st - You put the vent hose higher than the fill port, rather then spitting out the vent indicating a full condition you can overflow into/onto the boat. 2nd - Whatever happened to the good ol'e days of just putting a loop in the vent hose? Just my .02 cents.
  14. MuddyBottomBluz

    House for rent

    When & where? Right now is summertime and owners are looking for longer than that, actually by code nothing shorter than 30 days. When the kiddo's in the local counties go back to school and it is still a 100 degrees out your chances will get better though. Like this add......................................... https://keys.craigslist.org/vac/d/key-largo-our-little-piece-of-paradise/7153018945.html I believe they are a company that rents out owners home so contact them. This house meets all requirements but is in the upper keys.
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